February 2017

The Battle of Vienna – is history about to rhyme?

The most important battle in history?

Most British people over the age of 30 will know about our country’s great battles – Agincourt, Spanish Armada, Trafalgar, Battle of Britain etc. As for younger people, who knows what history they’re taught? It’s probably all about what nasty, racist, slave-owning colonialists the British were.

But I doubt […]

“You want to sit next to the fat lady?”

Today I thought I’d take a brief break from writing about Western civilisation’s crazy suicide and instead recount a boring little story of how people’s obsession with being politically-correct actually helped me.

At the weekend, I took a long-haul flight from an Asian country (the land of the RFFMs, since you asked) back to Londonistan […]

A typical day at a typical police station?

(weekend blog)

I wonder if our British police ever feel any sense of shame when they look at themselves in the mirror each morning before going to ‘work’?

I know they get big salaries, lots of juicy overtime and early retirement on massive pensions. But didn’t they once pledge to protect our country […]

The confusing case of Canada’s mysterious murders

(No internet yesterday. Hopefully get a few minutes today)

As I’ve been writing about Canada’s immigration issues without really knowing anything about the country, I came across this article by someone who seems to know Canada well.

There are two great mysteries covered by the article:

Why is the murder rate in Canada’s capital, Ottowa, […]

Comedy from Sweden? You must be joking!

I don’t know if today’s blog will mean much to readers who don’t know Sweden.

I’ll try to explain. I have worked in Sweden for several years (I speak Swedish and Danish). But the Sweden I knew was Sweden before it became Swedistan. This Sweden was basically 3 peaceful cities (Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmoe) and […]

Will Canadistan become the new Swedistan?

There are a few similarities between the country once known as ‘Sweden’ and the country still (but not for long) known as ‘Canada’.

Both are large northerly countries with rather chilly winters. Both have loads of lakes and fir trees and not too many people: Canada’s population density is 4 people per sq km and […]

What could be more pleasant than a weekend cycle ride?

(Weekend blog) What could be more pleasant at the weekend than taking a short leisurely cycle ride through England’s green and pleasant land?

I make no comment on the video below as to comment could be seen by useless PC (Politically-Correct) Plod as ‘waaaccciiiissssst‘, a supposed ‘hate crime’ or even as ‘non-violent extremism’.

Enjoy this […]

Who is responsible for *sl*mic terrorism? Yipeee!!! We are!!!!

You probably didn’t realise this. Apparently it’s us awful Westerners who are responsible for many of the Religion of Peace terror attacks.

How do I know that? Because the new UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has just announced this.

At a press conference in Saudi Arabia after talks with Saudi King Salman, Crown Prince and Interior […]

Hey lefty libtards and feminazis! How about protesting about this?

Every year, through the Global Gender Gap Report, the World Economic Forum quantifies the magnitude of gender-based disparities in 144 countries and tracks their progress (or more usually, lack of progress) over time.

While no single measure can capture the complete situation, the Global Gender Gap Index presented in the report seeks to measure one […]

Happy Valentines Day! Enjoy it before it’s banned for being offensive

Ban all Christian celebrations!!!!!

Yesterday was Valentines Day. I didn’t participate as I find celebrations like Christmas and Easter and anything with the slightest link to Christianity and saints and suchlike deeply offensive to those who live to be offended. And I always take care not to offend anybody.

Here’s what our dear friends in […]