December 2009
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The Tories have won the next election??

According to recent articles in the Sunday Times and the Telegraph, it’s certain that David Cameron will move into Number 10 after the next election. But how can they be so sure? Cameron stands for nothing. Osborne is damaged goods and clearly out of his aristocratic depth. The rest of the Tory frontbenchers are mediocre […]

Tough on crime?

While the Guardianistas howl and wail about the removal of a convicted drug-smuggler from this earth, there might be some people who could admire the Chinese government for being ‘tough on crime, tough on the causers of crime’ while our government is ‘soft on crime, tough on the victims of crime’.

Thou shalt steal

The increasingly pointless Church of England reached a new low this week when some dopey minister claimed that it was ok for people on benefits to shoplift. Perhaps this useless dullard wasn’t aware that Britain has the highest rate of people on disability benefits in the world – there is absolutely nothing wrong with at […]

Beware the ISA rip-off

The ‘financial advisor’ at my bank tried to convince me to put some money into ISAs last week. He made great play of the 20% tax savings I would make from an ISA. So I asked why the interest rates on ISAs are at least 30% lower than the interest paid on normal one- or […]

Global warming causes freeze

As we all shiver in the unusually cold weather, we should be giving thanks to our great leader Gordon Brown. Once he has handed over billions of pounds of our money to corrupt dictators in Third World countries, Global Warming will stop and we weather will cool down again. Nice one, Gordon.

Worthless Ainsworth’s resolve

More unnecessary deaths in the pointless Afghanistan war and bumbling Bob Ainsworth says these losses will ‘stiffen his resolve’. Which resolve is that, Bob? The resolve to claim even more on your expenses to furnish your homes before you get thrown out at the next election?

Charles – Prince of hypocrites

The self-indulgent, self-important, self-pitying waste of skin Prince Charles has jetted off to Copenhagen to tell us all how appalling we all are by causing excessive CO2 emissions. This arrogant, self-obsessed fool should look at his own profligate lifestyle and the carbon footprint of his own bloated household before lecturing the rest of us.

It […]

Cold in Copenhagen

It seems to be unseasonably cold in Copenhagen at the moment. Perhaps some of the global warming fanatics may even get snowed in and miss their flights home. Then it would be interesting to see how they explain that cooler temperatures are due to ‘global warming’.

Meanwhile, we find out that both the University/Polytechnic of […]

Stop the climate rip-off

This week we had some politician from Ethopia telling us that we needed to give him and his mates more money because of supposed global warming. Ethopia is one of the most corrupt countries on earth. Last time we gave food aid to Ethopia, they sold it on to other countries (especially Russia) in exchange […]

A liar and a war criminal

Is there anyone watching the repulsive Anthony Blair’s lies on Sunday who was able to keep their breakfast down? Blair knew there were no WMDs in Iraq, he knew he wouldn’t get his war if Parliament knew there were no WMDs and so he lied and lied and lied with the false sincerity that only […]