December 2023
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A government spokesperson says “EVs are safe”

Tuesday blog

Don’t believe anything till the government denies it

Following the Luton Airport carbecue, a government spokesperson reassured us that EVs are just as safe as other types of car: “There is no evidence that electric vehicle fires are more likely to occur than petrol or diesel vehicle fires and it remains safe to […]

The Luton airport carbecue – will we ever be told the truth?

Monday blog

The key point I took from this short video was that the fire was nowhere near the back of the car where the fuel tank would have been situated. So it cannot have been the diesel fuel which was powering the blaze. It seems odd that this more than important detail doesn’t seem […]

This week’s most blatant lie?

Thursday/Friday blog

The totally trustworthy Independent newspaper informs us that the catastrophic fire in a Luton Airport multi-storey car park was caused by a diesel car exploding.

So it must be true??????

Given the wreck that was left of the car park after the fire, it’s amazing that our normally utterless useless, DIE-obsessed public […]

Why are they doing it? Because they know they can

Wednesday/Thursday blog

Kicking us in the face?

Hardly a week goes by without our rulers showing how much they despise us by acting in a way that increasingly looks like they’re arrogantly kicking us in the face.

Here are just a few recent episodes:

The Financial Conduct Authority issuing a report ludicrously concluding that no […]

Which group do you belong to?

Monday/ Tuesday blog

Tabloid newspaper are forever printing articles in which they choose four or five personality types and ask readers to choose which type they are.

So I thought I would adapt an article I found floating somewhere around the Internet. It classes us into five groups in terms of where we stand in […]

Uranus is warming. I blame man-made CO2

Friday/weekend blog

Is the NHS lying about waiting lists?

The big news this week was that waiting lists for NHS treatments have risen to 7,680,000. But I wonder if the true figure is even higher. I saw my GP – sorry, I lie, I saw a nurse at my GP’s surgery as all the GPs […]

Rape gangs? Don’t mention the Religion of Peace!

Wednesday/Thursday blog

Are Israelis really into gang rape?

There was an unpleasant story last week about the alleged gang rape of a British girl on holiday in Cyprus. The headline in the Daily Mail was:

EXCLUSIVE: British woman, 20, ‘gang raped by five Israelis’ in Cyprus ‘was forcefully dragged’ into hotel room and has injuries […]

It ain’t half cold, mum

Wednesday/Thursday blog

Perhaps one of the most significant statements of 2023 made by one of our rulers came from the universally-respected United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres. In 2022 he warned us it was ‘code red for humanity’ due to supposed anthropogenic global warming:

Then this year climate expert, Mr Guterres, upped the rhetoric when he […]

The West’s civilisational decline

Friday/weekend blog

A factcheck farce

In my last blog, I featured a chart from Bjørn Lomborg, author of several books including THE SKEPTICAL ENVIRONMENTALIST, showing that despite decreasing areas of the planet being burnt by wildfires, the number of times wildfires were mentioned by the mainstream media was increasing. This rather suggests a media-fueled scare […]

Boiling earth? Would you like ice with that?

Wednesday/Thursday blog

UN Secretary-General, Antonio ‘the clown’ Guterres, helpfully informed us in 2022 that due to climate change it was ‘code red for humanity’. Then this year, the (IMHO) useless clod upped the rhetoric claiming that we’re now in the era of ‘global boiling‘. I imagine we’re all waiting with baited breath to find out […]