October 2018
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Let them come! We want diversity! We demand to be enriched!

(weekend blog)

I’ll keep this blog short. Below is an extract from an official EU document. The first column of numbers shows the actual population density in number of people per km2 for each EU country. The second column gives the actual (2008) population by country:

The really exciting column of numbers […]

How did the truth become a criminal offence?

(Monday blog)

Let’s congratulate the Americans

First, I think we should congratulate the Americans. If our politicians had been confronted by the mouth-frothing, eyes-bulging, screaming, deranged mobs of progressive, brain-dead libtards opposing the Kavanaugh nomination, they would have caved in immediately. But American politicians are made of sterner stuff. They seem to have spines, unlike […]

Sweden is lost. Is Germany next?

(weekend blog)

It’s almost OK to murder Swedes if you’re a multi-cultural enricher

Sudanese/Egyptian Suleman Suleman seems to have been doing quite a bit of multi-cultural enriching since he arrived in Sweden.

In 2007 he was convicted for the first time – for car theft. Then a long series of crimes followed – 23 in […]

Hooray! (The Religion of) Peace comes to yet another African country

(Thursday blog)

Africa rising?

As we all know, Africa is a complete hell-hole and pretty much all African countries are corrupt, worthless, impoverished sh*tholes. Moreover, in spite of the $250bn in development aid money that has been given to Africa since the mid-1960s, there are still not many signs of all the water wells and […]

“Bacon”? They should have written “Ham”!

(Monday blog)

1. Get Airmiles Andy to pay

First, I’ll leave this up for another couple of days. It’s not because I’m against the royal family. In fact, I think the Queen is an amazing asset to the country. It’s just a pity that Charles is such a (IMHO) dimwitted, self-absorbed, worthless, gutless, complaining, miserable […]

The amazing Pat Condell is back

(weekend blog)

Get Airmiles Andy to pay

First, if you go to this website you can sign a petition asking that the useless, low-IQ, sponger and parasite Prince “Airmiles” Andrew pays for his own daughter’s wedding rather than us dirty, ignorant, unwashed plebs footing the £2m+ security bill.


Weekend blog

I was a bit […]

Poor migrant has to work hard to earn a living

(Wednesday blog)

It really annoys me when I hear cynical, xenophobic, waaaccciiiisssstttts complaining that the 3 to 4 million Third-Worlders who have already poured across Europe’s non-existent borders (and the 10 to 20 million more who are on their way to Europe) are mostly illiterate, ignorant, low-IQ, often inbred, violent, parasitic spongers who won’t work […]

Dear BBC – please keep brainwashing our children so they can grow up to be Labour-voting snowflakes!

(Tuesday blog)

With so many horrible stories being reported (sorry, I meant “being ignored”) by the mainstream media every day, it’s wonderful that our beloved BBC is straining every sinew to brainwash our children into becoming globalist, rapefugee-hugging, Labour-voting, bring-down-the-borders, UK-hating citizens of the future.

After all, who wants to hear about:

Muhammed Mucahid, a […]

Even the UN admits Sweden is f****d

(Wednesday blog)

The UN is working on producing something called the Human Development Index (HDI). The HDI classes countries according to quality of life factors such as healthcare, education, employment, housing, crime levels etc.

One group of countries in the UN HDI are those considered to have a very high HDI. You can see a […]

Feeling sad? Quick, call the South Yorkshire police!

(Thursday blog)

Remember the South Yorkshire police? They’re the ones who looked the other way for at least 15 years while ‘Asian’ gangs were raping and brutalising thousands of underage white girls in many towns in their area. Maybe some of South Yorkshire’s Boys (and butch Girls?) in Blue were even enthusiastically participating in the […]