November 2013

Lucky Australians – why my brother will retire in First World comfort while I will die in Third World squalor

My brother was smart enough to emigrate to Australia in his 30s and it may be interesting to compare our prospects. We both worked as consultants – though being cleverer than me, he was in IT systems whereas I could only manage general organisational effectiveness. But I imagine we’ve earned roughly similar amounts. So how […]

Why would you ever want to fly with Excrement (Emirates) Airways?

You probably know that most airlines have nicknames based on their customers’ experiences. Some of the best known are probably:

BA – Bloody Awful or Best Avoid: Alitalia – Always Late In Take-off Always Late In Arrival or Aircraft Late Into Tokyo All Luggage In Amsterdam: Sabena – Such A Bad Experience Never Again: PIA […]

Do we need a new Cromwell to dissolve our Parliament of Whores?

Hopefully you all know the speech given by Oliver Cromwell on 20 April 1653 when he dissolved Parliament:

It is high time for me to put an end to your sitting in this place,which you have dishonored by your contempt of all virtue, and defiled by your practice of every vice; ye are a factious […]

Oh Tony, oh Tony , ooohh, aaaah, ooooh, aaaaaahhh, ayaieeeyaaaoooeeeyooooyaaaiii

As vicious and hurtful rumours spread of a love triangle including Rupert Murdoch, his delectable Asian wife Wendy and our very own Tony Blair, I’ve been handed the transcript of a recording made by the Iranian Intelligence Service (Iranian Intelligence? Sounds like an oxymoron. Ed.)

I don’t know who the speakers are, but let’s call […]

Why you must talk to your parents (and anyone you know over 60) about their money

I have previously written about why we need to talk to our parents about their money. I imagine most readers thought either I was being excessively alarmist or else that as the people they knew over 60 were intelligent professionals, there’s no way they would allow themselves to be fleeced by financial services salespeople. If […]

Low interest rates are pushing the financially-naive into the clutches of greedy, lying City spivs

While those with mortgages may be partying over low interest rates, for those with savings, the Government’s attempts to lower the interest it pays on its ever-increasing debt (up from £700bn in 2010 to £1.4trn by 2015) are disastrous for anyone with savings.

You’ve probably read in the papers that savers are losing around £120bn […]

Problems in s*x paradise – not enough s*x

I know some readers will be upset by my descent into “smut”. But I’ve written 1,242 posts on this website and I think only about 5 or 6 (less than 0.5%) have mentioned s*x.

Any way there’s good news for those of us who find s*x tourism rather questionable. Many girls don’t want to do […]

The genius of Bernie Ecclestone – getting the dumps of the world to pay squillions for a pointless product

I don’t know if you’ve ever watched Formula 1 (F1) racing. I tried a couple of times then gave up at the sheer boredom. Apparently years ago the cars used to actually race each other and sometimes even overtake. But now the race is like a high-speed procession. Half of all races are won by […]

Don’t let anyone you know get conned into taking out an EQUITY RELEASE loan!

Apologies if today’s post is not directly relevant to you in your financial situation at your time of life. But we all know people who are either about to retire or who are retired. What we probably don’t know – because people of that generation are often reluctant to talk about money – is that […]

Pattaya Flying Club recruiting new members

I’m rushed for time today and so thought about doing a piece on how obese sex tourists (often weighing 200kg or more as in the pictures above) do boom boom with girls in the Land of Sm*iles often weighing around 45kg.

But following complaints from readers about my “descent into smut” when I did a […]