June 2018
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Bad losers!

(weekend blog)

Here for readers’ information is a poster van that myself and some other Brexiteers paid for to drive round Central London on Friday (yesterday) and Saturday (today).

Here’s the van outside the treacherous Europhiliac Houses of Parliament:

Here’s the van outside the HQ of the treacherous Europhiliac BBC

June 23rd, 2018 | Category: Europe, Mainstream media | 7 comments

“Brexit means….. um…….. Brexit means……… um….. Remain!”

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

If you’ve got a reasonable memory, you might remember that on 23 June 2016 we had a referendum on whether to leave the EU or stay in. And we voted “LEAVE!”

But, hold on a minute – 2016? That’s, like, almost 2 years ago. Yes, it’s almost 2 years since we voted to […]

How to make a snowflake?

(Thursday/Friday blog)

You’ll all have seen pictures of the usual lefty, libtard, progressive, snowflakes proudly marching with their “Refugees Welcome” banners:

But have you ever wondered? Have you ever wondered how anyone could be so stupid as to welcome these people? Have you wondered how Europeans, especially women, can welcome the rapefugees:


Germany to invade America?

(Tuesday blog)

As democratically-elected US president Donald Trump basks in the world media’s attention in Singapore, I wonder if Nobel Peace Prize-winning has-been, Mr Obama, is sitting in front of his TV screaming with rage because it’s not him who is the centre of attention.

By the way, can anyone remember exactly why Mr ‘all-talk-no-trousers’ […]

Trump kicks ass! Wonderful!

(Monday blog)

How wonderful to see Donald Trump telling the other members of the G7 that they could stick their communique where the sun doesn’t shine:

As the BBC and C4 News report this break with diplomatic convention with horror, they forget to mention that Canada applies a tariff of 270% – […]

Would German-run Europe be delighted if Israel was wiped out and all the Jews slaughtered?

(Weekend blog)

Germany has always been a good friend to the Arabs. Germany made a lot of money by exporting nuclear technology to Iraq and then Iran. Germany also started the extermination of the Jews. Maybe the Germans are rather hoping the Arabs will finish the job?

As Donald Trump dares stand up to the […]

Electoral Commission biased? Bears defecate in woods? Pope………..?

(Weekend blog)

You probably noticed that the Electoral Commission has fined one Brexit group, Leave.EU, for allegedly mis-stating its spending during the EU Referendum.

Arron Banks from Leave.EU issued a statement: “The Electoral Commission is a ‘Blairite Swamp Creation’ packed full of establishment ‘Remoaners’ that couldn’t quite make it to the House of Lords, but […]

More Russian propaganda – former Czech President criticises Europe’s ruling elites

(Thursday blog)

Russian TV station, RT, just keeps on pumping out totally ludicrous propaganda.

Here’s a brief video of an interview from RT with former Czech president, Vaclav Klaus (2003-2013). In it Klaus makes five obviously crazy suggestions:

That freedom of speech in Europe is limited to parrotting the views of the progressive, European elites […]

A politician who dares to tell the truth? I’m so angry!!!!!

(Weekend blog)

Not a hate crime

First, let me return to a subject I’ve written about previously – how the police have claimed that the Manchester bombing was NOT a ‘hate crime’. And now that a piece of shit has been found guilty of attempted murder for planting a bomb on the London Underground at […]

Are EU migrant workers bankrupting us?

Lots of numbers

Today’s blog is going to be really, really boring. It’s full of figures and we British seem allergic to figures, even simple arithmetic. But given that it’s the budget tomorrow, surely I can be forgiven for throwing in my modest contribution to the deliberations of the ‘experts’?

You might find it surprising: […]