March 2018
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Today’s competition is called “Count the Cops”

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

Below is a short (4 minutes) video. But you only need to watch the first couple of minutes to take part in today’s competition.

The competition is called “Count the Cops” and is fun for all the family.

In this competition you just have to count how many useless British police it takes […]

A politician who dares to tell the truth? I’m so angry!!!!!

(Weekend blog)

Not a hate crime

First, let me return to a subject I’ve written about previously – how the police have claimed that the Manchester bombing was NOT a ‘hate crime’. And now that a piece of shit has been found guilty of attempted murder for planting a bomb on the London Underground at […]

Welcome back home, Jiihadis! Get lost, Christians!

First a little story from Greece that gets me thinking “I told you so”

A 23-year-old Greek woman and her boyfriend relived scenes of horror in the court of Thessaloniki last week. The woman was gang-raped by three migrants from Syria and Algeria more than a year ago.

It all started on the 2nd of […]

Bye bye free speech! Bye bye Britain!

(Wednesday/ Thursday blog)

I’m busy trying to get a new book sold to a publisher. But I have two heroes who dare tell the truth about what is happening to our country – Pat Condell and Paul Joseph Watson.

Here’s Paul Joseph Watson lamenting the death of free speech in Britain:

“I’m far more frightened of the Far Right than I am of Izlumic terrorism”

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

The question for this blog is whether it’s possible to understand the stupidity of the progressive, lefty, libtardish, virtue-signalling idiots who are hell-bent on destroying what little is left of our country.

Here’s one of them explaining why she’s “far more frightened of the Far Right than I am of Izlumic terrorism”.

Good […]

I wonder who this man could be?

(Weekend blog – I’ll keep it really short)

I wonder who the man in the video (link below) could be?

I wonder if he’s a white, ethnic European or one of Merkel’s inbred, low-IQ, violent, misogynist, West-hating, parasitical imports?

I wonder what religion the gentleman might belong to?

I wonder why Twitter hasn’t deleted the […]

Canada joins Sweden – on the slope to multi-culti hell!

(Thursday/Friday blog)

First – in relation to my blog on Tuesday/Wednesday about Remoaner, Anna Soubry, I’d like to thank the reader who found this quote from the fragrant Ms Soubry in 2011:

“I believe the EU has become a huge, overly costly, bureaucratic organisation fundamentally lacking in both democracy and accountability to the many millions […]

Please help deselect Anna Soubry

(Tuesday/Wednesday blog)

No blog yesterday as I was suffering 12 hours in what British Airways laughably call their “Premium Economy Service” – just 3 rows of seats separated from Economy by a bit of torn curtain with no separate galley or toilets for those suckers like me who had been conned into paying a bunch […]

Ahmed is a very happy (and wealthy?) man

(Friday/weekend blog)

Today I’d like to introduce you to Ahmed. Ahmed now lives in Germany – with 2 of his 3 wives and 6 of his many children.

He gets a free house, spending money, social benefits, and doesn’t seem to have a job. I wonder where the German authorities found an empty house to […]