November 2009

Let’s vote for Scottish independence

The SNP wants the Scots to be given a vote on independence. Why can’t the English be allowed a referendum on whether they still want anything to do with Scotland? Then we could vote for English independence from Scotland and we could throw all the useless Scottish MPs out of Westminster, including of course the […]

Worthless Ainsworth

The bumbling, inarticulate, much-derided, third-rater Bob Ainsworth has criticised President Obama for taking the time to think through an intelligent strategy for further US involvement in Afghanistan. Bumbling Bob has attacked Obama for “indecision” and blames Obama for people in Britain realising the Afghanistan war is pointless, unwinnable and a tragic waste of British lives.


Looks like Lady Mandelson is here to stay

Had the repulsive war criminal Blair been chosen as the EU president, there would have been one bright spot – his creature, Lady Mandelson, could have slithered back to Brussels to serve his master, President Tony, meaning we in Britain would have been spared Lady Peter’s baleful presence. Now that Tony ’45 minutes’ Blair looks […]

Gordon Brown is a liar

Brown’s Queen’s speech must mark a new low for Britain’s already discredited politicians. He proposes a law to cut the deficit – but for 10 years he was the person guilty of the uncontrolled overspending that created the deficit. He promises free care for the pensioners whose pensions his policies have decimated. And, after all […]

Labour’s pre-election lies

As the next election approaches we are seeing the extraordinary sight of Labour’s liars promising exactly the opposte of the policies they have been forcing on us for the last 12 years. Having allowed uncontrolled immigration, Brown claims he is worried about immigration. Having encouraged reckless banking practices, Darling is going to ‘get tough’ on […]

Stop killing Afghan freedom-fighters

Britain has a long history of fighting for freedom against tyranny. It is therefore nauseating to see our troops as hated occupiers in Afghanistan sent to kill Afghans who are just freedom-fighters battling to rid their country of foreign invaders and the corrupt, self-serving, drug-smuggling Karzai government.

A worthless apology from our worthless PM

Apparently Gordon Brown is going to apologise to all the children shipped off to Australia almost half a century ago. Why doesn’t he apologise for ruining our economy? Why doesn’t he apologise to the families of soldiers killed in Afghanistan due to his failure to provide proper equipment? Or he could apologise to taxpayers for […]

House of Whores

There may be a war on and soldiers may be losing their lives unnecessarily, but our MPs’ minds are elsewhere – focused on how to water down and mostly block Sir Christopher Kelly’s recommendations for cleaning up the MPs’ expenses system. Some of the excuses we’re being given for not implementing the recommendations include ‘there’s […]

Military chiefs say Afghanistan ‘worth the sacrifice’

This week a couple of our military panjandrums have called in the press to opine that the war in Afghanistan is worth the loss of more than 200 British soldiers. Easy for them to say this when they know they will die comfortably of old age in their beds after a long life with a […]

Nauseating hypocrisy of Brown and Ainsworth

Is there anyone in Britain who didn’t feel like vomiting at the sickening hypocrisy of Brown and Ainsworth shedding their crocodile tears for our war dead? Brown the man who has continually lied about equipment for our troops, Brown who congratulated the rotten Karzai on his election ‘victory’. As for Ainsworth, just another in a […]