May 2017
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A £677,600,000 a year home-buying rip-off? And lots of happy surveyors and solicitors?

The expensive mess

There are about 1,100,000 homes sold in England and Wales each year. Of these around 28% of sales (308,000) fall through. The main reasons for sales falling through seem to be things like adverse surveys, gazumping/gazundering, incompetent/lazy solicitors and chains breaking down.

The average cost of a collapsed sale is around £2,200 […]

Why do our rulers loathe Putin, yet so many of us admire him?

(weekend blog) Below is an article by someone much more intelligent than me explaining why our progressive, ever-so-liberal, voter-despising, internationalist rulers and the mainstream media are so afraid of Putin and everything he represents.

The gist of the article is that our rulers in the West (apart from Donald Trump obviously) and their obedient mainstream […]

How much trouble does Muslim terrorism cause air passengers?

When elected US President Donald Trump issued his first travel restrictions on air passengers travelling from 7 countries where Islamic extremism is rife, there were howls of protest from the usual, big-mouthed, brain-dead libtards about “racism” even though Islam is not a race but a supposed religion of peace (or violent death cult depending on […]

Will the “Deep State” manage to destroy President Trump?

I presume all readers are familiar with the term “the Deep State”. The idea of a Deep State in the United States is a conspiracy theory whose adherents assert that there exists a coordinated effort by career government employees to influence state policy without regard for democratically elected leadership: Assuming the Deep State exists, […]

BBC bias is sometimes quite subtle

We all know that the progressive, lefty, libtard BBC is constantly in breach of its charter by being ludicrously biased.

The BBC is embarrassingly biased in its support for EU membership, for Germans to run Britain, for uncontrolled immigration, for Muslim invasion and takeover and against Britain’s independence, against British values and against any form […]

I am guilty of ‘hate crimes’. I might as well admit it

Apparently my insignificant little blog now has a new set of readers – members of the police who seem to think that snouts-in-the-trough is engaged in deeply criminal activity.

So, I confess. Yes, I am guilty of that wonderful new catch-all offence – ‘hate crimes’.


For many years I’ve disliked chicken. This dislike started […]

Thankfully we still have the Internet

As almost all our politicians and all our mainstream media cower in terror of the invading *sl*mic armies, thankfully we still have the Internet to spread the word about how our rulers are deliberately destroying Western civilisation.

Two websites I would recommend are “barenakedislam” and “thereligionofpeace”.

But perhaps most importantly we have the real modern-day […]

The truth is a rare, but wonderful, thing

We live in extraordinary times when our rulers and their sycophantic mainstream media tell us the opposite of the truth and anyone daring to speak the truth is prosecuted for all sorts of new, made-up crimes.

For example:

We’re told Putin is our enemy. In reality Putin is our friend against our shared enemy We’re […]

More sickening media bias against Trump and Putin exposed

There has been little difference between Labour and Tories or Democrats and Republicans or the main French or German or Dutch or Spanish or Italian political parties over the last 30 to 40 years. They all supported a vaguely centrist ideology letting voters believe they were somehow in control while politicians, bankers, bureaucrats and business […]

From “Year of the Sore Loser” to “Year the Establishment Fights Back”

At this time of year, mainstream media pundits love to blether on about the year gone by and predict what will happen next year. So, here’s my pathetic attempt to summarise 2016 and predict 2017.

It’s clear that 2016 has been the “Year of the Sore Loser”. For the first time in 50 or even […]