May 2014

OK, you win. I give up.

I had a quite important and possibly shocking subject for my blog today. November 21st 2014 will probably be one of the most important days in British history. Yet I suspect not a single politician or journalist will even mention what will happen on 21st November this year as, if they did, that would cause […]

Our multimillionaire MEPs ….oh, and a few Liverpool jokes

Firstly, I urgently need a few more reviews of my latest book DON’T BUY IT! to be posted on Amazon to get the book included in a June Amazon promotion. If you’ve bought the book, you can post a review here

Secondly, to lighten up the mood today, here I am appearing on Russia […]

Liverpool fans – saints or sinners?

There have been four major football disasters in Europe in the last 30 years – Heysel 1985 (fans fighting) 39 dead, Bradford 1985 (fire) 56 dead, Ibrox 1971 (fans crushed) 66 dead and Hillsborough 1989 (fans fighting) 96 dead. Liverpool fans have been involved in two of these four – Heysel and Hillsborough – the […]

“The people are asking for more Europe, not less”

Who would have thunk it? The reaction from our unelected Eurocrat rulers to the rise of anti-EU parties has been to conclude that what people are asking for is “more Europe, not less”.

Leading the “more Europe, not less” brigade is the ghastly EU-fanatic Jean-Claude Juncker – a former prime minister of Luxembourg. This nobody, […]

UKIP’s victory? A message from the elites “Scr*w you!!!”

How dare you ignorant savages from the sticks (anyone outside of London) disobey orders?

For months we’ve been using our sycophantic lapdogs in the press and the BBC to smear UKIP. We’ve dredged up every word uttered by even the most insignificant UKIP members and used these to brand UKIP as lunatics and rabid raaaccciiissssttts. […]

The sad, sad story of Britain’s suckered savers – me and you!

If you’re saving in a unit trust or for a pension, you probably imagine something like this:

Save £5,000 a year for 20 years = £100,000 saved: savings grow at about 7% a year: pay around 1% to a unit trust or pension fund manager: leaves me about 6% a year: after 20 years I’ll […]

More not very original sexist supposed jokes

A man asks, “God, why did you make woman so beautiful?” God responded, ”So you would love her.” The man asks, “But God, why did you make her so dumb?” God replied, “So she would love you.”

Q: What is the difference between government bonds and men? A: Government bonds mature.

Q: Why do men […]

Prepare to be offended all you who like being offended. Part 1

This week has been quite a good one for the self-righteous, overly-pious, holier-than-thou mob who seem to make a good living (usually at taxpayers’ expense) finding things to be offended by. John Inverdale has apparently lost his job commentating at Wimbledon largely due to a rather crass, but hardly devastating, comment he made about a […]

Why the surprise at Osborne’s pre-election house-price bubble?

There has been much wittering and hand-wringing in the press and TV about Britain’s house-price bubble and whether the Government or Bank of England should act to stop rocketing prices.

So, is the house-price bubble a result of Britain’s improving economy, as the Government would like to claim? Or is it a cynical way for […]

“Farage eats babies!!!” “UKIP are devil-worshippers!!!!!”

With just one day to go till the EU elections, the barrage of insults being hurled at Nigel Farage and UKIP by LibLabCon’s sycophantic cronies in the media seems unrelenting.

In the Torygraph (owned by serial tax-avoiders) we have “UKIP is a threat to the economy”: “Voters should thank the Government”: “Supporting England in World […]