September 2013
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Is Barclays being beastly to Britain’s hard-working Somalis?

The useless, left-wing BBC news came up with a good “bankers horrible to hard-working immigrants” story this morning.

British bank Barclays has announced that it will suspend business with money wire transfer services operating in Somalia. Barclays was the last bank providing these services to Somalis. The bank says it fears the transfer services are […]

Why are we so absurdly generous to immigrants?

I’ve written before about how any immigrant arriving in Britain from almost any country can immediately demand a copy of this wonderful booklet in their own language:

In this booklet, they will find helpful explanations as to how they can apply for some or all of the following benefits:

Attendance Allowance Child Benefit Council Tax […]

Has Ed Miliband just won the 2015 General Election?

It seems incredible. Ed Miliband was a member of the worst government Britain has ever had and he was a key supporter of the worst chancellor and then worst prime minister Britain has ever experienced. As Energy Secretary, he was responsible for probably the most destructive piece of legislation in British history – the 2008 […]

Expect your savings and pensions to grow? Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Most people putting money into things like unit trusts and pensions expect their savings to grow over time. After all, the Money sections of the weekend papers are full of articles and ads about the best places to put our money. Surely all the personal finance journalists and financial services companies can’t be lying? Can […]

Exposing Angela’s and the energy companies’ lies

She’s back. The witch is back. Probably the most loathed woman in Britain is back on our TV screens. Following Miliband Junior’s pledge to freeze energy prices, the energy companies are fighting back against suggestions that they (like the banks) have been shamelessly ripping us off for years. And who is touring the TV studios […]

I’m left almost speechless by Labour’s brazen lies

Today, I have to apologise. I had planned to watch Ed Miliband’s Labour Party conference speech so that you don’t have to. But after witnessing the torrent of lies spouted by the preening, self-absorbed, sociopathic liar Ed Balls, I couldn’t even bring myself to face almost an hour of Miliband Junior’s mendacity.

Balls has clearly […]

Debunking the Tories’ desperate “a vote for UKIP is a vote for Miliband” lie

EU stooges Gay Dave Cameron and his panicking Tories have realised that they have nothing to offer voters at the 2015 General Election. So, they’ve decided on a strategy of trying to scare possible UKIP voters into supporting the Tories. The constant refrain we’re going to hear from the Tories up to the 2015 Election […]

If you’re one of the 2 million faking a disability – Vote Labour! Vote for the party that puts scroungers first!

Ed Miliband has proudly announced that he is going to bring Socialism back to Britain. Labour’s version of Socialism means taking money from those who can be bothered to work and dishing it out to those who have decided to live off benefits. We couldn’t afford Labour’s Socialism when Britain had some form of immigration […]

The Eurozone crisis explained – by Al Murray

As I’m still up in London after the UKIP conference, here’s a YouTube clip of Al Murray explaining the Eurozone crisis


Triumph and disaster at the UKIP conference

I’ll keep it short as I’m up in London at the UKIP conference.

You may have seen the papers by now. The first day of the UKIP conference was going well and Nigel Farage’s speech was mesmerising. Perhaps much of the strength of Farage’s speech is that, like Thatcher, he is a “conviction politician” – […]