February 2020
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Ahhyeeowwuuuyeeewaaaaooooo!!!!! Thank God for enrichment!

(Tuesday/Wednesday blog)

I’ll leave this short (1 minute) video up for a couple of days as it might be one of the (unintentionally) funniest videos on Youtube at the moment.

Unfortunately it’s not ‘laugh-out-loud’ funny. Instead it’s sad, ‘what-have-we-done’ funny.

I suspect the video is from Sweden or Germany. But I don’t know.


Don’t buy the Sanders hype – Democrat bosses will ensure Bloomberg gets it

(Monday blog)

Magic Grandpa – USA-style?

It’s quite extraordinary to watch the useless US Dumbocrats following the equally useless UK Labour Party up a blind alley into their own arseholes.

Like UK Labour, the US Democrats have abandoned their traditional voters – blue-collar workers – and instead jumped onto every progressive, liberal, woke bandwagon they […]

Racial differences and the Covid-19 virus?

(weekend blog)

All races are the same, aren’t they?

We all know that in a world of woke political correctness there are no differences between different races – especially in areas like intelligence levels.

But some recent research has suggested that Asians might be more prone to getting the Covid-19 virus and more prone to […]

Still no mention of the W*h*n Institute of Virology?

(Thursday/Friday blog)

This is quite extraordinary. Not a single serious UK mainstream media has even mentioned the possibility that the current Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak could have started by an accidental leak from the W*h*n Institute of Virology.

There was a mention of the Institute of Virology in the Daily Express a few days ago. But […]

No story today – so here’s the brilliant Nina Conti

(Wednesday blog)

I don’t have time to do a story as I’ve got to prepare for a hot date.

So, instead, here’s the brilliant Nina Conti being interviewed on Australian TV when she recently arrived to do a tour there.

You’ll find plenty of clips from Nina Conti shows on YouTube.


“There was a transgender from Khartoum”

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

Let’s start today’s blog with a little Limerick I found floating around in cyberspace:

There was a transgender from Khartoum

Who invited another to his/her/its/ze’s room

But they spent the whole night

In a terrible fight

Arguing who would do what with what […]

The Coronavirus death rate – is it a mere 2% or nearer 20%?

(Friday/weekend blog)

What percent are really dying?

Yesterday’s Coronavirus figures from the lying corrupt lying corrupt rotten untrustworthy Chinese were as follows:

Confirmed cases – 45,206 Suspected cases – 16,067 Severe cases – 8,204 Deaths – 1,118 Recovered – 5,123

From the little I understand, we’re being told that the death rate for this virus […]

I’m moving to Antarctica and buying a beachfront home there.

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

Here’s part of an excited BBC report from a few days ago:

A record high temperature of 18.3C (64.9F) has been logged on the continent of Antarctica.

The reading, taken on Thursday by Argentine research base Esperanza, is 0.8C hotter than the previous peak temperature of 17.5C, in March 2015.

The temperature […]

Hooray – Rape is now legal in the Izlumic Republic of Swedistan

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

I’ve got some really neat news for you if you’re a multi-cultural enricher either living in or intending to move to the Izlumic Republic of Swedistan. It seems that rape is no longer a serious criminal offence in Swedistan – but only if you’re a multi-cultural enricher. Even rape of under-age girls seems […]

Do you own a flat? Are you being fleeced?

(weekend blog)

Slight change of subject today.

It’s the same the whole world over

For most of my life I’ve lived in detached houses, in the UK and abroad. However, for a few years while I was travelling a lot, I moved into a penthouse flat as it was much more secure than a house […]