June 2018
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How best to beat your wives?

(Thursday blog)

Trump and migrant crackdown

As usual Donald Trump is receiving the usual lefty libtard dishonest abuse over the separation of children of illegal migrants from their parents. But it’s my limited understanding that, originally children of illegal migrants were incarcerated with their parents while their cases were reviewed. Then the lefty progressives protested […]

Harsh laws for us – no laws for them?

(Wednesday blog)

Here’s a picture of a wonderful gentleman who apparently is making an immense contribution to diversity, multi-culturalism and vibrancy in today’s no-longer-British Britain:

According to a local (not national) newspaper report, his name is (surprise, surprise) Omar Mohamad. I’m not sure any national media saw fit to report Omar Mohammad’s […]

How to make a snowflake?

(Thursday/Friday blog)

You’ll all have seen pictures of the usual lefty, libtard, progressive, snowflakes proudly marching with their “Refugees Welcome” banners:

But have you ever wondered? Have you ever wondered how anyone could be so stupid as to welcome these people? Have you wondered how Europeans, especially women, can welcome the rapefugees:


The biggest lie you will ever hear?

(Weekend blog)

At the end of 2016, just after his election as UN Secretary General, António Guterres said:

“We must convince Europeans that migration is inevitable and that multi-ethnic and multi-religious societies create wealth”.

Could this be the biggest lie you will ever hear?

Let’s dissect this lie and some other lies about migration

1. […]

“We all want more and more migration” United Nations

(Friday blog)

Today I present two videos (both only 50 seconds long) with ever so slightly contrasting views on mass migration.

First: the United Nations’ wonderfully moving and convincing promotion of the massive benefits of Third-World migration into the once civilised West:

I guess this is the kind of rubbish that is being promoted […]

I bet you didn’t know about the 2018 Marrakesh Declaration!

(Thursday blog)

Trying to finish proof-reading my next book, so I don’t have time to research and write a blog. But I can still mention something I bet the BBC and C4 News ‘forgot’ to tell you about. It’s the May 2018 Marrakesh Declaration.

What? Didn’t you know about it? Did the mainstream media ‘forget’ […]

Is David Miliband George Soros’s whore?

(Tuesday blog)

You might be aware that multi-millionaire former New Labour mini-Blair and very well-paid charity boss David Miliband was in Britain yesterday campaigning with political has-been – former MEP Nick Clegg – and some other nonentity for Britain to remain under the control of Germany in the Fourth Reich (otherwise known as the EU). […]

I know it’s a religion of peace — why don’t they? (Part 1)

(Monday blog)

The first two stories on the BBC News on Sunday morning were about terror attacks carried out by members of the Religion of Peace.

First there was the slaughter of a bunch Christians at 3 churches in ‘moderate’ (ha ha ha) Indonesia. And there was the stabbing in Paris by a gentleman shouting […]

We’re being intimidated, not enriched

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

Beach b*st*rds

At the weekend I was walking along the local beach and noticed several groups of multi-cutural enrichers. They all looked the same – young men, who clearly spent a lot of their time in the gym; with BMWs or Audis; playing music on their car sound systems as loud as they […]

In memory of Kriss Donald. Who?

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Steven Lawrence – the black teenager who was stabbed to death by some white racists. But I doubt many of you will have heard of Kriss Donald:

Kriss Donald – the white teenager who was hideously murdered by some ‘Asian’ men.

Kriss Donald […]