April 2019

The great Brexit betrayal

(Tuesday blog)

I’m currently working on my own video about the Great Brexit Betrayal.

But it seems the wonderfully eloquent Pat Condell got there before me.


Are government statistics waaacccisssstttt?

(Monday blog)

I came across this ‘infographic’ published by the Office for National Statistics

The clear message from this ‘infographic’ seems to be that black people in Britain are four to five times more likely to commit criminal offences and be sent to prison than white people. Chinese Brits seem to have the lowest […]

Maybe only Boris can save the Tories from electoral oblivion?

(weekend blog)

To paraphrase Lady Bracknell: “To commit political suicide once is unfortunate, to commit political suicide twice starts to look like carelessness”.

But incredibly, that’s what the useless, infighting, self-immolating Tories seem to be doing.

Political suicide Number 1

The worthless, scheming Tories’ first attempt at committing political suicide came from promising to implement […]

Former Greenpeace stalwart says Man-Made Climate Change is a load of bollox

(Friday blog)

I’m running late today and so haven’t time to write the blog I wanted.

A couple of days ago, I produced my own short (4 minutes) YouTube video explaining in three simple pictures why the idea of Man-Made Climate Change is utter rubbish:

And I wondered why politicians and the media […]

Will Notre Dame be rebuilt as a mosque?

(Thursday blog)

When you read the title of today’s blog, probably you’ll think I’ve finally lost it – that an overdose of Izlumophobia has made me take leave of my senses. After all, it’s absurd (you will think) that France’s greatest Catholic cathedral could be turned into a mosque. But stay with me for a […]

Aaarrrgghhh! How can anyone take the claims of Man-Made Climate Change seriously?

(Wednesday blog)

I can’t stand it. It seems like every TV channel and every newspaper and every political leader actually believe Global Warming is caused by human activity. This is truly incredible. Not since people believed that the Earth was flat and you could fall off the edge have so many been fooled into believing […]

How the liberal “sore losers” are trashing democracy

(Tuesday blog)

It’s a bit early in the morning to think deep thoughts. So instead, I’d just like to touch on something that I find deeply troubling but probably won’t explain terribly well.

Extraordinary things are happening in both the UK and the US. And they are both very similar. The progressive, virtue-signalling, liberal elites […]

Figures don’t lie – but people do!

(Easter weekend blog)

BBC’s Soviet-style propaganda?

I admit I didn’t watch the whole of the BBC’s dreadfully misleading supposed documentary “Climate Change – the facts”. I just couldn’t stomach so much misleading BBC progressive woke propaganda. After all, during my youth I spent a bit of time in the Soviet Union and so saw […]

Sir David – I question your objectivity

(Friday blog)

So, the venerable national treasure Sir David Attenborough was back on our screens last night predicting total catastrophe if we humans fail to act on Climate Change. He gave us all the usual warnings – “right now we are facing our greatest threat in thousands of years – climate change” and “there isn’t […]

“Crazy Lefty Syndrome” – the world’s deadliest disease?

(Thursday blog)

Beware Crazy Lefty Syndrome

Today I wanted to warn readers about the most serious health threat facing the world. No, it’s not Ebola. And it’s not AIDS. And it’s not a new strain of Bird Flu. It’s not even growing resistance to antibiotics. The greatest health threat to the human population now is […]