May 2011
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Scum of the earth – welcome to benefits Britain

Once again our judges stand up for injustice. By letting a former torturer for Robert Mugabe stay in Britain to claim benefits for the rest of his life in the name of protecting his human rights, our useless judges show the contempt they feel for the rest of us. With their big inflation-protected salaries and […]

Dickhead Osborne doesn’t know how to cut public spending

April’s borrowing figures were the worst on record. Osborne’s ‘cuts’ are increasing spending not reducing it! This proves once again that the pompous, ignorant little prat George Liar Osborne knows about as much about economics as the fool Gordon Brown. The only way to cut spending is to break the power of the “100,000 club”. […]

‘Cowards’ at the Taxpayers Alliance betray us all

The Taxpayers Alliance (TPA) is forever getting quoted in the press for its criticism of government waste. But when it comes to the biggest waste of all – the euro bailouts – the TPA is curiously silent. The euro bailouts are illegal under EU treaties which only allow financial help after a ‘natural disaster’. The […]

The euro bailouts are illegal – but Cameron and Osborne do nothing

The bailouts of the PIGS countries (Portugal, Ireland, Greece and soon Spain) are illegal under EU treaties. The EU has forced us to contribute to the euro bailouts by invoking Article 122 of the Lisbon Treaty. This empowers the Council of Ministers to force all member states to provide financial help to countries hit by […]

F1 motor racing – a boring “sport” for life’s losers?

By accident, I’ve seen a couple of recent Formula 1 Grand Prix on the TV. This isn’t a race – it’s a procession. The driver who starts in ‘pole’ position wins, the 2nd driver comes second and so on. I’ve seen more overtaking on a deserted stretch of the M1 at 03.00 on a Sunday […]

A message from your leaders in Brussels – “Ha, ha, ha”

Apparently a lot of you stupid obedient taxpayers are having some problems – prices going up, taxes increasing, job losses and so on. Well, here in Brussels every day is like a party. There are champagne receptions every night, fabulous dinners and other delights (prostitutes) all paid for by you stupid taxpayers. In fact you […]

Their big fat Greek lie

As our lying leaders shovel billions more of our money into the deep pockets of corrupt thieving Greek politicians and businessmen, they claim surprise at the scale of Greece’s financial problems. They are lying. When Greece joined the euro it was already heading towards bankruptcy. Only some extremely dubious book-cooking by the ever present Goldman […]

You have to admire the lying corrupt Pakistanis

For years Pakistan hid Bin Laden in the safest place they could think of – just metres away from a major military complex – somewhere they thought the US would never find him and never dare to attack. At the same time the lying corrupt Pakistanis under the leadership of their president, Mr. Ten Percent, […]

Why are we giving billions to the profligate paedophile Portuguese?

When Madeleine McCann was kidnapped, the corrupt Portuguese police did nothing to find out what had happened to her. Instead, to protect their tourist industry, they did everything possible to pin blame on the girl’s parents. Now the utterly corrupt profligate Portuguese are in trouble – they like to spend money without bothering to earn […]

Are Americans as stupid as the British? Cowell hopes so

As Simon “Slimey” Cowell’s karaoke show, the fiX-Factor, starts in the US, Slimey must be hoping that the Americans are as much a bunch of brain-dead, pig-ignorant morons as his British audience. Then the Americans will watch his ghastly “competition” and ring in by the million to vote for their favourite acts, making Slimey even […]