August 2023

This is a Khan-spiracy – and I can prove it

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday blog

(I’ll leave this up for three days as it’s actually quite important. Please feel free to send the link to anyone you feel might find this slightly enlightening or anyone who believes that our rulers are acting in our best interests)

There’s a quite a lot of heat and noise being generated at […]

Time to scrap our useless woke NHS and start again?

Friday/weekend blog

On a recent blog, one reader remarked that had the paediatric doctors at Lucy Letby’s hospital reported her for misgendering anyone, Letby would have been disciplined and probably fired faster than you could say ‘transphobe’. But murdering premature babies, that was seemingly not a serious offence for our woke hospital bosses. And so, […]

It ain’t half cold, mum

Wednesday/Thursday blog

Perhaps one of the most significant statements of 2023 made by one of our rulers came from the universally-respected United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres. In 2022 he warned us it was ‘code red for humanity’ due to supposed anthropogenic global warming:

Then this year climate expert, Mr Guterres, upped the rhetoric when he […]

There’s no need for an inquiry into the Lucy Letby killings

Sunday/Monday/Tuesday blog

Here we go again. Another massive scandal in an organisation which is meant to serve us – this time it’s the NHS. Our rulers will, as usual, dodge any repsonsibility for anything by launching an ‘inquiry’ often led by a retired judge or some other establishment stalwart. This great inquiry will no doubt […]

The West’s civilisational decline

Friday/weekend blog

A factcheck farce

In my last blog, I featured a chart from Bjørn Lomborg, author of several books including THE SKEPTICAL ENVIRONMENTALIST, showing that despite decreasing areas of the planet being burnt by wildfires, the number of times wildfires were mentioned by the mainstream media was increasing. This rather suggests a media-fueled scare […]

Boiling earth? Would you like ice with that?

Wednesday/Thursday blog

UN Secretary-General, Antonio ‘the clown’ Guterres, helpfully informed us in 2022 that due to climate change it was ‘code red for humanity’. Then this year, the (IMHO) useless clod upped the rhetoric claiming that we’re now in the era of ‘global boiling‘. I imagine we’re all waiting with baited breath to find out […]

I told you so x 2

Monday/Tuesday blog

Taken in by Tony’s tricks?

In the Sunday Times this weekend there was an article about illegal migrants. The journalists wrote: ‘Preventing people from arriving in the first place was the rationale behind Britain moving border controls to France in the early 2000s. This decision helped reduce asylum applications from a peak of […]

Give a man a stick – eventually he’ll beat you with it

weekend blog

I’ve had a quote in my head for a couple of weeks – “Give a man a stick – eventually he’ll beat you with it”. I don’t know where I got it from. Professor Google doesn’t seem to know. Though I did find this when looking for the source of the quote:

Ever get the feeling you’re being lied to?

Thursday/Friday blog

First, apologies that my website disappeared for a while. It seems the company hosting my website had a complete breakdown. And as I guess most of its engineers were probably skiving at home, it took a while to fix the problem.

Is the Earth really boiling?

Last year we were told that the […]

Would you buy an EV (Exploding Vehicle)?

Sunday/Monday/Tuesday blog

As you all know, in order to avoid an imaginary, totally non-existent climate catastrophe, we’re all being encouraged to buy EVs (electric vehicles). In fact, from 2030 car manufacturers will be prohibited from selling ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) cars in Britain.

I believe that the useless, eco-fanaticist BBC did a programme recently on […]