June 2019
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Peterborough – was it postal votes fraud wot won it for Labour?

(weekend blog)

Peterborough by-election fraud?

(I wrote this blog early Saturday morning. I see today that the Mail on Sunday has now picked it up)

I’ve been trying to assemble some facts to better understand the Peterborough by-election ‘results’.

Fact 1 – Turnout was 48.4%, down from 67.5% in the 2017 general election

Fact 2 […]

How on earth did “misgendering” become a matter for the police?

(Thursday blog)

In Britain we used to respect the police. But the blundering political correctness of our police’s witless and useless libtard leaders has made our police into a laughing stock.

So, here’s a great article on Breitbart about how our police have turned themselves into a national (very bad) joke. Perhaps the police should […]

“Khan’s blood-soaked streets of London”

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

I have just made a new short (3 mins) video.

This one is called “Khan’s blood-soaked streets of London”

It would be really helpful if readers could send the link to the video to their network of contacts recommending people watch the video and then send the link further on to their contacts. […]

White Eastern Europeans? Pull the other one, Cressida!

(Tuesday blog)

Here’s a picture of two men who are being sought by the Met Police for raping another man. The rape took place on 24 October 2018. But the Met police have only just released the pictures. So one could wonder why it took useless politically-correct Cressida Dick’s useless politically-correct Met Police so long […]

Can we really trust top cops Sara and Cressida?

(Friday blog)

Introducing top cop – Sara Thornton

If you’ve been keeping up with the news this week, you’ll probably have heard about a speech given by Ms Sara Thornton, chairwoman (chairman? chairperson?) of the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC). Thornton, one of the country’s most senior officers, said that police should focus on tackling […]