April 2018
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The great Canadian bald head cover-up?

(Wednesday blog)

Hey, are you going bald? Or do you know someone who is? Well, it appears the brave Canadian police have found a way for bald men to achieve full hair growth in just 24 hours. It’s amazing!

What am I wittering on about?

Here’s a photo of the Toronto (alleged) truck murderer being […]

SYRIA – lies, lies and more lies?

(Tuesday blog)

With so much fake news, propaganda and lies on the Internet and in the mainstream media, who knows what to believe?

What is known and certain is that Hitler used a ‘false flag’ incident to justify the invasion of Poland. Stalin used one to justify the invasion of Finland. The […]

More indications it wasn’t Assad wot done it?

(Monday blog)

Just one more blog about the supposed chemical attack in Syria. Then tomorrow, I’ll show you loads of faked pictures of supposed ‘atrocities’ by Assad’s troops in Syria.

Below is a YouTube video posted on 13 February 2018 – long before Assad’s supposed chemical attack which gave Trump, May and some Frenchman the […]

Was Assad really responsible for the chemical attack?

(Weekend blog)

I wouldn’t normally go to Russia Today (RT) TV for reliable news. But it is a bit worrying that the video below, predicting a ‘false flag’ chemical attack in Syria, was posted on Youtube on 17 March 2018 – a couple of weeks before the actual attack which has been blamed on Assad […]

Pat Condell is back and his video has been banned

(Friday/Weekend blog)

I was going to write about something else today. But the amazingly eloquent Pat Condell has made a new video which has already been banned by YouTube (owned by Google) for political incorrectness.

So, instead you can watch it here. Enjoy!


Stop starving the (fat) Palestinians! Horrible Mr Trump!

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

The Capetown water crisis

First a small insight into the water crisis affecting Capetown:

With geniuses like that running the country, no wonder South Africa is falling apart and will soon turn into another Zimbabwe.

Are obese Palestinians really starving?

When democratically-elected President Trump recently cut financial aid to the […]

Europe’s three tribes?

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

Simplifying the situation slightly, it seems that there are three quite distinct tribes developing in Europe:

1. Anywheres

There are what have been called the “Anywheres”. These are the supposedly ‘progressive’ liberal elites. Their jobs and families aren’t under pressure from the tsunami of Third-World garbage pouring into Europe. In fact, they see […]

Trump vs the mainstream media – could Trump be winning?

(Friday/weekend blog)

The mainstream media’s war against Trump

Virtually all news coverage of democratically-elected US president Donald Trump by the progressive, liberal, elitist mainstream media is negative. Either journalists dig up stories ridiculing Trump or else they decide to not report when he has successes. Probably no other US president has had to put up […]

Two more triumphs for Trump – and the liberal elites are incandescent

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

A shit-hole is a shit-hole

How wonderful it was watch to watch the screaming, apoplectic, froth-flecked outrage (or was it panic?) of the mainstream media and the ruling elites across the world when democratically-elected US President Trump dared (yet again) speak the truth that everyone keeps denying – most countries in Africa and […]

Another blunder by Trump? Ooops, he got it right again! And Again!

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

When Trump recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel last week, the “experts” and the Trump-hating libtards and the lefty buffoons at the BBC and Channel 4 News all claimed that Trump had made a massive blunder and they predicted Armageddon with vast, violent protests and a wave of terror across the world.