December 2018
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Why is France’s most famous granny-grabber so loathed?

(weekend blog)

As our beloved treacherous Theresa looks like she’ll (hopefully) get the sack next week, things aren’t looking so great for the Emperor of Arrogance over in France either. It’s almost as if people are fed up of being lied to, belittled, insulted and betrayed by the arrogant, dishonest, self-serving, democracy-hating, globalist ruling elites.


Surrender our country! Resistance is futile!

(Thursday/Friday blog)

Resistance is futile

Ever more countries have decided to boycott the 10/11 December Marrakesh signing of the West’s suicide note – The United Nations Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration.

But it’s alright, don’t worry. Britain will be there (along with Holland and our German overlords) enthusiastically signing away control over […]

It’s no joke

(Wednesday blog)

A petition to sign

First here’s a link to a petition asking our useless, rapefugee-hugging, craven, lying government to refuse to sign the UK Compact on Migration

There are already over 98,000 signatures (there were just 95,000 this morning). Of course, our rulers will ignore this. But you might as well do […]

Lying scumbag May – have you no shame?

(Tuesday blog)

Twisting Theresa the Traitor

Watching the (IMHO) duplicitous, lying, self-serving, treacherous Theresa May desperately twisting and turning as she tries to hide the truth about her supposed ‘deal’ must surely mark a low point in British politics.

As I’ve already explained, Theresa’s stitch-up could trap us in the EU forever […]

Give generously to help produce more starving African children!

(Monday blog)

Yemen bollox

I guess we’ve all seen them – the TV commercials where ‘famous’, holier-than-thou, virtue-signalling actors tell us that we need to give and give and give and give to help starving Third-Worlders in Africa. This year, it’s Yemen that we must help. And, as our well-heeled luvvie superiors demand our money […]

Globalism vs nationalism – the greatest struggle of our times?

(weekend blog)

Day after day there is much heat and noise in the media about Trump, Brexit, supposed ‘Global Warming’ (or Climate Change or whatever it’s called this week), immigration, Izlumophobia etc etc.

But behind it all there is a very straightforward conflict – the conflict between Globalism and Nationalism.

Globalists believe:

countries and nationalists […]