July 2019
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Mentally-deranged socialists – why Trump will probably win again in 2020

(weekend blog)

Here she is – the main reason Trump will probably win another four years in the White House in 2020. This is Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (popularly known as AOC):

While the main Democrat presidential candidates try to sound reasonable and middle-of-the-road and electable, swivel-eyed lunatics like AOC are dragging the Democratic Party ever […]

A damp squib and Merkel’s Mad Cow Disease

(Wednesday blog)

A damp squib?

The BBC really hyped last night’s “Britain’s next PM” debate. So did much of the mainstream media. We were told there would be a “bash Boris” bust-up. But as the other four candidates all want nice important ministerial jobs in Boris’s government with big, shiny official cars and armies of […]

Facebook knows you better than you know yourself

(Tuesday blog)

Thanks to a few readers who have alerted me to the fact that, if you want to ‘like’ any of my blogs, you have to do this by signing into your Facebook account. At least, I think this is what happens.

What does this mean? It means that Facebook knows your political and […]

Two subjects – a Boris blunder and political correctness

(weekend blog)

Oooops Boris – I bet you wish you hadn’t written that!

Personally I believe that Boris Johnson – love him or hate him – is the only candidate for Tory Party leadership who can save the Tories from electoral oblivion. We all know Boris’s character flaws. But he’s also optimistic, charismatic and an […]

Scumbag of 2019 (so far) Award

(Thursday blog)

Today I’d like to nominate three remarkable individuals for the Scumbag of 2019 (so far) Award.

1. Gillian Beasley – Acting Returning Officer Peterborough City Council

We now know a little more about the recent Peterborough by-election.

For the Parliamentary by-election held on 6 June 2019 there were 13,682 postal votes issued. 9,898 […]

Those ‘starving’ Palestinians need to lose some weight

(Tuesday blog)

1. Amnesty International

I’m a bit sad that just one person liked yesterday’s piece on how Amnesty International has lost sight of its original purpose and has become just another left-wing, Greenie, anti-West, money-obsessed monster serving its jet-setting bosses rather than the prisoners of conscience it was set up to support.

I believe […]

Are the treacherous, lying, incompetent, infighting Tories toast?

(weekend blog)

A month or so ago, I suggested the lying, treacherous Tories were committing a double suicide.

Suicide 1 – deliberately sabotaging Brexit (well done Mr Hammond and Mr Grieve, you utter assholes!)

Suicide 2 – plotting to prevent the only electable replacement to the worthless, UK-hating May – Boris Johnson – from becoming […]

Maybe only Boris can save the Tories from electoral oblivion?

(weekend blog)

To paraphrase Lady Bracknell: “To commit political suicide once is unfortunate, to commit political suicide twice starts to look like carelessness”.

But incredibly, that’s what the useless, infighting, self-immolating Tories seem to be doing.

Political suicide Number 1

The worthless, scheming Tories’ first attempt at committing political suicide came from promising to implement […]