July 2012

Yet another way our greedy MPs rip us off – the ‘I’m a government minister’ scam

Did you know that Britain has about twice as many supposed government ministers than France, Germany, Italy or Spain? We have 109 fully-paid ministers. Most are completely unnecessary and civil servants complain it’s difficult to find enough work for all these ministers to do. The whole thing is just a scam letting our greedy, lying, […]

Our money – Mr Coe’s £9bn job application and our euroleaders have just blown €250bn

I realise that a certain Mr Coe will make piles of (well-earned?) money after spending £9bn of our taxes on an Olympic Games that should only have cost us £2.4bn or so. Plus, keeping a straight face, this Mr Coe has apparently claimed the Games are on budget. At least he’s got a sense of […]

Just thought it was worth mentioning – we’re bankrupt!

It seems a pity to cast a dampener on the public’s festivities as they watch Britain’s olympic flops flop. But once the Games are over, reality will return and bite us all very painfully in the a–e. It’s a reality that neither Labour’s Ed Balls nor our work experience Chancellor Osborne like to mention. In […]

Fool Osborne is ruining Britain because he is arrogant, immature, selfish and pig-ignorant

Let’s look at some very simple figures. Britain has about 4.5 million small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). If just a quarter of these took on just one extra person, unemployment would fall by 1,125,000, benefits claimants would fall by 1,125,000 and taxpayers would increase by 1,125,000. Recovery? The economy would be booming. What’s stopping this […]

Even the corrupt Irish have begun prosecuting corrupt bankers – why haven’t we?

There’s a wonderful book “Ship of Fools” which describes the corruption, cronyism and incompetence of the Republic of Ireland’s mafia-like ruling elite. Best part of the book is when he reveals how Ireland’s top bankers made hundreds of millions in loans to themselves and their close friends. Now, even the thoroughly corrupt Irish (the Italians […]

Arrogant, incompetent Osborne and ‘lying’ buffoon Balls are both so wrong

On the one side, our ‘work experience’ Chancellor, the incompetent Osborne, is right – with national debt heading towards £1.3trn we can’t afford to borrow any more to boost economic growth. On the other side, the worthless Ed Balls, who helped Liar Brown bankrupt Britain, is right, we can’t go on with an economic strategy […]

‘Parasitical’, ‘hypocritical’, ‘expenses-grabbing’ MP preaches morality to the rest of us

Tory MP David Gauke has laughably claimed that it is wrong for ordinary people to pay tradesmen cash in hand. Let’s have a look at this great beacon of morality. David Gauke is one of our 646 MPs. In the US, for a population over five times ours, they have just 435 members of Congress. […]

What’s the difference between “liar” Gordon Brown and “fraudster” Bernard Madoff?

As the arrogant, shallow fools running the Coalition flounder helplessly in a mire of their own incompetence, it looks like Labour are on course to win a massive majority at the next election. That would mean the repulsive Ed “Tax and Waste” Balls would become the next chancellor. What a disaster for Britain – even […]

We’re so not in this together

Last week our overpaid, overpensioned, expenses-fiddling MPs headed off for a couple of months summer holidays. After the expenses-fiddling scandal, you might have thought that our MPs would show a little more caution when stealing our money. You’d have been wrong – in the last couple of years, the amount our MPs have claimed in […]

Why do we pay so much for our FTSE failures?

Yesterday, I tried to show how many FTSE100 company bosses are pocketing close to £5m a year, even though their basic salaries are often less than £1m a year. Today I wanted to show the dismal performance that our multimillionaire company bosses have achieved. While the salaries of FTSE350 bosses have gone up by 75% […]