April 2016
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Nigel Farage’s latest speech on why we must leave the catastrophic EU

The Religion of Peace is really peaceful

We all know that Islam is a religion of peace.

After all, in the last 30 days there have only been 125 religiously-motivated M*sl*m attacks (4 a day) in 21 countries killing just 770 innocents (26 a day) and injuring a mere 1,279 innocents (43 each day). Over the same time, there […]

Final proof that Donald Trump is totally crazy?

Donald Trump has just made his first speech on the foreign policy he would pursue if he becomes president. Look at the ridiculous things he is suggesting:

He would put American interests first. That’s crazy! Our David Cameron always puts the interests of his EU bosses above those of the British people

Hillsborough – Liverpool fans blameless as usual

There have been four major football disasters in Europe in the last 45 years – Ibrox 1971 (fans crushed) 66 dead, Heysel 1985 (fans fighting) 39 dead, Bradford 1985 (fire) 56 dead and Hillsborough 1989 (fans fighting) 96 dead. Curiously, Liverpool fans have been involved in two of these four – Heysel and Hillsborough – […]

All religions are not the same

There’s a quote doing the rounds that some readers may have seen. “One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the Northern Hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of […]

Immigration – “b-b-b-babe you ain’t seen nothing yet!”

Worried about immigration? Worried that our schools are bursting at the seams? Worried that our NHS is collapsing under the strain of our rapidly increasing population? Worried about your children ever being able to afford their own home? Worried about the fact that 46,000 new migrants enter Britain every single month? Worried about social cohesion […]

Failed US president Obama is a liar and a hypocrite

How does failed US president Obama keep a straight face when ordering the British public to vote to remain in the EU?

The US is part of NAFTA – the North American Free Trade Agreement. This was signed by Canada, Mexico and the United States creating a trilateral trade bloc in North America. NAFTA came […]

Finland – suicide too?

Yesterday I produced a few charts supporting the view that, by taking in proportionately more migrants from the Religion of Rape than any other country, Sweden has committed cultural and social suicide.

Just over the border from increasingly violent and Third-World Sweden, we have damp, cold, bleak Finland. How are things going there? I haven’t […]

Sweden’s suicide – the numbers prove it

I have already written about how the UN Human Development Index has predicted Sweden will become a Third World country by 2030 because Sweden has taken in more M*sl*m migrants per head of population than any other country:

Of course, that’s just a forecast and the *slamophiliacs who are running Sweden (into […]

Are high-street estate agents panicking about Internet rivals?

I thought readers might find this mildly interesting.

Hopefully you all know that there are now two main ways you can sell your home. Up till just a few years ago, anyone selling a home pretty much had to go through a traditional high-street estate agency (‘realtor’ for any American readers). Then along came the […]