March 2023
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I recommend the Daily Sceptic’s daily newsletter

Wednesday blog

I had an article published today on the Daily Sceptic’s website and in their daily newsletter:

I recommend that readers sign up to the Daily Sceptic’s daily emailed newsletter. It’s free and, because it uses a wide range of writers, can cover more subjects in greater detail than I can. Plus it […]

NHS Maternity Gender Inclusion Programme – you couldn’t make it up

Thursday/Friday blog

I’ll start with part of a comment made by a reader yesterday in response to my blog about the NHS hiring ever more DIE (Diversity, Inclusion and Equality) managers:

I think it means they want some long-haired, body-pierced, probably tattooed, preferably B, T or Q individual, whose sole ability is to bore a […]

Exciting new job opportunity?

Wednesday blog

This exciting new job opportunity has just appeared in my email. I wanted you all to get the chance to see it as soon as it was announced as I’m sure many of you will want to apply if you can understand the woke gobbledigook in the job ad:

Senior Programme Officer – […]

Is Amanda Pritchard the NHS’s Cressida Dick?

Monday/Tuesday blog

Police – Diversity more important than crime?

Hopefully all readers will fondly remember Cressida Dick. Dame Cressida Rose Dick DBE QPM is a British retired senior police officer who served as Commissioner of London’s Metropolitan Police from 2017 to 2022. She is both the first female and first openly homosexual officer to lead […]

Our useless, useless NHS still hiring Equality and Diversity managers

weekend blog

This is Amanda Pritchard:

Wikipedia tells us that Amanda Kate Pritchard is a British healthcare official and public policy analyst who has been the Chief Executive of NHS England since 1 August 2021. Pritchard previously served as chief operating officer of NHS England and as chief executive of NHS Improvement from 2019 […]

Our useless, lying politicians talk big and deliver nothing

Wednesday/Thursday blog

The invasion that gets ever worse

Hopefully you’ll all have seen this chart:


For the last few years our various Home Secretaries have all promised and promised and promised to reduce the number of illegal migrants crossing the Channel. The result – a massive increase every year. The solution is simple […]

I couldn’t have said it better

Monday/Tuesday blog

Are the NHS’s problems mostly self-inflicted?

NHS bosses and medics are bleating and howling about how this winter’s NHS crisis will be the worst ever. And, of course, they’re demanding many billions more of our money. But I’d like to humbly suggest that many of the NHS’s problems are either caused by our […]

Are our ‘angelic’ nurses really underpaid?

weekend blog

The BBC and most of the mainstream media tell us that our ‘angelic’ nurses are so badly paid that some are having to rely on food banks to survive. So, let’s test this latest nonsense from the worthless, UK-hating, biased, woke, progressive, transgender-hugging, migrant-adoring, climate-catastrophist, Tory-loathing national broadcaster and other mainstream media.

There […]

If I can save the NHS millions, why can’t our useless politicians?

Monday/ Tuesday blog

Killed by the diversity industry?

In my Thursday/ Friday blog, I pointed out that the only ethnic group under-represented in our ‘world-beating’ NHS were white ethnic Brits. White ethnic Brits make up 85.6% of the working-age population and 86% of the total population. Yet they only account for 77.9% of the NHS’s […]

The NHS needs less diversity – not more!

Thursday/Friday blog

Yet again, the NHS is in crisis. Or at least that what the usual limp-wristed, eternally-bleating handwringers are claiming yet again. So, if the NHS is in crisis, one could assume that our beloved NHS, which (as we all know) is a national treasure and the envy of the world, wouldn’t be wasting […]