June 2024

There’s no need for an inquiry into the Lucy Letby killings

Sunday/Monday/Tuesday blog

Here we go again. Another massive scandal in an organisation which is meant to serve us – this time it’s the NHS. Our rulers will, as usual, dodge any repsonsibility for anything by launching an ‘inquiry’ often led by a retired judge or some other establishment stalwart. This great inquiry will no doubt […]

Charity begins at home – for a lucky few

Friday/weekend blog

The Captain Tom Foundation

I wanted to write about the Captain Tom Foundation which has featured so prominently in the press this week

First let me make it clear that the Captain Tom Foundation (Charity number: 1189808) is a separate charity from the one which raised £38.9m and handed this over to the […]

There are no poor countries – just corrupt ones

weekend blog

We’re constantly being hectored about how we must give billions and trillions to help the world’s poor. And we now have a new twist on this story – because developed countries emit the most CO2, we apparently now need to pay so-called ‘climate reparations’ to the world’s poorest countries to help them cope […]

Maybe we’re the donkeys?

Thursday/ Friday blog

Two parts to this blog.

Part 1: Donkeys seem to be lucrative for some people

If you watch daytime TV, you’ve probably seen loads of ads asking for your money to save mistreated donkeys. Typically the ad will be in three parts:

we’ll be shown a donkey suffering awful mistreatment we’ll then […]

Two wonderful articles on today

Will Swiss court action over vaccine injuries turn the worldwide tide?


The cruel cancelling of Prince William’s godmother

Don’t get fooled into being put on the charities’ Christmas “suckers list”

weekend blog

It’s the time of the year to be charitable

As Christmas approaches, it’s the ‘giving’ time of year when we get bombarded with TV ads for some of Britain’s more than 200,000 registered charities. Hopefully, you’ll have noticed that many charity TV ads ask you to text a word like ‘care’ or ‘heart’ […]

Please give generously to the homelessness gravy-trainers

Thursday/Friday blog

It’s Christmas and, as usual, we’re being blitzed with ads from homelessness charities. I understand that there can be few things as depressing as being alone and homeless at Christmas. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little look at these homelessness charities demanding so much of our money.

Moreover, having written […]

The Great British disability scam?

Wednesday blog

Are 6 million really severely disabled?

I saw something on the news yesterday that Britain’s 6 million most severely disabled will be getting a £150 payment this week to help them cope with the cost-of-living crisis. As usual, the mainstream media interviewed loads of disabled people and various ‘experts’ all bleating and moaning […]

Floods of lies from over-populated corrupt Pakistan?

Wednesday/Thursday blog

You’ll all have seen the reports from the latest Pakistan floods. And you’ll all have heard the repeated claims that these floods are “unprecedented” and the “worst in history”:

And we’re told again and again and again that the floods are so devastating because of man-made climate change.

I am […]

BBC “Children in Need” (aka BBC Bosses in Greed) is back

Wednesday/Thursday blog

First a couple of unconnected comments:

1. Excellent that COP was a flop

Thank goodness Cop26 was a total flop. There’s an easy way to know it was a flop. Had it been a success, our priapic PM, Bunter Johnson, would have grabbed the first private jet he could find so he could […]