April 2024

How we lost Britain

Friday – weekend blog

I hope this works. I thought readers might find this chart informative. It shows how the ethnic make-up of London’s population has changed over the years of Britain’s open-borders migrant invasion. What has happened in London is becoming reality for most of our major cities.

Enjoy this glimpse into the […]

Has the Irish government given the game away?

Monday-Wednesday blog

I hope readers who looked at my weekend blog noticed the likelihood that there will be over 75 million members of the Religion of Wonderfulness and Delight living in the European continent by 2050. That is an awful lot of people who may not particularly like either us or our way of life:


Deferred gratification – the basis of civilisation and progress?

Monday – Wednesday blog

Explanations or excuses?

It has become quite fashionable for much cleverer people than myself to write books explaining why some countries developed while others didn’t. The two books that I remember are Guns, Germs and Steel (1998) by Jared Diamond and Prisoners of Geography (2016) by Tim Marshall. Though I imagine […]

How long before we’re a minority in our own country?

Friday/weekend blog

The real Irish problem

In a recent blog, I quoted some figures from the Republc of Ireland. The Irish governmnent predicts the Irish population will increase by around 0ne million between 2020 and 2040.

The Irish population is currently around five million. Of these five million, around 80 percent – four million – […]

How they lie to us – the 4 usual tricks

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday blog

I thought it might be worth spending a few moments on the recent Dublin stabbings. I haven’t read or watched much about them, so you probably know more than I do. However, from the little I have seen, I believe they are a perfect example of the 4 usual tricks our political elites […]

The new Chinese Empire?

Monday/Tuesday blog

China’s debt colonialization

I assume all readers know about China’s ‘Belt and Road’ policy:

China approaches a rotten, corrupt, Third-world country, pays millions in bribes to the local incompetent, venal, bloodsucking kleptocrats and in return the local incompetent, venal, bloodsucking kleptocrats get their country to take massive loans from China […]

Will Israel exist in 5 years’ time?

Friday/weekend blog

I have little understanding of and, luckily for the world, no influence on what happens in the Middle East. But looking at the situation, I wonder if any of our leaders have the slightest understanding of where things may be heading either.

Has Israel missed a trick?

Israel must feel it is damned […]

“You’re making me feel uncomfortable” says Gen-Z

Wednesday blog

I’ll only leave this up for one day as it’s not particularly insightful and nobody is interested in my boring little life.

Not having children and doing most of my administration on the Internet, thus avoiding bank branches and call centres, I don’t have much contact with the younger generation. But I found […]

Rape gangs? Don’t mention the Religion of Peace!

Wednesday/Thursday blog

Are Israelis really into gang rape?

There was an unpleasant story last week about the alleged gang rape of a British girl on holiday in Cyprus. The headline in the Daily Mail was:

EXCLUSIVE: British woman, 20, ‘gang raped by five Israelis’ in Cyprus ‘was forcefully dragged’ into hotel room and has injuries […]

The hypocrisy of migrant-loving lefties is truly breathtaking

weekend blog

People’s representatives or playground bullies?

I don’t know what kind of people become MPs. I suspect it’s the kind of people who at school grovelled to anyone more powerful than them and mercilessly bullied those they perceived as being weaker or vulnerable. This thought was prompted by something I heard on the radio […]