February 2011

Time to be honest about foreign aid?

As the government tries to justify increasing aid to the Third World while cutting British public services, there are a few facts that it chooses not to tell us. Firstly, studies by the UN have repeatedly shown that around 80% of all aid is either pocketed by corrupt bureaucrats and businessmen or lost through incompetence. […]

Democracy is now dead in the EUSSR

When the Irish voted against the Lisbon Treaty a few years ago the EU bullied them to vote again till they gave the right answer. Now the Irish have voted for a new government that wants to renegotiate the terms of the bailout, it’s worth quoting the ominous words of an unelected top EU official, […]

Ireland’s crooked losers are the winners

Who was the best paid leader in the EU? Merkel with Germany’s 82 million population? Sarkozy or Cameron with about 62 million each? No, it was Ireland’s Taoiseach, Brian ‘the pig’ Cowen, leading just 4.4 million. He got €285,000 a year compared to Sarkozy’s €253,000, Merkel’s €242,000 and Cameron’s €172,000. Moreover, on €92,000 a year, […]

Useless census or useful soldiers?

It’s worth noting that the cost of the 2011 Census (£480m) would be enough to pay the salaries of 4,000 squaddies for 5 years (or 20,000 for one year). So given the choice between an unneccessary census (which will just duplicate all the other information held by New Labour’s Big Brother Britain) or keeping our […]

Never trust your surveyor or lawyer – they’re only after your money

Most of us have now realised that our politicians are lying, thieving, arrogant scum. But when buying property too many of us still naively believe that our surveyor and lawyer are acting for us. This can be a costly mistake. You must remember that your surveyor and conveyancing lawyer will probably only work for you […]

The great mortgage con

As the Bank of England (BoE) mulls over raising interest rates, all the personal finance journalists warn us that even a small rise in interest rates will mean much more expensive mortgages. But aren’t they forgetting something? The main mortgage lenders have tripled their profit margins on mortgages since the 2007 crash, making mortgages eyewateringly […]

Greedy Manu footballers couldn’t give a toss

I wasted 20 minutes of my life last night watching Manchester United pretend to play football against Marseille. Knowing that the Manu players get paid between £100,000 and £200,000 a week to play football, entertain their fans and score goals, I expected to see some effort at an attack on Marseille’s goal. But the Manu […]

Greedy Amnesty bosses pocket our money

It seems that the departing boss of Amnesty has just been given £500,000 of donors’ money and her deputy got a cool £300,000. Amnesty’s supporters probably thought their hard-earned money was being used to help protect political prisoners not provide luxury lifestyles for Amnesty chiefs. But sadly Amnest seems to have forgotten its purpose. It […]

Who is the greediest – Cherie Blair or Sarah Brown?

After their lying husbands have wrecked Britain through their incompetence, greed, arrogance and dishonesty, Cherie Blair and Sarah Brown can look forward to living the rest of their lives as multimillionaires thanks to the enforced generosity of impoverished British taxpayers. You’d have thought that these two ladies would have been so embarrassed by the way […]

Don’t believe the Olympocrats’ lies

Today grovellingly sycophantic journalists will be gushing over the ‘fact’ that the 2012 cycling facility, the velodrome, has been completed on time and on budget. This is rubbish – just propaganda put out by the overpaid, self-serving Olympics bosses lapped up unquestioningly by journalists who hope they’ll be given lots of tickets which they can […]