December 2017
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Be careful if some ‘new Europeans’ ask you the way to the nearest Burger King

(Thursday/Friday blog)

This 14 second video is apparently from Germany. It appears to show some of Merkel’s migrant millions having a bit of innocent fun.

They start by asking an old man the way to the nearest Burger King. And when he turns to show them, they thank him in the only way they know […]

If Sweden is the future – I don’t want it!

(weekend blog) Throughout the 1960s, 1970s and even into the 1980s Sweden was always held up as one of the world’s most successful countries. Whenever lefties wanted to show us the wonderful future we would have under their rule, they would point to Sweden – almost no poverty, excellent education system, world-class healthcare, virtually no […]

Let them kill Christians! Our rulers don’t care!

(Monday blog)

Obama’s Izlumophilia?

I have previously (June 2016) written about how, under Obama, pitifully few of the Syrian ‘refugees’ allowed into the USA were from the two main persecuted groups Christians and Yazidis.

Christians used to make up about 10% of the Syrian population. Yet between the start of the conflict and May 2016, […]

Stupid, more stupid, unbelievably stupid

(weekend blog)


Two days ago I was watching the last few minutes of a TV quiz called Tipping Point. A lady, who must have had some education as she is a former nurse, was asked the following question:

Q: “Which of these political parties could be called ‘left wing’? Is it the Greens, the […]

Is this how the European civil wars will start?

(Friday, Saturday, Sunday blog – apologies to those who have already read this blog from Friday. I’ve decided to leave it up over the weekend and start again with a new story on Monday)

I found the piece below somewhere floating around the Internet. I have customised it a little to reflect my own thoughts. […]

Bye, bye Sweden – Part 1 It was nice knowing you

If I was to mention ‘Sweden’, these are probably some of the images you’d think of:

This is the Sweden I used to know when I worked there and went sailing there.

But Sweden has changed probably faster than any other European country in the last few years.

Sweden has taken more […]

The next war is unimaginable – until it happens!

In the Sunday Times ‘Culture’ section nine days ago, I read about a new book called “The Future of War” by some great military and strategic expert I had never heard of – a Sir Lawrence Freedman. I haven’t read (and am not going to read) the book. But I have read the Sunday Times […]

Never trust our lying, politically-correct police!

Many people may have got the impression that our police are more interested in stamping out any politically-incorrect opinions than in protecting the law-abiding public. But it has been difficult to prove this. Until now.

Here’s a heart-warming story from Britain’s most multi-culturally-enriched city, London, where only one in three inhabitants is born in Britain.


Thank God for British Moozerlums! Thank you for all the benefits they have brought to Britain!

(weekend blog) When you think of British Moozerlums, some people – stupid, stupid, ignorant, racist people – think of murder, mayhem, intolerance, bombings, beheadings, violence, oppression of females, FGM, interbreeding (first-cousin marriages), benefits-scrounging, cruel slaughter of animals, women dressed like Darth Vader on a bad hair day, refusal to integrate, rape gangs, continually claiming victim […]

“It was ‘culture shock’ that made me rape them!”

No time to write a full blog today. So instead, following the theme of yesterday’s blog about how some of us get punished for invented ‘hate crimes’ while others get lenient or no sentences for real crimes, here’s a lovely little story from Australia.

A Libyan student has had his sentence of just 3 years […]