May 2012

Beware more mis-selling from the crooks at HSBC

I get the impression that the well-paid bosses at HSBC are not satisfied with their profits and massive bonuses and want more, more, more. So to get their profits and languishing share price up, they are putting pressure on bank staff to squeeze more money out of their customers by selling us ever more complex […]

Useless BBC finally realises Afghan war is a disaster

I suppose I should congratulate the BBC. After over eleven years of failure in Afghanistan, more than the First and Second World Wars put together, the BBC has finally realised what the rest of us have known for a decade – that the whole thing is an unmitigated disaster and an utterly pointless loss of […]

Why your financial adviser is either a liar or a fool

If it were the case that cash (money held in a bank) usually outperformed shares (either shares held directly by savers or held by unit trusts) then most of us would be much better off leaving our savings in a bank rather than investing in stock markets, unit trusts, bonds, ETFs or whatever. But this […]

“Liar and thief” (in my opinion) Warsi makes Carry On Conservatives omnishambles even worse

It appears that the Tory Party’s token Muslim has been caught with both hands in the till. Of course, this will all be explained away as an “oversight”. I’m not sure what exactly was the “oversight” – that Baroness Warsi had the key to someone’s house but forgot she had it? That the honourable lady […]

Bumped into David Miliband – what an “arrogant, greedy, self-serving, hypocritical, selfish, money-grabbing scumbag” he is (in my opinion)

I happened to meet David Miliband this week as we were both being interviewed on a TV news programme. He was happy to answer all the interviewer’s questions. But when I asked how he could serve his constituents while earning about £500,000 a year for himself, he didn’t answer that question and brushed rudely past […]

Don’t get conned by your bank’s supposed “savings” products. And zuckers get fleeced

Today, high-street bank customers will be presuaded to put about £32m into a savings scheme known in the industry as “structured products”. Then tomorrow another £32m will go in and so on, probably for the rest of the year. With interest rates still below the level of inflation, bank customers are easy targets for commission-hungry […]

Is Tory ‘MP’ Simon Reevell (Dewsbury) taking the p… – and does he ever work for the fools who voted for him?

Tory MP for Dewsbury, Simon Reevell – no, I’d never heard of him either – is well below the average level for MPs in voting, giving speeches and asking questions. So is he just lazy? Not at all. In fact he seems to have been very busy – earning lots of extra money for himself […]

Dear Mr Osborne, if you weren’t such a pompous fool, you could help grow Britain’s economy

Every day, pundits and other self-professed ‘experts’ are keen to tell us how to save Britain’s collapsing economy. And now the geniuses at the Taxpayers Alliance (TPA) – many of whom have never had a proper job in their lives – have produced their great solution. They’ve got some things right – for example, the […]

Ignore gobby Irish ‘hypocrites’ Bono and Saint Bob

For years, we’ve had to put up with loudmouthed Irish (in my opinion) ‘hypocrites’ Bono and Saint Bob Geldorf yabbering on about how our governments should do more to help alleviate poverty in the Third World. Their blethering has had these two multi-milllionaire (in my opinion) buffoons invited to meet most of the important world […]

Liar Cameron knows nothing, understands nothing, learns nothing, does nothing

As NATO’s useless, lying leaders meet in Chicago to try to find a face-saving way out of the disastrous Afghanistan failure, our ‘heroic’ PM, David Liar Cameron is pompously/bravely/stupidly (delete as appropriate) announcing that he is ready to send British troops to Syria. It’s truly beyond belief. This total tosser wants to get British troops […]