August 2017
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You said it mate! Who are we to disagree?

I hope my few remaining readers appreciate that there are at least two difficulties in writing a daily blog:

Finding something to write that is not already covered by the mainstream media Writing the truth without getting PC Plod turning up on one’s doorstep threatening to arrest one for supposed “hate crimes” Meanwhile in Barcelona […]

Our cities have already been conquered

I don’t know what they teach in schools nowadays. I imagine things like Gender Fluidity and Global Warming are important parts of the curriculum as well as the crucial Media Studies. And, of course, making sure all children fully appreciate the joys of our favourite religion is also presumably compulsory, especially for white, indigenous Brits:


Another week of multi-cultural enrichment

Britain’s aircraft carrier farce

Before I launch into today’s blog, I thought it worth mentioning Britain’s wonderful new aircraft carrier – the only aircraft carrier whose deck isn’t cluttered up with untidy aircraft. All the news channels seem to be getting very excited about this great big white elephant and only briefly mention a slightly […]

Do Swedes enjoy watching their daughters being gang-raped?

I’ve been trying to understand why the Swedes are apparently encouraging Third-Word, illiterate, often inbred, low-IQ, unemployable, violent, scum to pour into their country and gang-rape their daughters:

So, here’s a new theory:

I wonder if Swedish men have been so emasculated by decades of feminist, politically-correct indoctrination that they’re no longer […]

Race and intelligence – daring to mention the unmentionable?

Bell curves and IQ levels

Here’s a bell curve of the normal IQ distribution in an advanced Western country:

You’ll see that the average IQ is 100, only 16.1% of the population have an IQ below 85 and only a tiny 2.1% of the population have an IQ below 70.

To put […]

Fat, ugly girls rejoice! Here’s some good news for you!!

Sub-Equatorial South Africa

First some great news from South Africa. South African president Jacob Zuma has survived a vote of no confidence caused by a widespread view that he was utterly corrupt and was just filling his own pockets while he and his cronies in the Gupta family and the ANC were trashing the South […]

Welcome to Canadistan! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Here’s a story that should cheer us all up:

Canadian authorities have had to open the Olympic Stadium in Montreal as a temporary shelter for ‘refugees’. So many Moozerlums, Haitians and other enriching nationalities have fled the United States to seek asylum in Canada that Canada’s existing refugee reception centres can no longer […]

A few stories the BBC and Channel 4 might have ‘missed’?

With so many exciting and important things happening in the world – like the English women’s football team playing a game of football – it’s possible that news programmes on the BBC and Channel 4 don’t have time for trivial, unimportant stuff.

So, here are a few stories the British mainstream media may have ‘missed’:


Great news! Many migrants to Germany and Austria are getting well-paid jobs!

Today snouts-in-the-trough can bring you another ‘good news’ story from Angela ‘Mad Cow’ Merkel’s European migrant madhouse.

For many years fat, older, uglier Western women – particularly from Germany and Austria – have had to travel all the way to Africa or the Carribbean to get sex:

Some may even hope to […]

Are the Germans losing yet another war?

It’s been a pretty busy week for multi-cultural enrichment.

We had the 15-year-old Brimingham girl raped by an “Asian” and then raped by another “Asian” who stopped his car and pretended to help her. Well, there was me patrolling the streets of Birmingham looking for two “Asian” rapists assuming they were both Chinese or Japanese […]