January 2013
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Wrong kind of wind causes havoc to wind turbines – ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-tee-hee

For a spot of light relief, here are three examples of what happens to our useless, ugly, oversubsidised wind turbines when the wind actually blows, enjoy:

First Youtube

And an article from yesterday’s Daily Torygraph Some of the readers’ comments are absolutely priceless.

And a few hundred more wind turd-bines that don’t really […]

A reminder how Labour ruined our education system

As the Government tries to turn our education system into one that actually teaches something, it’s perhaps worth remembering how Labour ruined our schools. Under Labour, education spending shot up from £38bn to £73bn. But where did all the money go? Did the quality of our schools almost double?

Looking at the number of initiatives […]

Surely our government should only borrow at times of national emergency?

I think we can agree that when a government borrows money, there are two pernicious results. Firstly, tens of billions of pounds get diverted into yearly interest payments, when they could be used to create jobs and growth. Secondly, massive debts are built up which have to be paid some day in the future and […]

The “Big Squeeze” is going to make us all much poorer

Most people probably aren’t feeling too perky about their finances at the moment as we face yet another year of frozen salaries and rising prices. But the real “Big Squeeze” on our money is just about to get a whole lot worse.

For example, hidden away in the detail of Osborne’s last budget are figures […]

The NHS’s real obesity problem is its fat, useless, bloated bureaucracy

Another week, another scandal of poor care in the NHS. And once again it’s the dreadful Staffordshire hospital where around 1,200 patients died unnecessarily from poor care. The chief executive was allowed to retire early with a huge pay-off and full pension and to avoid answering any questions at an enquiry by claiming ill health. […]

Your pension savings will provide a great pension – for your pension fund manager

Unless you’re a higher-rate taxpayer or get generous contributions from your employer, it’s probably not worth saving in a pension fund. Some figures:

Like unit trusts, the charges of just 1.5% to 2.5% that we pay to pension fund managers can look quite trivial. But over the longer term, they can have a disastrous effect […]

Greedy City insiders just love Osborne’s low interest rates

In a desperate attempt to avoid national bankruptcy our work-experience, napkin-folding chancellor is doing everything he can to keep interest rates artificially low – magicking £375bn from nowhere to buy government debt and the appalling Funding For Lending. These have devastated the rates of interest savers are getting to such an extent that there is […]

For once Cameron is right – the corrupt, wasteful, sclerotic EU must change

I know Cameron is just a shallow PR spiv. And I know you can’t trust a word his speechwriters give him to say. But yesterday as he came under a barrage of criticism from the usual idiots at the BBC for his EU speech, I was quite impressed. Cameron got the message right. The key […]

It looks like David “Winston” Cameron will get his war – another pointless exercise in futility

“Oh what a lovely war” must be the song that our great leader David “Winston” Cameron is singing at the moment. His hero Blair started (but never finished) a couple of pretty impressive wars. Cameron also wants a war or two to show what a great, principled leader he is (and to distract our attention […]

Can Britain avoid total economic collapse? What do you think?

There’s no need to listen to the streams of excrement pouring from the mouths of Cameron, Osborne, Clegg, Miliband, Balls and so many others. Our leaders are just filling their own pockets while they can before we’re hit by the massive financial disaster that they have caused through their greed and incompetence.

So, ignore what […]