April 2012

‘Greedy’ house seller stuffed by own greed? Lessons on selling and buying a house.

Recently I’ve been looking to buy a house and found one I really liked – One of the things which attracted me was that the house was newly decorated so I could move straight in without having to do any work. What a naive fool I was. Luckily, I joined my surveyor when he […]

Please don’t make the stupidest mistake too many savers make

Our banks’ financial advisers (greedy salespeople), our financial advisers and financial journalists are constantly telling us that, as interest rates are so low (and will be for a few more years), we cannot get a savings account which will protect our money from inflation. So, these good people tell us, we should be putting our […]

Why the banks love your gran and grandad much more than you do

I’m sure you’re fond of your grandparents, but not as fond of them as our high street banks are. Bank ‘financial advisers’ (salespeople) call the elderly the ‘banana skin and grave brigade’ because they’ve got one foot on a financial banana skin (they don’t understand the overly complex savings products the banks want to sell) […]

How the Blair & the Witch Project ruined Britain

Multimillionaire (in my opinion) war criminal Anthony Blair and human rights (in my opinion) ‘witch’ Cherie must be laughing and laughing as they roll around in all their money. While Britain approaches bankruptcy and the Tories flail around hopelessly, incapable of sorting out the country’s problems, Team Blair can gorge itself on almost unlimited mountains […]

Is this the best investment you’ll ever make?

There are plenty of people who want your money. High street banks will try to get you to buy supposed investments linked to the stock market because of the big commissions they get from your cash. And, of course, there are all the ads for ISAs – usually only offering attractive interest rates for the […]

Cameron’s omni-shambles becomes a mega-shambles or giga-shambles or something even worse

Laid back, lying PM David Liar Cameron’s pathetic excuse for a government was recently described as an ‘omni-shambles’. Blunder followed blunder in glorious succession. There was the utter incompetence of the budget, the lies about pasties, the petrol crisis that didn’t happen and much more. But since then, things have got even worse. Now we […]

Never trust a financial journalist – here’s why

A few weeks ago, the FTSE100 was over 5900. At the time, US bank Citigroup issued a report claiming the FTSE100 would double to record highs in the next ten years. Sure enough, journalists were gushing over Citigroup’s claims. Here’s a link to probably one of the worst financial articles ever written Actually, it’s […]

The euro-elite hate Britain and will do anything they can to damage us

There are many reasons to criticise the EU – the waste, the incompetence, the greed, the corruption, the lack of democracy. But perhaps the most important is the anti-British attitudes and actions of the arrogant, overpaid, overpensioned euro-elite to whom we give £50m a day. Most EU countries either sycophantically follow all the unelected EU […]

Please, don’t let your bank screw you yet again

Yesterday, I tried to deposit some money with HSBC. They offered me 0.05% interest – basically nothing. Yet HSBC can lend my money out for around 5% – a hundred times more than they pay me. That’s a pretty good profit for the crooks at HSBC. By deliberately offering such low interest rates, the high-street […]

Liar Osborne gives ever more of our money to his corrupt, greedy mates

George “we’re all in this together” Osborne has just decided to hand over another wonderful £10 billion of the money that you and I paid in taxes to his overpaid, overpensioned friends at the IMF. That’s about £400 from each taxpayer in addition to the tens of billions we’ve already given. Once again, while bleating […]