February 2018
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Stop starving the (fat) Palestinians! Horrible Mr Trump!

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

The Capetown water crisis

First a small insight into the water crisis affecting Capetown:

With geniuses like that running the country, no wonder South Africa is falling apart and will soon turn into another Zimbabwe.

Are obese Palestinians really starving?

When democratically-elected President Trump recently cut financial aid to the […]

Europe’s three tribes?

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

Simplifying the situation slightly, it seems that there are three quite distinct tribes developing in Europe:

1. Anywheres

There are what have been called the “Anywheres”. These are the supposedly ‘progressive’ liberal elites. Their jobs and families aren’t under pressure from the tsunami of Third-World garbage pouring into Europe. In fact, they see […]

Trump vs the mainstream media – could Trump be winning?

(Friday/weekend blog)

The mainstream media’s war against Trump

Virtually all news coverage of democratically-elected US president Donald Trump by the progressive, liberal, elitist mainstream media is negative. Either journalists dig up stories ridiculing Trump or else they decide to not report when he has successes. Probably no other US president has had to put up […]

Two more triumphs for Trump – and the liberal elites are incandescent

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

A shit-hole is a shit-hole

How wonderful it was watch to watch the screaming, apoplectic, froth-flecked outrage (or was it panic?) of the mainstream media and the ruling elites across the world when democratically-elected US President Trump dared (yet again) speak the truth that everyone keeps denying – most countries in Africa and […]

Another blunder by Trump? Ooops, he got it right again! And Again!

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

When Trump recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel last week, the “experts” and the Trump-hating libtards and the lefty buffoons at the BBC and Channel 4 News all claimed that Trump had made a massive blunder and they predicted Armageddon with vast, violent protests and a wave of terror across the world.


Our rulers are more outraged over Tweets than the deaths of innocents

Now you know – tweets are more offensive than bombs, bullets, beheading knives and truck of peace attacks. And tweets are certainly more offensive than ‘Asian’ gangs raping, sodomising and torturing over 40,000 white British underage girls over 10 to 20 years

Each time there’s a Jihadist attack killing and injuring innocents or another case […]

The 12 “Rules of Political Correctness”

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

Today, I thought I’d plagiarise and adapt someone else’s work to bring you the 12 Rules of Political Correctness:

Only white people can be racist. All Muslims are ‘Blacks’, all Christians are ‘Whites’. All non-white people are ‘black people’ ‘White culture’ is inferior to ‘black culture’. There are only two races: Oppressors who […]

Nazanin love, maybe you’re responsible for your own mess?

Enter – Emma Thompson

Whenever the (IMHO) self-regarding, attention-seeking, virtue-signalling, holier-than-thou, look-at-me-me-me luvvie Emma Thompson gets involved in a ’cause’, the truth is usually the opposite to that spouted by Emma Thompson and her admirers.

In 2014, luvvie Emma traveled to the Arctic to warn us all about supposed Man-Made Global Warming melting the polar […]

How the mainstream media lied to us about Mnangagwa

Although there is a lot of scepticism in the British media, there was also a lot of excitement about Emmerson ‘The Crocodile’ Mnangagwa’s first speech on his return to the hopeless ruined, looted basket case of a country, Zimbabwe. The English bit

When speaking in English his message seemed to be targeted at those listening […]

Here’s the truth behind the manufactured media outrage against Johnson and Gove

(Tuesday/Wednesday blog)

I’m no fan of bumbling Boris Johnson. Or of backstabbing Michael Gove. But I’ve been outraged over the hypocrisy, lies and media-manufactured outrage over Johnson’s and Gove’s comments about the British/Iranian woman currently locked up in an Iranian prison. So, I thought it worthwhile using today’s blog to give my few readers the […]