June 2023
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How woke won?

Wednesday/Thursday blog

I’m pushed for time today. But I’ll start this blog up and see how far I get.

I came across this quote from someone called Max Horkheimer of the Frankfurt School:

I checked the Frankfurt School on Wikipedia:

The Frankfurt School perspective of critical investigation (open-ended and self-critical) is based […]

Britain to be “clean energy superpower”. Errr……….

Monday/Tuesday blog

I guess you’ve all seen the story. Sir Kneeler “I don’t know what a woman is” Starmer has pledged to make Britain into a “clean energy superpower” when Labour boot out the useless pretend Conservatives at the next election. This is part of Labour’s “Green Prosperity” plan for what pathetically little is left […]

Which side is lying about the “Climate Crisis”?

Monday/Tuesday blog

Who do you trust about the supposed “Climate Crisis”?

Ignorant nobodies like myself?

Or reliable experts like the BBC?

And all the mainstream media?

Perhaps Neil Oliver can help you decide?

Though personally I’m a little annoyed with Mr Oliver. I sent him a […]

Phew, it’s almost over – oh no, there’s still Eurovision

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday blog

I didn’t watch the (IMHO) rather pointless coronation of the King of Eco-loons and his gorgeous Queen Godzilla. And there’s been so much guff said and written about the whole ghastly spectacle that one would think it impossible to add anything which hadn’t already been covered.

But there were a few anomalies I […]

Nobody wants to hear the truth about ‘Climate ‘Change’

Monday/Tuesday blog

I normally don’t use this blog to write about myself and my sad, little, boring life. But I’ll make an exception this time.

Nobody wants to hear the truth

I’ve spent a large part of my working life giving presentations and I enjoy public speaking. So I put together a shortish (20 minutes) […]

South Africa’s glorious post-apartheid success

weekend/Monday blog

It’s a jolly life in South Africa’s parliament

We’re all encouraged to save for our retirement. But few people seem to have done it better than South African politicians.

Most websites report that South Africa’s former president, Jacob Zuma, managed to save over $20m during his nine years (2009-2018) leading the country on […]

Our useless, woke NHS is drowning in our money

Wednesday/Thursday blog

Why does nobody care about facts anymore?

If you watch the news, you’ll have seen some (IMHO) dreadful woman – head of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN), I think – who sounds to a fool like me to be a bit like a female version of the Reverend Ian Paisley – ranting […]

There are no poor countries – just corrupt ones

weekend blog

We’re constantly being hectored about how we must give billions and trillions to help the world’s poor. And we now have a new twist on this story – because developed countries emit the most CO2, we apparently now need to pay so-called ‘climate reparations’ to the world’s poorest countries to help them cope […]

The Great Reset steams ahead and there’s nothing you can do to stop it

Thursday/Friday blog

The Great Reset – Utopia or Dystopia?

Wikipedia tells us that: The Great Reset Initiative is an economic recovery plan drawn up by the World Economic Forum in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The project was launched in June 2020, with a video featuring the then Prince of Wales Charles released to mark […]

Should my book of ‘dangerous misinformation’ be banned?

Monday/Tuesday blog

Here’s a recent review of my book THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS from a reader on Amazon. The readers titles his/her review ‘Dangerous misinformation’ and gives me the lowest possible rating – one star.

This is what the reader wrote:

The cover of this book depicts a ‘doomsdayer’ and his sandwich board full […]