January 2012

Was Mel Gibson right about the Jews?

Drunk, wife-beater, historian and general philosopher, Mel Gibson, once famously claimed Jews were responsible for all the wars in the world. So let’s test Mr Gibson’s theory. In Thailand, Muslims are fighting Buddhists. No Jews there, Mel. In India/Pakistan Muslims are forever fighting Hindus. Not too many Jews there either, Mel. In Nigeria, Indonesia and […]

The world’s richest and most corrupt hold their annual shindig

If I write that the world’s richest and most corrupt people are currently holding their annual get-together, you might think I mean the World Economic Forum in Davos. After all, there are some pretty crooked and greedy liars and scum attending that. But the “good and great” at Davos are like angelic paupers compared to […]

Let’s hope they target eurocrats, politicians and bankers – not innocent people

The unelected EU commissioners have already deposed the elected governments of Greece and Italy. Tomorrow they will probably make another power grab by taking control of tax and spending in Greece. Portugal will be next and then Italy and maybe even Spain will fall under the control of the unelected commissioners. Of course, the Greek […]

Are Britain’s tennis bureaucrats wasting our millions – on themselves?

As Andy Murray puts up a spirited fight at the Australian Open, it’s worth wondering what happened to the other British players. They were all ignominiously knocked out in the first round. We give about £36m a year to the utterly useless Lawn Tennis Association (LTA). This is meant to develop new playing talent – […]

£10bn Olympics make Britain laughing stock of the world

While our papers and politically-correct BBC gush about the coming “triumph” of the 2012 London Games, the rest of the world is laughing at us. As governments around the world are forced to cut spending, Britain has been lumbered with the massisve waste of money that is the Olympic Games. These were due to cost […]

Britain’s cowardly incompetent navy should be shamed by US SEAL’s successes

As the US Navy SEALs launch another successful mission – first to kill Bin Laden and now to rescue two hostages from Somalia, perhaps we in Britain should ask what our navy is doing for us. First we had the embarrassment when some sailors were captured by Iran and then cried when their Ipods were […]

Wake up Ireland! Don’t let your greedy politicians screw you!

Up till the economic crash, the Irish economy was doing quite well. What scuppered the country was having to bail out its banks – tens of billions of euros for a population of just a couple of million. But many of the dud bank loans which Irish workers are paying back were made to bank […]

Guardian journalist tries to write a thriller – what a mess!

Awful, awful, awful. And that’s being polite about probably the worst book I have ever read. It’s a supposed thriller written by a Sam Bourne. It’s all about a journalist who saves the world. The blurb says that Sam Bourne is the new Dan Brown, but better. Sam Bourne sounds like a tough guy – […]

Will it soon be “Come back Mubarak – you were better than the mad mullahs”?

The Egyptians have got what they wanted. They have deposed the “evil, western puppet” Hosni Mubarak and now have an elected parliament. Problem is that 75% of those elected are radical muslims. So what can we expect over the next few years? Firstly, the new government will be as utterly corrupt and laughably incompetent as […]

Cruise ship “safety” is a bad joke

Watching the owner of the sunk Italian cruise liner talk about how all his staff were “highly trained” in safety procedures, I had to laugh. I’m embarrassed to say that I have recently been on a cruise – seven days around Hawaii. Safety on the ship was a bad joke. For a start, were the […]