June 2017
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Another triumph for Trump – slashing immigration

We all know that everything elected US President Donald Trump says or does will be greeted with howls of scorn and derision by the political elites and their sycophantic mainstream media. After all, our rulers’ worst nightmare is that Establishment outsider Trump actually turns out to be a successful president. Especially a president that is […]

La belle France – sadly it’s “adieu” and not “au revoir”

Now that most of my former readers will have stopped visiting snouts-in-the-trough.com, I’ll try to slowly build up a new base of readers who will hopefully not be as miserable, selfish and tightfisted as those who used to read this blog.

France – before and after

France before the invasion of low-IQ, often inbred, violent, […]

“That’s all folks!”

I promised that I would stop boring people with my blog unless readers bought 50 copies of my latest book “FORGET THE FOREPLAY”.

Only 12 people bought a copy. That’s worse than pathetic.

Given this lack of support from readers, I’d look a total prat if I carried on blogging.

So, as they used to […]

Criminals! Rapists! Murderers! Come to the West! Here you can do what you want!

Fire caused by ‘diversity’?

Firstly, we woke up to hear that a 24-storey high rise block of flats in West London had burnt down. The authorities don’t yet know the cause of the fire. But the clue for me was when a neighbour being interviewed said enthusiastically “it’s a very diverse building”.

But what did […]

Britain’s yoof destroy their own future

Given all the heat and noise and fury and, above all, misinformation over Thursday’s disastrous election, I thought it worth using my weekend blog to calmly show what went wrong.

This is NOT an attempt to excuse the hapless, misguided Theresa May. But rather I want to show what the result means for the lack […]

“FORGET THE FOREPLAY! Shove it in!” Coming soon!

I’m rushing to finish off my latest book FORGET THE FOREPLAY!

But here’s an article recommended by a reader which I did use a few years ago and which dares to lay out the tragic mistake the West has made. It was written by a Spanish journalist back in 2005 almost a year after 192 […]

After the NTDWI attacks the crackdown begins – on white Europeans!

These have been a pretty exciting few days for us Westerners. On Saturday there was the London attack which had nothing to do with Izlum (NTDWI) even though the attackers were screaming “this is for Allah” as they butchered innocents with large 12-inch-blade hunting knives.

On Sunday or Monday there was an attack in Melbourne […]

Three “lone wolves” with “mental health” issues??????? Duh!

Manchester bloodbath and lies

After the Manchester massacre, the city’s mayor (Andy “I’ll do anything to protect my career” Burnham) told us two things:

The attacker was a “lone wolf” The attacker was “NOT a Muslim”

We have since found out that the supposed “lone wolf” attacker may have had up to seventeen accomplices who […]

Welcome to Britain where you can “Carry on Murdering”

Normally I like to write my own blog posts. But this article from the wonderful Breitbart is so revealing of what Britain has become that I thought it worth copying in to today’s blog.

Apologies for the plagiarism and apologies to anyone who has already read it.

Weep for your dying country!

A growing number […]

Britain’s UK-loathing Jihadi army is larger than that of smaller EU countries! Ooops!

Who would have thunk it? We’ve been lied to yet again and again ………

For years we’re been lectured by our rulers that “only a tiny minority” of ‘British’ Moozerlums hate us and that all attacks have been carried out by “lone wolves” (a totally false claim the IMHO treacherous Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham repeated […]