August 2018
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Gang of white British men charged with sexual exploitation of M*slim girls in Huddersfield

(Friday blog)

It’s OK, relax. The headline is ‘fake news’. I was only joking.

Of course, I know there are plenty of white male rapists. Moreover, it’s probably difficult to find a Catholic priest […]

Miguel’s retirement plan vs M’hammed’s retirement plan

(Thursday blog)

The lunacy of our lame-brained leaders

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) run by wrinkled French prune, Christine Lagarde, has just issued a new report on Spain’s economic future:

According to the wrinkled Froggy prune Lagarde’s great organisation, Spain must open its borders to more than five million migrants over the coming decades in […]

Those silly billies in America don’t understand the joys of multi-culturalism

(Tuesday blog)


I’m going to be busy for the next month as I have to send around 150 emails a day trying to push up sales of my latest book THE GREAT UNIVERSITY CON. (I expect to sell only about 2-3 books for every 100 emails sent, so […]

Tourists – don’t go to Sadiq Khan’s London! It’s too dangerous!

(weekend blog)

Is your home really insured?

First a warning: Sitting in my bank for over two hours while they tried (not too hard) to find some money that had gone walkabout, I started flicking through a local estate agent’s magazine. I came across one article on home insurance. In it the writer claimed that, […]

It’s time to learn a new expression – “pathological altruism”

(Friday blog)

Hell has open borders

First, here’s sign seen outside a church in America:

I wonder if this sign is trying to tell us something?

Welcome to “pathological altruism”

Here are some wonderful people demonstrating for ‘open borders’:

They want 300 million or 400 million or perhaps 500 […]

It has nothing to do with low IQ!

(Monday blog)

Below (until YouTube deletes it) is a one-minute video of a gentleman from Africa – one of Merkel’s magnificent migrant millions – hitting then kicking and stamping on a 73-year-old German woman.

The African gentleman in question will, of course, not be punished as the attack will be put down to mental illness […]

Here come the scientists, engineers, doctors and computer programmers who will save ageing Europe

(Friday blog)

Once again, I have to turn to Russian TV to find out what’s really happening in the world. After all, who believes any of the BBC and C4 News progressive, leftist, hug-a-rapefugee, hate-western-civilisation propaganda?

As you probably know, Spain has a newish socialist government. Displaying the expected virtue-signalling stupidity that goes with socialism, […]

Let’s blame those pesky “psychological problems” yet again and again and again and………..

(Wednesday blog)


Now we know the name of the Toronto shooter who killed a girl and a woman and injured a lot more innocent people. He’s called Faisal Hussain. I wonder what religion Faisal Hussain comes from. I don’t know. Do you? Perhaps his family have been Canadian protestants for ten to twenty generations?


Possibly saving money on Amazon and are 500,000 South Koreans really white racists?

(weekend blog)

Two different bits this weekend:

1. How to possibly save money on Amazon?

Hopefully readers know that if you go on a flights, holidays or train tickets website, check the price of travel on a particular date and then don’t buy – the next time you visit that website for the same trip, […]

Fight crime? No, our police have better things to do with their time

(Friday blog)

Another year, another set of crime statistics and another 12 months of rapidly rising crime. Overall crime has gone up from 5,864,000 offences in 2016/7 to 6,087,000 in 2017/8. We now have over 16,000 crimes every single day. And one of the areas with the greatest increase has been violent crime, especially knife […]