September 2012

The simple diagram our politicians are too stupid to understand

Our clueless, expenses-thieving politicians and their sycophantic, careerist ‘advisers’ (actually just the next generation of self-serving, professional politicians) are completely clueless about what to do as public spending spirals up out of control and tax revenues plummet.

One part of the answer can be found in the simple diagram below. This shows that during the […]

In just 30 months, Labour’s liars, fools and incompetents will be back in power – and Balls will bankrupt Britain

Thanks to the spinelessness of liar Cameron, the incompetence of work-experience Osborne and the stupidity of Clegg, the public-sector unions’ whore (in my opinion) Ed Miliband will be standing outside 10 Downing Street waving to the crowds in just 30 months. The party that almost bankrupted Britain will be back to completely destroy the country.


Don’t believe the lies from the people who want your money

We’re constantly being told that putting our money in shares through unit trusts or pensions or ETFs or OEICs or whatever, will make our savings grow in the long run. Article after article in the Money pages of our newspapers use projections of 5% or 6% a year to show how our savings will increase. […]

Our useless Government must steal our savings – Taxmaggedon is going to ruin us all

When the idiots Gordon Brown and Ed Balls took over the Treasury in 1997, our national debt was about £300bn. By 2010 when these fools were booted out, our debt was over £700bn. It is now over £1trn. Whatever the Coalition does or doesn’t do, debt will reach £1.6trn by 2015/16. Our interest payments will […]

McKinsey’s millionaire consultants mock our stupidity

The Labour and Tory governments’ favourite management consultancy, McKinsey, is pocketing millions or even tens of millions of pounds of our money imposing a top-down reorganisation of the NHS that will increase bureaucracy and waste. This is after the Tories promised us there would be no more top-down reorganisations of the NHS and that they […]

Why don’t you have a ‘Financial Plan’?

There are over 100,000 people in Britain claiming to be ‘financial planners’. But most, whether working for banks or as supposedly ‘independent’ financial advisers (IFAs), are just glorified salespeople out to put as much of your money as they can into the investment schemes which earn them the highest commissions. One study of IFA customers […]

Multimillionaire Tory toffs despise us plebs – Mitchell reveals the truth

We should be grateful to our foul-mouthed superior Andrew ‘I’m a multimillionaire’ Mitchell. He’s the first Tory to be honest about how our government of arrogant, self-important, self-serving, lying, expenses-thieving multimillionaires views the people who are stupid enough to vote for them and pay taxes to support their luxury lifestyles. We really are just a […]

Avoid the 5 worst money mistakes: 5. Don’t join the ‘banana skin and grave brigade’

The people that banks and financial advisers seem to find most attractive are what some in the financial services industry call the ‘banana skin and grave brigade’ – elderly people who have one foot on a financial banana skin as they don’t know much about finance, savings and investments and the other in the grave […]

Lickspittle Sunday Torygraph claims Andrew Mitchell is ‘decent man’

In a sickeningly sycophantic article in the Sunday Torygraph, a supposed journalist (probably one of Andrew Mitchell’s mates) claims that Andrew Mitchell is a ‘decent man’ who would never use the word ‘plebs’ or swear at the police. Unfortunately, in another article the ghastly (in my opinion) Mitchell admits he did swear at the police. […]

Spineless liar Cameron surrounds himself with scum

First Cameron gives in to Clegg by bringing LibDem liar and thief David Laws back into government. Then gutless Cameron doesn’t have the balls to sack the repulsive Andrew Mitchell. Tells us all we really need to know about our spineless, lying, hypocritical, incompetent prime minister. The sooner PR spiv Cameron resigns to spend more […]