August 2011
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Maybe the long-term unemployed should work for their benefits?

I feel huge sympathy for anyone who lost their jobs as a result of the 2007 crash caused by greedy bankers, incompetent bureaucrats and thieving politicians. But what about those who ‘couldn’t’ find jobs during the Brown boom of 2000-2007? Then over 2 million new jobs were created – 90% of which were taken by […]

Beyonce is pregnant!!!! Um, who cares?

What’s the front-page story today? Apparently someone called Beyonce has announced that she is pregnant. It’s even a top story in the Times, Telegraph and Grauniad. Who cares? Not me. But for millions upon millions of celeb-obsessed, pig-ignorant, inactive, overweight, brain-dead Brits this is really important news.

How are we ever going to compete with […]

Why are BA so utterly useless?

For years I have managed to avoid flying with BA. But a Quantas ticket I have just bought has put me on a BA flight. I’ve just tried to use the online check in, but of course that doesn’t work (as usual) because BA “systems are not responding”. So I tried to phone BA and […]

Useless Clegg stands up for crooks, rapists and murderers

It’s party time for thieves, rapists and murderers – especially if they are also illegal immigrants. While the expenses-fiddling Tories have realised that EU Human Rights law protects the guilty while spitting on those who actually obey the law, the useless Nick Clegg has decided to resist any attempts to water down absurd EU Human […]

Sex guide for Austrians

As a third Austrian gets caught keeping a sex slave for several decades, one does start to wonder how many more ladies are getting the good old traditional Austrian cellar treatment from daddy. So it might be useful to provide a sex guide for anyone visiting Austria. Step one, do not start a world war. […]

Cameron the Coward caves into the EU yet again

Our cowardly lying PM David Liar Cameron has once again shown he has no cojones as he refuses to lift a finger to save over 1,000 jobs at Bombardier in Derby. Cameron blames EU rules for his own cowardice and says he can’t do anything to prevent a huge trainbuilding contract going to German firm […]

Repulsive ‘thieving’ Jacqui Smith sets a new low

That (in my opinion) repulsive, self-serving, greedy, self-important piece of garbage former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has managed to hit the headlines yet again. As Home Secretary she (in my opinion) stole over £116,000 of our money by claiming that a bedroom in her sister’s London house was her main home while her imposing property […]

Don’t believe your MPs’ “low salary” lies

Our thieving MPs are always complaining that with their £65,000 a year salaries they are not paid enough. Don’t believe their lies because they all earn a lot more than that. Firstly there’s their enormously generous pension. You or I would have to put £56,000 a year into our pension fund to get the same […]

Is it just me who thinks Cameron is an arrogant liar?

Over 2 weeks ago, I suggested that the reason Cameron hired Coulson was that he was ordered to by Rebekah Brooks under the instructions of that lovely old man Rupert Murdoch. Now we find out that huge wads of Uncle Rupert’s money was being shoved into Coulson’s pockets while Cameron was also handing him great […]

Is ‘Conqueror’ Cameron going to start another war?

Be afraid, be very afraid. As our lying PM’s campaign to oust pantomine villain Colonel Gaddafi seems to be paying off, will Cameron turn into another Blair? Will ‘Conqueror’ Cameron get a blood rush from his supposed ‘victory’, feel he is invincible and then like the repulsive, lying reptilian Blair lead us into another bunch […]