May 2024

Our politicians are enemies of the people

Friday-weekend blog

I was going to write a Friday/weekend blog. But then I came across this article on Friday’s Conservative Woman. It says everything I would have wanted to say:

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Politicians – the Enemy of the People Perhaps the only thing I would add is my […]

“It’s all still to play for” claim lying fake Tories

Wednesday-Thursday blog

The lying game

We’re seemingly stuck in a strange charade. Following the local elections disaster for the incompetent self-serving, expenses-fiddling, sexually-deviant fake Tories, it seems that the official lines Conservative MPs have been ordered to spout at every interview are “It’s all still to play for” and “the election result isn’t a […]

Palestinians dying – of laughter at our gullibility?

Tuesday blog

I have no doubt that the Hamas-adoring citizens of Gaza are suffering under the Israeli onslaught. But there’s a worthwhile article on The Daily Sceptic which rather undermines the constant claims of the mouth-frothing, useful idiot anti-semites that Israel is committing genocide:

This Is No Genocide

I also found this shortish video […]

How the mainstream media deliberately mislead us?

Monday blog

I’m a bit short of time today, so I’ll make this short and sweet. In an article about a Rotherham rape gang, the Daily Express used this photo:

This could be a white Brit or it could be a multicultural enricher. It’s not obvious at first sight. Apparently, the guy’s name is […]

BBC cheers as Britain goes bankrupt

Monday-Tuesday blog

Sometimes on Sundays I watch the Laura Kuensberg programme on the BBC while working out in my gym. Last Sunday the whole programme as about how Britain was ‘fighting’ climate change’. Almost all the participants, especially Kuensberg, bleated and moaned and complained that Britain risked losing its position as the world leader […]

Yesterday’s climate lunacy ‘double whammy’

Wednesday-Thursday blog

What to say about yesterday? There were two events showing that climate-catastrophist lunacy is totally out of control. These two events were:

March – “hottest on record” lies European Courth of Human Rights ruling that governments have a duty to protect their citizens from the (non-existent) negative effects of (non-existent) human-caused climate […]

The real reason they hate Israel?

Monday-Tuesday blog

Here’s a very simple chart. It shows the GDP per capita of Israel compared to a few of its Religion of Wonderfulness neighbours:

Maybe this is the real reason our friends from our favourite religion loathe Israel so much – because the success of tiny Israel shows up the Arab countries for […]

Do you have a ‘really interesting’ life story?

Friday-weekend blog

Some years ago, I was in touch with a news service (SWNS) about one of my books. Since then I get occasional messages from SWNS asking for ‘interesting’ stories from people with ‘interesting’ lives. Here’s an extract from the latest SWNS email. I’m blogging about this as it shows the utterly trivial drivel […]

Another ‘death jab’ coming to a doctor’s surgery near you?

weekend blog

Roll up, roll up your sleeve for the mystery jab

(with apologies to the Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour)

A few weeks ago, I got an sms message from my local NHS surgery offering me a jab commonly given to infants and those of more mature years – the pneumococcal vaccine. From what little […]

Ukraine is losing. Russia is winning. So, what do we do now?

Wednesday-Friday blog

You don’t see or hear much about the Russia/Ukraine war in the media nowadays. Could this be because Ukraine is losing and Russia is winning and that’s not quite the story our bungling rulers and the sycophantic mainstream media-for-sale want to portray?

The Pentagon Papers

The Pentagon Papers, officially titled The History of […]