April 2018

Moddern educayshun – life in “Libtardia”!

(Monday blog)

I don’t know where this came from. Apologies to readers who have already seen it. I believe it’s based in a new country called “Libtardia”.

Where is “Libtardia”? Unfortunately it seems “Libtardia” is everywhere in Western Europe, the US and Australia and “libtardians” (also called “libtards” for short) are everywhere where there are […]

The most important pictures you will ever see?

(Weekend blog)

There’s lots of stuff in the mainstream news at the moment – Brexit, Windrush, Korea etc etc. And lots of biased reporting as usual. Perhaps the most disgraceful is the coverage of the North/South Korea meeting. Most media, especially the BBC, are trying to make out that the meeting happened in spite of […]

“The rapes in Spain migrants mainly are to blame”

(Friday blog)

Here’s a story from sunny Spain about a huge rise in violent rapes which tends not to be reported by the mainstream media. So, let’s all sing merrily along to the tune of The rain in Spain “The rapes in Spain migrants mainly are to blame”:

The golden, sunny Southern Coast of Spain […]

Has rape been legalised in Western Europe?

(Thursday blog)

I’m a bit busy today trying to finish my next book due to be published in August. But there’s one thing I was wondering: has rape now been legalised in Western Europe?

Of course, people like me aren’t allowed to rape anyone. After all, I’m a white indigenous European. If I raped a […]

The great Canadian bald head cover-up?

(Wednesday blog)

Hey, are you going bald? Or do you know someone who is? Well, it appears the brave Canadian police have found a way for bald men to achieve full hair growth in just 24 hours. It’s amazing!

What am I wittering on about?

Here’s a photo of the Toronto (alleged) truck murderer being […]

Just another month of multi-cultural mayhem in Merkel’s migrant paradise

Congratulations to baldy and his lovely lady wife on the birth of their new son. Hopefully the sprog will be christened ‘Mohammed’ – the most popular boy’s name in England – to reflect a modern monarchy in our open, multi-cultural, diverse, enriched society.

Meanwhile, over in Merkel’s Germany:

MARCH 1 – The Spreewald Elementary School […]

Turning London into Lahore?

(Monday blog)

Sorry, but I’m afraid it’s London again. I’m returning to the disaster that is London as a reader reminded me of some promises the new mayor made that he might be hoping we forget.

London’s (IMHO) vertically- and morally-challenged libtard mayor, Sadiq Khan, must be feeling more and more at home in what […]

Goodbye Sweden?

(Sunday blog)

I came across this on YouTube. It’s that awful Pat Condell. This video was made in 2014 – before the invasion of Europe by Merkel’s migrant masses. In this video Condell suggests that, because of uncontrolled immigration, Sweden is destined to be swamped by a flood of often in-bred, often culturally-backward, often violent, […]

Organ/blood donation – some give, some take!

(Weekend blog)

Following my blog yesterday about the Albanian piece of sh*t who lied her way to a free kidney transplant thus condemning a British person on the waiting list to an early death, a reader wondered whether ethnic minorities were well-represented in organ and blood donations.

You can probably guess the answer.

But rather […]

Kidney transplants anyone? Foreigners go to the front of the queue!

(Friday blog)

Toady I thought I’d bring you a small story, which the BBC certainly won’t report, and which shows yet again how our rulers – and particularly the NHS – are betraying us.

It concerns an Albanian woman who came to Britain using a fake Greek ID card to get into the country and […]