September 2019

The Establishment can’t win elections, so try to destroy their opponents instead

(Monday blog)

The desperate Establishment fights dirty

In a way it’s extraordinary how we see almost exactly the same scenario being played out on both sides of the Atlantic.

In Britain – the Remainers know they can’t beat Boris Johnson fairly at the ballot box. In fact, they’re terrified he might win by a landslide […]

BBC and C4 News refuse to report the most important story of the last 30 years

(Weekend blog)

The climate king has no clothes

This week, the thoroughly politicised and discredited IPCC produced yet another of its ‘doom and gloom’, ‘the world is about to end’ ‘Climate Catastrophe’ reports. This latest prediction of disaster was widely reported in all the UK mainstream media. The UK mainstream media also devoted considerable time […]

Only Australians dare expose the ‘Climate Emergency’ hoax

(Friday blog)

Mainstream media bias becoming absurd

It’s becoming ever more difficult to watch the TV news because of the absurd levels of bias and misinformation.

Here are just 3 examples:

1. Blame Boris

The BBC and C4 News have been desperately trying to blame Boris Johnson for supposedly mocking the death of Labour MP […]

Hey sexy babe – what’ya got under your burkha?

(Thursday blog)

I hope you all saw some of Attorney General Geoffrey Cox’s performance in the Commons yesterday. Absolutely stunning. If you didn’t, you can probably go on to and search for Geoffrey Cox to see some highlights.

Anyway, in these deadly serious times, I thought my long-suffering readers might need a bit of […]

Today’s blog – censored!

(Wednesday blog)

There’s really only one possible subject for today’s blog – the decision by the Supreme Court to usurp a (IMHO) totally legal Government decision. Remember, the prorogation of Parliament was perfectly legal and normal practice during the conference season and prior to a Queen’s Speech. What the judges have done is to declare […]

Stop the child abuse of mad Saint Greta?

(Tuesday blog)

The great ‘hyperbolisation’?

The West-hating, progress-hating, freedom-hating, civilisation-hating ecofascists must be congratulating themselves. Firstly they’ve managed to terrorise millions of vulnerable young people by their ‘hyperbolisation’ of a non-existent threat to the human race. Originally they called it ‘Global Warming’. But the Earth inconveniently stopped warming just after Al Gore and his bunch […]

Fraudulent climate alarmist fraudsters’ frauds exposed

(Monday blog)

Oppressive Times Censorship?

I subscribe to the Times online. That allows me to read the articles and comments and to comment myself. I know commenting on the Times website on Brexit is a waste of time as probably over 90% of Times readers are UK-hating, progressive, rapefugee-hugging, virtue-signalling, europhiliacs desperate to sell out […]

What do tomorrow’s woke 16- and 17-year-old voters want?

(weekend blog)

I’ve never heard such total bollucks in my life as I heard on the news yesterday when brainwashed, snowflake, protesting, school-age climate ecobrats were being interviewed by grovelling, sycophantic BBC and C4 News reporters about how they were so bravely fighting the supposed ‘Climate Emergency’ by taking a day off school:

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Is ‘Hockey-stick’ Mann a hero or a fraud?

(Friday blog)

I don’t have a story today as I have other stuff to do. But I’d like to present this video from Tony Heller.

At 15 minutes, it’s much longer than the videos I usually recommend. But it could be quite interesting to some people who haven’t seen it.

The video is perhaps topical […]

Is LibDem leader Jo Swinson a really honest, truthful person? Or a lying liar lying?

(Thursday blog)

Never grill a Greeny

Hopefully you’ve all heard of a new traumatic psychological condition affecting the Western world’s youth – climate anxiety:

Yup, our brainwashed, snowflake children are so worried about being wiped out by a supposedly impending climate catastrophe that many are having nervous breakdowns. (Though I have to […]