June 2010
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Dying in Afghanistan? Your leaders don’t give a toss

A message to all our brave troops in Afghanistan. As your leaders prepare for their three month summer holidays, none of them gives a toss about how many of you die or are injured while they’re enjoying their long break. All our greedy, thieving MPs care about is filling their own pockets with taxpayers’ money.


FA does sweet FA

The FA has always behaved like a New Labour public-sector quango – wasting hundreds of millions, paying its top staff a fortune for nothing, hiring fools and idiots and always rewarding failure with multi-million pound pay-offs. Crapello will probably earn more from his pathetic failure than he would have had he actually achieved something.

In […]

Afghanistan 8, Britain 0

While the nation seems fixated on the result of the football match between England and Germany, perhaps there is another result which is more deserving of our attention. In the last week, 8 British soldiers died in Afghanistan.

This is a pointless war. We are seen as the occupying army propping up a corrupt and […]

MPs cut our pensions, not their own

Our greedy, lying, self-serving, expenses-fiddling MPs have decided that to reduce the deficit we should all work longer before we get our pensions. Exempted from this, of course, are MPs and senior civil servants who will contine to be able to retire at 60 with full taxpayer-funded pensions plus generous tax-free cash pay-offs.

Our MPs […]

Cameron afraid of the truth?

Rumours going round that Britain’s most senior diplomat in Afghanistan is going on extended leave after daring to suggest that the US/UK military offensive was failing and that we’d have to talk to the Taleban if we’re ever to get out of the Afghanistan impasse.

Most people in Britain have understood that we’re wasting our […]

Send in the police

Congratulations to the England fan who went to the team’s dressing room and told them they were rubbish.

Instead of charging the fan with trespass, the England players should be charged with impersonating a football team and obtaining a free trip to South Africa by deception. The manager should be charged for defrauding football fans […]

Useless England – go home

Once again England’s overpaid, undertalented prima donnas can’t be bothered to even make an effort. Congratulations to the Algerian team for running England ragged.

Wouldn’t it be better (and save a lot of money) if England’s worthless, self-centered, preening third-raters just left the World Cup and came home?

BP bosses laughing all the way to the bank

While BP is forced to throw tens of billions of shareholders’ money into the pockets of US lawyers, BP’s bosses probably aren’t too worried about their own wealth. Last year Tony Hayward took home £4m in salary and bonuses, up 40% from the previous year as a reward for his cost (and corner?) cutting. BP’s […]

More crap from Crapello

Crapello – the latest in a long line of overpaid and undertalented England managers – has claimed that Franz Beckenbauer has criticised the England team because the German team is afraid of England. I didn’t know the Italians were known for their sense of humour, but that surely must be a joke.

The Germans could […]

Are your a racist, Mr. Obama?

US company Union Carbide killed thousands of people in Bhopal (India) and polluted a huge area. But they paid just a few hundred million dollars in compensation. BP killed 11 people and also caused widespread pollution yet Obama wants billions. Perhaps Mr. Obama thinks that thousands of Indian lives are worth much less than a […]