February 2016

Is Trump the man who can save America?

As our gutless Prime Minister and worthless, lying Chancellor do their best to sell our country out to German control, in America Donald Trump is smashing down his opponents to be president by standing up for America.

I don’t know what Trump’s policies are (if he has any). But I have grasped a few of […]

Will it soon be back to bribery as usual?

Today an everyday story of bribery and corruption from the Land of Smells.

In the Land of Smells, the usual way property developers go about their business is as follows:

Step 1 – Buy some land – often this involves forcing families who have lived there for generations (but may not have the required paperwork […]

Debunking the great “Brexit will lead to lost jobs” lie – Part 2

(Weekend blog) Lets take a look at some of the big companies who claim that leaving the EU would put British jobs at risk:

Shell, they moved most their staff to Holland and are about to decimate BG (British Gas) in Reading with the loss of thousands of UK jobs as Shell tries to cut […]

Debunking the great “Brexit will lead to lost British jobs” lie – Part 1

(Apologies to those of you who read this yesterday. But I’d like to leave this post up for just one more day. The reason is I think it’s worrying that, as far as I know, not a single mainstream journalist has bothered to get hold of the 2003 letter from Britain’s business leaders warning of […]

“If David Cameron had any honour, he would…………”

I’ve invented a new drinking game. It’s called “If David Cameron had any honour, he would…..”

It sort of goes like this: a few people gather round a table well-stocked with all their favourite alcoholic drinks.

Then the first person tries to complete the sentence “If David Cameron had any honour, he would…..”

Anyone who […]

A typical schoolday in Merkel’s M*sl*m Europe?

I can’t find the YouTube video I wanted to include in yesterday’s post. But I’ve managed to find a similar one.

Because immigrant M*sl*m men are intellectually, educationally and developmentally vastly inferior to white Europeans, the only way immigrant M*sl*m men can get the ‘respect’ they feel they deserve is not by earning it but […]

Is Merkel’s cover-up of her M*sl*m migrant mayhem unravelling?

We all now know some of truth about what happened in Cologne on New Year’s Eve – at least 500 robberies and sexual assaults carried out by gangs of M*sl*m migrants; no action taken by the German police to protect German girls and women; blatant lies put out by the German authorities claiming the New […]

Fifty years of lies from Britain’s biggest charities

(weekend blog)

Don’t give any more of your money to the overpaid, over-pensioned, self-serving, bare-faced liars at Oxfam, Save the Children, Christian Aid and UNICEF!

Why not? Because these charities (along with most aid agencies) are partly responsible for Africa’s poverty and the millions of uneducated, low-intelligence, unemployable, violent migrants that are now pouring out […]

Indian sex tourists – here’s some friendly advice

(Hopefully my post today won’t be relevant to any of my regular readers)

Hello Indian sex tourists.

Here’s some friendly advice for you.

Now I realise that the most popular male participation sport in India is not cricket, but gang rape. And I realise that this is usually the gang-rape of lower caste girls in […]

I’m offended. But I’ll be arrested if I say why.

(After a brief moment of levity yesterday, it’s back to the serious stuff today)

Here’s a truly frightening story from Scrotland,

Police have arrested a 40-year old man in Scotland over a number of allegedly “offensive” Facebook posts about refugees.

Police in Scotland said that a man had been held under the Communications Act, which […]