March 2011
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BA’s brainless trolley-dollies and Ed Miliband

What’s the difference between BA’s brainless trolley-dollies and our next leader Ed ‘Liar’ Miliband. Not a lot really. Both are overprivileged, overpaid, arrogant, self-serving and useless. Yet both pompously claim to be bravely fighting against oppression and injustice. BA’s trolley-dollies are some of the best paid in the industry and also have unbelievable travel benefits. […]

How does Liar Cameron keep a straight face when lying?

For 10 years that consumate actor Tony Liar Blair lied to us about pretty much everything he did. It was only after he had gone off to earn tens of millions that we found out he and that idiot Brown had actually ruined the country by wasting over a trillion pounds on increased public spending […]

Whose pension are you paying?

Many people are unknowingly putting more money into their pension fund managers’ pensions than they are into their own. This is not a smart thing to do unless they want to be poor when they retire. A person saving £5,000 a year into their pension for 35 years (£175,000 in all) will see their money […]

Don’t get conned by the great ISA scam

As we approach the end of the 2010-2011 tax year, we’re being bombarded by ads from financial services companies and articles by personal finance journalists telling us to put over £10,000 into an ISA. And most people will do what they’re told, guaranteeing they’ll lose money. Beware of two things:

On Cash ISAs, you can […]

Our thieving £200,000 a year MPs have the last laugh

After the expenses scandal, you might have expected our greedy thieving MPs to cut back on their stealing of our money. But no, with their usual arrogance and sense of entitlement they have waged a bitter war on the body meant to control their dishonesty (Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority Ipsa) and have now won that […]

We’re losing £1m a minute from our savings and pensions

Every minute of every working day, financial services insiders take about £1m in fees, commissions, dealing costs and other charges from the money we save. This gives them over £400m a day, over £100bn a year for managing our money.

But what do we get for our £1m a minute? Our savings give little to […]

Has ‘Parky’ Parkinson no sense of shame? Is he a whore?

We all love and trust Michael Parkinson, that great British icon. With his self-deprecating, laid-back interviewing style, Parkinson has been a key feature of our TV for decades. The man must be a multi-millionaire. So why does he debase himself (in my opinion) fronting up an advertising campaign for some crappy (in my opinion) insurance […]

AIDS rise poses problem for PC brigade

New figures released today show that the number of new cases of AIDS in Britain has doubled over the last ten years. Embarrassingly for the Politically Correct brigade, the largest increases in AIDS cases are amongst homosexuals and african men. For years the PC brigade has stifled attempts to deal with AIDS by preventing health […]

Want a long, healthy life? Become an MP

The key to a long healthy life is to do just a little work, have 3-4 months a year holiday, be paid a lot of money and have a financially secure retirement with a large inflation-protected pension. Basically – become an MP. MPs work at most three days a week. Most do so little that […]

Support from the Arab League? Ha ha ha

Blair took us into Iraq citing Sadam’s (fictional) weapons of mass destruction (WMDs). Cameron the Conqueror launched his crusade claiming support from the Arab League. That support now looks just as fictional as Tony’s WMDs.

Cameron the Conqueror wanted a war to boost his own image. Sarkozy needed a war to get re-elected. Our MPs […]