April 2019
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Aaarrrgghhh! How can anyone take the claims of Man-Made Climate Change seriously?

(Wednesday blog)

I can’t stand it. It seems like every TV channel and every newspaper and every political leader actually believe Global Warming is caused by human activity. This is truly incredible. Not since people believed that the Earth was flat and you could fall off the edge have so many been fooled into believing […]

How the liberal “sore losers” are trashing democracy

(Tuesday blog)

It’s a bit early in the morning to think deep thoughts. So instead, I’d just like to touch on something that I find deeply troubling but probably won’t explain terribly well.

Extraordinary things are happening in both the UK and the US. And they are both very similar. The progressive, virtue-signalling, liberal elites […]

Figures don’t lie – but people do!

(Easter weekend blog)

BBC’s Soviet-style propaganda?

I admit I didn’t watch the whole of the BBC’s dreadfully misleading supposed documentary “Climate Change – the facts”. I just couldn’t stomach so much misleading BBC progressive woke propaganda. After all, during my youth I spent a bit of time in the Soviet Union and so saw […]

Sir David – I question your objectivity

(Friday blog)

So, the venerable national treasure Sir David Attenborough was back on our screens last night predicting total catastrophe if we humans fail to act on Climate Change. He gave us all the usual warnings – “right now we are facing our greatest threat in thousands of years – climate change” and “there isn’t […]

“Crazy Lefty Syndrome” – the world’s deadliest disease?

(Thursday blog)

Beware Crazy Lefty Syndrome

Today I wanted to warn readers about the most serious health threat facing the world. No, it’s not Ebola. And it’s not AIDS. And it’s not a new strain of Bird Flu. It’s not even growing resistance to antibiotics. The greatest health threat to the human population now is […]

A bad day at work?

(Wednesday blog)

A bad day at work?

I imagine we’ve all had bad days at work. But I can’t help feeling a little sorry for the French workman who caused more than £600m damage to one of the most important buildings in the world, the 850-year-old Notre Dame in Paris, by either forgetting to turn […]

Notre Dame fire – clearly an unfortunate accident?

(Tuesday blog)

I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I believe that incompetence is the likely cause of the Notre Dame fire:

It does seem that the fire was caused by an accident during restoration work. Probably some dopey Froggy workman called Gaston throwing away a half-smoked Gauloise or something like that.

However, it may be […]

Hooray! Great news from Swedistan!

(Monday blog)

Today I thought I’d take it easy and just bring you a little snippet of good news from Malmö in Sweden. This is a good news story the BBC and C4 News might ‘forget’ to mention.

You know Sweden – a once peaceful, laid-back, tolerant, almost crime-free country.

A country of endless forests:


We, the public, have been a great disappointment to our ruling elites

(weekend blog)

We, the British public, have been a great disappointment to our ruling elites.

Many of us:

think the ‘wrong’ thoughts and so have to be policed to prevent ‘hate thought’ believe news that doesn’t come from the Establishment Brussels Broadcasting Corporation and other Establishment mainstream media are influenced by supposed ‘populists’ like Nigel […]

A challenge to Westminster’s gutless liars

(Friday blog)

I have decided to try to do today’s blog as a short (2 mins) YouTube video.

Phew – finally made it. But as I couldn’t work out how to stop and start recording, I had to read the whole thing in one go, which isn’t ideal.

Also, I spent a lot of time […]