March 2017
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You think Merkel is a disaster? Schulz is even worse!

Anybody with a working brain – and that’s apparently a slight majority who voted Trump in America and a tiny minority of Eurosceptics in Eurabia – can see that Angela ‘Hitler’ Merkel’s policy of handing over her country and the rest of Europe to an invading army of military-age men from the Religion of Tolerance, […]

The cowardly Dutch betray us all – yet again!

The results are in. The Netherlands have voted to reject Geert Wilders and to become a Third-World Islamic Republic ruled by Germany.

When push came to shove, the Dutch funked it.

But the Dutch have always been big-mouthed cowards. The Dutch remained neutral in WWI and quickly surrendered to the Germans after less than two […]

The results so far: Trump – 2: EU – 0

Readers will probably be aware that our great EU leaders gathered in Malta last weekend to try to work out what to do about Donald Trump being elected US President.

At the meeting there was a lot of huffing and puffing and the release of enough putrid hot air to increase global temperatures by several […]

Will Europe’s gun-totting totty terrify our enemies?

Two years ago, I wrote a blog about this picture:

But do you know who they are?

Former models? No.

Successful business-women? No.

Hyper-shopping wives of political leaders? No.

In fact, they’re all defence ministers from key European countries (stop laughing you at the back). From left to right there’s Norway, Sweden, […]

The Great European Rip-off launched

In this EU election year, the new book from David Craig and Matthew Elliot offers a timely analysis of what actually goes on in Brussels in our name.