November 2023

How they lie to us – the 4 usual tricks

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday blog

I thought it might be worth spending a few moments on the recent Dublin stabbings. I haven’t read or watched much about them, so you probably know more than I do. However, from the little I have seen, I believe they are a perfect example of the 4 usual tricks our political elites […]

Who will win the clash of civilisations?

weekend/Monday/Tuesday blog

It’s clear that we’re in for an exciting time. The era of ‘pax Americana’ – where America was the world’s only superpower and the world’s policeman – is over. That has created a vacuum in global geopolitics and nature abhors a vacuum. So America and the West are being challenged for global domination […]

Can’t they see what’s happening to the remnants of Britain’s economy?

Thursday/Friday blog

I haven’t been able to write a blog for almost a week. But I was so incensed by the farce of the fake-Tories’ excuse for a budget that I feel I have to throw in my twopence.

Some commentators have noticed that due to fiscal drag – tax allowances not increasing in line […]

The “15-minute City” nightmare is coming for you

Wednesday-Friday blog

I’ve written before about the 15-minute cities our rulers have planned for us.

The adorably diminutive London Mayor Sadiq Khan is the leader of the C40 Cities initiative which is aiming to corral us disgusting, useless-eater, planet-destroying plebs into tiny ghettoes:

And in this wonderful world, which our elites are […]

The new Chinese Empire?

Monday/Tuesday blog

China’s debt colonialization

I assume all readers know about China’s ‘Belt and Road’ policy:

China approaches a rotten, corrupt, Third-world country, pays millions in bribes to the local incompetent, venal, bloodsucking kleptocrats and in return the local incompetent, venal, bloodsucking kleptocrats get their country to take massive loans from China […]

Get ready for the great British electric car crash

weekend blog

I attach below an article I wrote for a South Korean newspaper. But this is just as relevant for Britain as it is for South Korea. I think this is the 9th or 10th article I have done for them to help promote my climate book:

To summarise, from the […]

The hypocrisy of the Jew-haters is vomit-inducing

Thursday/Friday blog

I am so confused

As the mobs prepare to march on Remembrance Day, I have been mightily confused.

There’s a war in Yemen, in which according to the UN, over 150,000 Muslims have been killed by other Muslims, as well as estimates of more than 227,000 dead as a result of an ongoing […]

Australia to become “clean energy superpower”. Just like self-bankrupting Britain?

Tuesday/Wednesday blog

Net Zero is an economic suicide pill

The craziest story of the last few months must be the shenanigans at Chinese-owned ‘British’ Steel. In order to reduce the company’s carbon emissions to save the planet from non-existent ‘global boiling’, our useless fake Conservative government is giving ‘British’ Steel’s Chinese owners around £500m of […]

Why Israel will lose?


Sunday/Monday blog

Here are just four reasons why I believe Israel will lose the war against Iran-backed Hamas and Iran’s other chums in the Middle East:

Reason 1: An impossible task

Israel claims it wants to destroy Hamas. There are apparently about 30,000 to 40,000 Hamas fighters. How many can Israel actually kill? 1,000? […]

Someone much wiser than I will ever be

Wednesday/Thursday blog

Here’s someone much wiser than I could ever be – and no, I don’t mean Piers Morgan

In my previous blog, I tried to show how the Russia/Ukraine war was largely the result of catastrophic misjudgement by and the over-inflated egos of our rulers.

I haven’t watched the video below to the end. […]