June 2016
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Shock!!! Horror!!!! The world didn’t end!!!

In the run-up to the EU In/Out Referendum the parasitical elites repeatedly warned us that an ‘Out’ vote would be a disaster for Britain’s economy. And in the first 48 hours after the result was known, supposed economics experts from the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation gleefully blethered on about a collapse in the stock market and […]

I blame Israel. After all, *sl*m is the Religion of Peace

We all know that *sl*m is the Religion of Peace:

So, tiny Israel must be guilty of all the slaughter and mayhem in the Middle East:

Unfortunately, many leading M*sl*ms don’t understand that their religion is peaceful:

I wonder why they don’t understand their own religion:


The four phases of *sl*mic conquest

The EU in/Out Referendum may have distracted us slightly from the greatest threat to Western civilisation.

So, as a reminder of the perils we face, here’s a shortish (9 minutes) video about the “Four Phases of *sl*mic Conquest”. Enjoy!

Just remember what we avoided – the sinking EU-boat

Whatever happens in Britain now – from a worldwide economic slowdown to rain at Wimbledon – will be blamed on we 17 million people who voted to get out of the corrupt, wasteful, undemocratic, totalitarian EU. For example, there probably will be a slowdown in business investment for a while. But against that we may […]

Will the British “Peasants’ Revolt” spread to America?

(Weekend blog) I’m still struggling to believe that we succeeded, that the British peasants revolted, stood up to the corrupt, self-serving elites and voted for freedom rather than serfdom. Incredible!

Hopefully this Peasants Revolt will spread across Europe. But the most important place where the peasants could revolt against the elites is in the US. […]

Britain liberates Europe from totalitarianism – yet again!

Today I don’t know what to write.

With the whole worldwide establishment – useless windbag Obama, the repulsive George Soros, plundering Goldman Sachs, rotten JP Morgan, Goldmans Sachs’ Mark Carney, Adolf Merkel, Dr Strangelove Schauble etc etc – threatening Britain with disaster if we dared vote for freedom, the British people once again stood tall […]

We were fooled in the 1975 EU Referendum! Please, don’t get fooled again!!!

In the 1975 EU Referendum, we were told we were just part of a “Common Market”. They lied to us.

The “Common Market” became the “European Community” and then the “European Community” became the “European Union” as part of a massive political project whereby the European elites grabbed ever more power for themselves as they […]

Freedom of serfdom? That’s the choice! Vote FREEDOM! Vote LEAVE!

(Today, I’m doing two blogs. For my first blog, I have just lazily copied an article in yesterday’s Times. It’s by Melanie Phillips the writer of Londonistan – a book about the rise of radical *sl*m in Britain. In her article I particularly liked her line about how Britain had become “an infantilised dependency […]

Britain’s most radical M*sl*ms say – “Stuff democracy!! Vote REMAIN!!! Vote for a Caliphate!!!”

(I’m writing two blogs today. Here’s the second one)

There are some great comments on my blog yesterday. You just click on the title to read them. Perhaps this was the best one:

British hate preacher Anjem Choudary – who is currently facing charges of supporting Islamic State – has told Breitbart London that he […]

Again the Nazis threaten us! Are you too chicken to vote LEAVE?

Once again, we are being threatened by Germany’s rulers. They have promised to punish us if we dare to leave their latest attempt at ruling the whole of Europe:

In case you haven’t seen it, here’s the latest short (2 minute) video from the Leave campaign asking you – are you too […]