January 2011
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When are they going to prosecute Fred Goodwin?

I don’t know about you, but my finances aren’t too great at the moment. However, one person is laughing all the way from the bank – the bank in question being the RBS. With his £700,000 a year pension, which you and I pay, Fred Goodwin can laugh contemptuously at the financial difficulties the rest […]

Just one day could save our forests

Our hopelessly incompetent government now plans to sell off our forests to raise the paltry sum of £100m-£200m. If the government just made all public-sector managers and administrators, who are not directly delivering frontline services, take one day’s unpaid leave sometime within the next year, that would save £200m – enough to avoid having to […]

Global warming – my a–e

Yesterday was a great day for the politically-incorrect. A new study has shown that the Himalayan glaciers aren’t melting after all. In fact several have grown. Yet the bunch of liars, buffoons and fools riding the man-made global warming gravy train told us the Himalayan glaciers would soon disappear. When are our useless politicians going […]

Stop the job cuts, you idiots Cameron and Osborne!

As our economy collapses, our useless lying PM David “we’re all in this together” Cameron and his useless lying chancellor George “we’re all in this together” Osborne are determined to press ahead with cutting public sector jobs. We have to cut public spending after Brown wasted over £1 trillion of our money, but cutting jobs […]

Company that brings us page 3 tits sacks someone for sexism

We British used to be reknowned for our sense of humour and our ability to laugh at ourselves. Yet when a couple of overweight, middle-aged football commentators make a few comments along the lines of “whooah, wouldn’t mind a bit of that” and “nah mate, wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole”, the politically-correct buffoons […]

The problem is population growth not carbon emissions

Last night there was yet another bleatingly politically correct programme from the BBC which took man-made global warming as a scientifically proven fact. Yet as we emerge from yet another record cold winter, ordinary people are realising that the man-made global warming theory is just a massive scam pushed by a bandwagon of grant-hungry supposed […]

The great university rip-off

Britain’s top academics must be partying all the way to the bank now that they can charge their long-suffering students almost as much as they like. Around 950 of them earn more than the prime minister with such academic superstars as the head of Plymouth University (yes they apparently do have a university – probably […]

Blair should get an Oscar (and a Bafta and a Golden Globe)

I remember, when I was at Fettes, seeing Tony Blair’s performance as Mark Anthony in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. Blair was brilliant. A star even at that age. I was reminded of Blair’s acting talent when seeing him dance round the bumbling, overpaid, obsequious idiots running the Chilcott enquiry. Blair’s fake emotion, self-pity, dramatic pauses, attempts […]

Our £200,000+ a year thieving MPs want a pay rise

Our greedy, lying, thieving MPs are demanding a pay rise by claiming they’re underpaid as they ONLY get a £65,000 a year salary. But they actually get a lot more than that. For example, their pension scheme is so generous that you or I would have to put over £50,000 a year into our pension […]

Borrower Balls is back = time to sell sterling

Probably the worst thing to happen to Britain has happened – the bullying, lying, incompetent buffoon Ed Balls is back. More than anyone else in NuLabour, Balls was responsible for pushing forward Liar Brown’s policy of borrowing and borrowing till they had bankrupted Britain. Now he is shadow chancellor, it is almost inevitable that Balls […]