October 2009
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Jacqui’s about to flip

The discraceful former Second Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has now admitted that claiming a small bedroom in her sister’s home as her main residence was a ‘mistake’. Of course, she has no intention of ever giving us any of our money back. And our pathetic excuse of a Prime Minister will let her get away […]

Foul Cowell?

This week, Britain’s most famous man, Simon Cowell, is being splashed all over the press as a truly caring person thanks to his support for a children’s hospice. Some people may applaud Mr. Cowell for his charitable works. Others might be tempted to think that if Mr. Cowell really had a charitable nature, he would […]

Blair for President!

It looks horrifyingly possible that our very own Anthony ‘Tony’ Blair may become president of the EU. As Brussels is a world leader in corruption, waste, greed, lies, lack of democracy, self-interest and contempt for ordinary voters, Blair becoming president looks like a match made in heaven.

On another note, thanks to Nick Griffin we […]

Have the Tories already lost?

If you want smug, have a chat with your local Tory candidate. The Conservatives are triumphalist, already convinced they have the next election in the bag. But they’re about to be outflanked by Labour. By the time of the election, Britain will be coming out of recession. The Tories will still be promising ‘painful’ spending […]