August 2016

Ooops! Is Bill Clinton a waaacciiisssstttt like Donald Twump?

Some readers might find this mildly amusing. It’s a speech given by that right-wing extremist, Donald Trump, on controlling immigration. Booo!!! Hisss!!!! We all hate the waaaccciiiissssttt Donald Trump because he wants to deport illegal immigrants and, of course, because the mainstream media tells us to hate him.

What? You mean it isn’t Donald Trump […]

Another 6,500 “rescue” lies

I’d like you to read this short piece from the Daily Telegraph today:

About 6,500 migrants have been rescued off the Libyan coast, the Italian coastguard said, in one of their busiest days of life-saving in recent years.

Dramatic images showed migrants from Eritrea and Somalia jumping off one of their boats into […]

What will we cowards concede to the invaders next?

Following on from yesterday’s blog about the concessions we have already made as we surrender our country to the invading armies, I was wondering what concessions we will now make to a community that refuses to integrate, refuses to assimilate, refuses to accept our values and freedoms, loathes us and our way of life and […]

Our capitulation is gradual, but irreversible

I have been musing on the extent to which we in the West have capitulated to the Ropper (followers of the Religion of Peace) invasion.

Here are just a few of the areas where we have ceded ground to a completely alien culture that refuses to assimilate, that refuses to accept our values and where […]

“Tolerance is un*sl*mic”

Another dementia day for me. In the meantime, here is a short (2 minutes) video by a raving bearded lunatic (sorry, I meant ‘respected *sl*mic scholar’) explaining why “tolerance is un*sl*mic”:

“They all acted alone” “They were all mentally unstable”

Australia: A 21-year-old female British backpacker has died after allegedly being stabbed by a French national yelling “Allahu akbar” at a north Queensland hostel.

The 29-year-old French national — who had been in the country since March — was heard to yell “Allahu akbar” before fatally attacking the woman and critically injuring a 30-year-old British […]

Does Cameron have as much blood on his hands as Blair?

I guess you’ve all seen the picture – the young boy, Omran Daqneesh, who was hurt by Russian bombs which killed his brother in Aleppo in Syria:

This has led to much hand-wringing and criticism of Russia. But before we all get carried away by the anti-Putin mob, let’s remember who wanted […]

“HEROES!!!!!” Are you sure?

Am I the only person in Britain feeling more than slightly queasy over the hyperbolic headlines in the British mainstream media gushing incontinently about the achievements of “Britain’s Olympic heroes”? I apologise but I don’t understand the ecstatic media over-the-top reaction to the British team’s results in Rio and the demands for victory parades and […]

Good invasion vs bad invasion

When will the mainstream media admit that Europe is being invaded by a tsunami of ignorant, violent, intolerant, backward Third-World detritus that will ruin our countries in the same way as they have ruined the countries they are coming from?

Not all invasions are bad:

But the new invasion is a disaster […]

Watch this and weep for the loss of your country

You only need to watch the first minute or so of this video to see how Britain has lost the battle against the new invaders.

The video shows our police being intimidated and insulted by ‘British’ citizens who are also adherents of the Religion of Tolerance and Peace.

And the police can do absolutely nothing.