February 2024
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The brazen lies of the brazen Net Zero liars

Tuesday-Thursday blog

I’ll keep it very short today, as I actually wanted to use today’s blog to recomend an inteview with the wonderful Douglas Murray “Cowardice is killing the West”.

The brazen lies of the brazen Net Zero liars

I turned on Talk TV a couple of days ago just as I was getting ready […]

How our favourite religion is crushing us as it takes over our country

Monday-Wednesday blog

I wanted to write about this story as I believe it is a perfect example of how our friends from our favourite religion (OFR) are taking over our country and destroying everything good about Britain.

The story is about what is going on at Katharine Birbalsingh’s Michaela School and has two main parts:


Will Britain be an Islamic republic by the end of this century?

weekend blog

As it’s the weekend, I thought I’d cover a really positive and uplifting story today – an estimation of when Britain will be majority Muslim and we will all live in joy and harmony together worshipping the Prophet, peace be upon Him.

First – the numbers

Let’s start with some actual figures of […]

The hypocrisy of the Jew-haters is vomit-inducing

Thursday/Friday blog

I am so confused

As the mobs prepare to march on Remembrance Day, I have been mightily confused.

There’s a war in Yemen, in which according to the UN, over 150,000 Muslims have been killed by other Muslims, as well as estimates of more than 227,000 dead as a result of an ongoing […]

Why Israel will lose?


Sunday/Monday blog

Here are just four reasons why I believe Israel will lose the war against Iran-backed Hamas and Iran’s other chums in the Middle East:

Reason 1: An impossible task

Israel claims it wants to destroy Hamas. There are apparently about 30,000 to 40,000 Hamas fighters. How many can Israel actually kill? 1,000? […]

Someone much wiser than I will ever be

Wednesday/Thursday blog

Here’s someone much wiser than I could ever be – and no, I don’t mean Piers Morgan

In my previous blog, I tried to show how the Russia/Ukraine war was largely the result of catastrophic misjudgement by and the over-inflated egos of our rulers.

I haven’t watched the video below to the end. […]

I have a horrible feeling Hamas have won

Monday/Tuesday blog

Of course we don’t know what’s going to happen in the Israel/Palestine/Hamas imbroglio. And many more much more intelligent people than myself will speak and write millions of words about the situation. But I have a worrying suspicion that Hamas has already won. Here’s why:

Whatever the Israelis do will be ‘wrong’ The […]

Rape gangs? Don’t mention the Religion of Peace!

Wednesday/Thursday blog

Are Israelis really into gang rape?

There was an unpleasant story last week about the alleged gang rape of a British girl on holiday in Cyprus. The headline in the Daily Mail was:

EXCLUSIVE: British woman, 20, ‘gang raped by five Israelis’ in Cyprus ‘was forcefully dragged’ into hotel room and has injuries […]

Is this the real reason the lefties loathe Israel?

Monday/Tuesday blog

King Eco-loon and Queen Godzilla?

I consider myself patriotic. And, unlike anyone in Parliament or at the BBC, I believe that what little is left of Britain is valuable and worth preserving from mass open-borders immigration, WEF globalisation and the woke, history-challenged, narcissist, UK-loathing social-media mob. But I really can’t see the point […]

A busy weekend enriching Britain for men called Mohammed

Tuesday blog

Last weekend seems to have been rather busy for gentlemen called ‘Mohammed’ or ‘Muhammad’ or similar names.

Mohammed 1 – Leicester Square stabbing

In a statement on Saturday night, the Met said: “Mohammed Rahman, 24, (31.12.97) of Westbourne Park Road, W2 was charged on Saturday, 17 September, with attempted murder and Section […]