December 2011

Australia “win” cricket match against Asian team

Great excitement in Oz because Australia has just “won” a cricket match against India or Pakistan (actually it was India). We have to remember that India and Pakistan have repeatedly been shown by surveys of businesspeople to be two of the most corrupt countries in the world. You have to pay bribes for everything. These […]

Is Alan Greenspan a fool, lunatic or liar?

I’m struggling through the turgid, self-justifying drivel that is Alan Greenspan’s book about his time as Chairman of the US Federal Reserve. Although I’m only at page 197, as far as I can see, Mr Greenspan feels he was an extremely brilliant economist working together with lots of other extremely brilliant people guiding the US […]

Why Mervyn King doesn’t give a toss about inflation

For more than two years, the Bank of England’s monthly inflation forecasts have been wrong. Every single time. In any other job, you’d get fired for such incompetence. But in our overpaid, self-serving, useless public sector, such incompetence is the rule rather than the exception. But is it really incompetence? Or dishonesty? After all, it’s […]

Footballer “heroes” score goals

Apparently there were some football games on Boxing Day and some overpaid, pig-ignorant, preening footballers scored some goals. The press immediately calls these spoilt thugs “heroes”. I don’t see much that is heroic in being paid millions a year to try and cheat and foul your way to scoring a few goals. As for our […]

Sadly most poverty is a result of stupidity, corruption and greed

As we emerge from Christmas we can be thankful that it’ll be another year before we have to once again listen to multi-millionaire popstars telling us to “feed the world”. But perhaps it’s time to say the unsayable – most poverty is self-inflicted. Most poverty is caused by greed, stupidity, mismanagement and corruption. Why is […]

Banks screw us again and again and again

We ordinary taxpayers have lost tens of billions bailing out banks that continue to pay their staff huge salaries and massive bonuses in spite of the fact that many are effectively bankrupt. Now the useless EU has come up with a new way of handing our money to the bankers. The European Central Bank (ECB) […]

Are lazy Aussies destroying their children’s future?

One thing you notice on arriving at any major Australian city (Sydney, Melbourne, Perth etc) is the extraordinary number of Chinese. The continuing flood of Chinese immigrants into Australia has brought huge economic benefits. The Chinese have set up new businesses, regenerated rundown areas of Australian cities and ensured their children have the best education. […]

You think BA are awful? You should try AA or Quantas

Anyone who has regularly trevelled with BA will probably be tired of the endless waits to book a flight, the pompous and incompetent check-in staff and the overpaid, arrogant and rude cabin staff. But BA is a flying paradise compared to its partners AA (American Airlines) and Quantas. AA recently deservedly went bust, but they […]

Would you lend your money to the PIIGS?

Merkozy (Merkel and Sarkozy) have a truly “brilliant” plan for saving the eurozone – new tough rules about spending and budget deficits will be imposed on all eurozone countries. There are a few problems with this. Firstly, the supposedly “tough” rules have always been in place – but most countries, especially France and Germany, just […]

Cowardly Dutch surrender to Germany without firing a shot, yet again

Why are the Dutch such gutless, spineless cowards? In World War 2 they surrendered to Germany without firing a shot. More recently, when put in charge of protecting the Muslims in Srebenica, the “Dutch soldiers” ( an oxymoron if there ever was one) handed over thousands of Muslim men to be murdered by the Serbs, […]