July 2024

The ‘Lover Boy Technique’ – how gang rape became legal

Monday-Tuesday blog

Sometimes there’s a story which sums up the reasons for the current collapse of what used to be Western Civilisation. This incident took place in Germany. I’ve seen it reported slightly differently in different places, but the basic facts seem to be:

A multi-cultural enricher convinces an (always underage) white girl that […]

Did Hamas do more damage to Gaza than Israel?

Wednesday blog

I’m a bit busy as I’m trying to edit a book which has been supposedly translated from Korean into English. I suspect that the publishers have used a new AI (Artificial Intelligence) all-whizzing all-dancing translation programme. The result is over 300 pages (80,000 words) of gibberish. Why I suspect this is that […]

Lies, damned lies and statistics

Thursday-Friday blog

Is this why they gave their lives?

I was watching part of the D-Day ceremony on GB News yesterday and noticed a story on the ‘breaking news’ strip below the main image. Seven men had just been convicted of rape against two underage girls in the 2000s. I noticed that three of […]

The ‘open borders’ lunatics

weekend blog

Every few days I check Amazon to see if I’ve somehow managed to sell another couple of copies of my books. When I go to the Amazon page featuring one of my books, there are always recommendations from Amazon for other books which Amazon’s AI computer thinks will be of interest to […]

Here’s some real genocide. How about protesting about this?

Friday blog

Here’s a rather unpleasant photo from Sudan where Arab/Muslim militias are slaughtering every black African they can find:

I believe over 220 black Africans were slaughtered by the Muslim Arabs in just one incident.

I wonder if the BBC or any UK Hamas-adoring mainstream media will think this genocide worth mentioning? I […]

Our politicians are enemies of the people

Friday-weekend blog

I was going to write a Friday/weekend blog. But then I came across this article on Friday’s Conservative Woman. It says everything I would have wanted to say:

(left-click on image to read the full article)

Politicians – the Enemy of the People Perhaps the only thing I would add is my […]

Palestinians dying – of laughter at our gullibility?

Tuesday blog

I have no doubt that the Hamas-adoring citizens of Gaza are suffering under the Israeli onslaught. But there’s a worthwhile article on The Daily Sceptic which rather undermines the constant claims of the mouth-frothing, useful idiot anti-semites that Israel is committing genocide:

This Is No Genocide

I also found this shortish video […]

Gaza could have been wealthy and successful

Friday-weekend blog

All we ever hear about Gaza is that it is poor and undeveloped due to supposedly being oppressed by the beastly Israelis. We don’t ever hear anyone mentioning that Gazans receive more aid money per inhabitant than anywhere else in the world. In fact, Gazans receive just over double the amount of […]

The real reason they hate Israel?

Monday-Tuesday blog

Here’s a very simple chart. It shows the GDP per capita of Israel compared to a few of its Religion of Wonderfulness neighbours:

Maybe this is the real reason our friends from our favourite religion loathe Israel so much – because the success of tiny Israel shows up the Arab countries for […]

Is it time to abandon Israel?

weekend blog

Israel became a nation on 14 May 1948. I fear that the country cannot survive to reach 100 years in 2048 – in just 24 years’ time. Here are just a few reasons why I don’t believe Israel can survive:

Population: The population of Israel is just 9.6 million of whom 73.8 […]