The “Big Six” energy companies – you may switch, but they’ll still get rich

In your Sunday papers today there will probably be a story somewhere telling you how much some luridly smiling family managed to save by switching energy supplier. Usually, this will involve the family moving from one of the ‘Big Six’ suppliers to a new smaller competitor.

I haven’t investigated how much one can save. But […]

Our obese NHS needs to go on a diet

We’re constantly told that the NHS needs more and more of our money. Just before the 2015 election, the head of the NHS (IMHO) effectively ‘blackmailed’ our politicians by claiming that the NHS needed another £8bn. Our would-be PMs knew that any refusal to hand over the cash would be electorally disastrous.

One of the […]

Britain’s military massacre – does anyone care?

Say, as part of its efforts to reduce the deficit, the Government decided to sack 20% (30,000) of NHS England’s 150,000 doctors and 20% (75,400) of its 377,000 nurses. Think of the public outcry. Picture the rage from Labour and the BBC lefties. Imagine the huge demonstrations that would take place. The country would become […]

Would any readers like free copies of my book “GREED UNLIMITED”?

With the (I believe undeserved) demolition of Cleggy and his LibDems in the May 2015 general election, my book “GREED UNLIMITED How Cameron and Clegg protect the elites while squeezing the rest of us” has become rather redundant.

I sold rather fewer copies than expected and I was going to bin the […]

Did you know that 81% was “a tiny minority”?

For years our rulers have told us that M*sl*ms have made a huge contribution to our country and that the majority of M*sl*ms were peaceful and law-abiding. Though, as I’m extremely stupid and clearly a “waaacccciiissssttt”, I can’t think of what M*sl*ms have contributed to Britain apart from intolerance, hatred, FGM, oppression of women, homophobia, […]

An everyday story of life in multi-cultural Britain

Here’s just one white girl’s story of the joys of multi-culturalism. It’s pretty harrowing stuff, especially when you consider that hundreds of child protection officers, social workers and police knew precisely that was happening to thousands of white girls. But they said and did nothing because they were terrified of being called “waaacccciiiisssstttt” and […]

Let’s hope both sides lose

Our M*sl*m friends seem to have temporarily forgotten how much they hate us in order to butcher each other in ever increasing numbers. In fact, last week was a bit of a zinger in the Middle East. There were ISIL’s two victories – Palmyra in Syrian and Ramadi in Iraq – and even a bomb […]

The Irish really believed they had a choice on same-sex marriages. What fools!

Huge jubilation on BBC news this morning as they announced the results of the Irish referendum approving same-sex marriages (SSMs)

But did the Irish actually have any choice?

Some readers may remember that in 2001, the Irish were given a referendum on the EU’s Treaty of Nice. The Irish made the mistake […]

Wanna learn German? Then take a package holiday with Thomson or Thomas Cook

Here is the man of the moment – Frankenstein lookalike Peter Fankhauser, boss of beleaguered travel company Thomas Cook:

Peter ‘Frankenstein’ Fankhauser is head of the company that paid £350,000 in compensation to a family whose two children died during a Thomas Cook holiday to Corfu while Thomas Cook managed to squeeze […]

Our useless politicians don’t understand that transactions and complexity drive up costs

I’ll try to keep this simple today in case some useless, overpaid, overpensioned politicians are reading it. Though I doubt any are. They’ll be too busy cheating on their expenses and finding second, third and fourth jobs to fill in all the free time they have and fill up their bank accounts.

Imagine I have […]