June 2024

Nobody seems to care when our friends from the Most Peaceful Religion slaughter each other

weekend blog

I suppose there will be another huge hate march in London this weekend accusing Israel of murder and genocide and whatever. None of us knows how many civilians have been killed in Gaza – anyone who trusts anything said by the ludicrously-misnamed Hamas-run Gaza Health Authority needs their head examined. But what I […]

The real reason they hate Israel so much?

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday blog

Here we go again. Another attack by our friends from the religion of absolute peacefulness (RAP) on Israel. As the members of RAP pour into Israel slaughtering everyone they come across and then kicking and beating the dead bodies while screaming about their favourite snackbar, it might be worth spending a couple of […]

Which black lives matter?

Monday/Tuesday blog

Murdered by racist police?

A few days ago, a black gentleman, Chris Kaba, was shot dead by police in London. Immediately we were told that Mr Kaba was a wonderful human being who was murdered by racist police and the BLM mob started their usual game of accusing supposedly racist police of murdering […]

How to lie with statistics

Tuesday/Wednesday blog

Making a molehill look like a mountain?

There was a well-known book published in 1954 titled HOW TO LIE WITH STATISTICS:

I haven’t read it. But apparently one of the warnings given in the book was: Always Look at the Axes on a Chart

Adjusting the axes of a graph […]

Daring to mention the unmentionable?

Wednesday/Thursday blog

First, just a small observation before the main bit of the blog

Did you survive last week’s deadly storms?

This story may seem trivial. But I think it does indicate something quite important.

It’s lucky we all have short memories. After all, I wonder how may readers remember the headlines from last Wednesday […]

Intelligence and ethnicity – a minefield for the societally suicidal?

Monday/Tuesday blog

Of all the possible areas for scientific research, examining any links between intelligence and ethnicity must surely be the most reliable road to guaranteed career and social suicide. It’s an even more heinous crime than daring to question the climate change nonsense pumped out by the climate catastrophist crazies enthusiastically supported by the […]

A reader asked: “why is there a high crime rate among black Americans?”

Friday/weekend blog

Following my previous blog in which I pointed out that 89.5% of all African-Americans murdered in the USA were murdered by other African-Americans, a reader asked “why is there a high crime rate among black Americans?”

So, let me start to suggest an answer for the US and also make some observations about […]

Are Blacks who murder other Blacks “racists”?

Wednesday/Thursday blog

We all know that we ghastly white people are all racists. Apparently, we’re either ‘conscious racists’ or ‘subconscious racists’ or perhaps both at the same time. Who knows?

And we all know that US police are even more racist than anyone else as they all leave home each morning for work hoping they […]

The African-American Philosophers Society strikes again

Tuesday blog

Hopefully most readers know about the entertaining incident at the recent Oscars when one member of the African-American Philosophers Society – a Mr William Smith – thumped another member of the African-American Philosophers Society during a discussion about the purpose of human existence or whatever:

To show that this is […]

Well done you! You’ve managed to slow down global warming, say scientists

Wednesday/Thursday blog

Are we getting Global Warming under control?

I’ll try to keep it short today as I imagine, when you hear the latest great news from “scientists”, you’ll all want to rush out and celebrate.

According to “scientists”: ‘Worst-case’ climate change scenarios with up to 4ºC or 5ºC of warming are no longer possible’, […]