April 2024

The Establishment can’t win elections, so try to destroy their opponents instead

(Monday blog)

The desperate Establishment fights dirty

In a way it’s extraordinary how we see almost exactly the same scenario being played out on both sides of the Atlantic.

In Britain – the Remainers know they can’t beat Boris Johnson fairly at the ballot box. In fact, they’re terrified he might win by a landslide and take the UK out of the treacherous Remainers’ beloved German-run EU. So, instead they try to destroy him.

Here are just some of the methods used by the ‘Get Boris’ campaign:

Launching endless legal actions in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland; bringing up supposed ‘sex scandals’ from 20 years ago (Sunday Times yesterday); accusing him of corruption with taxpayers’ money while Mayor of London (Sunday Times last two weekends); demanding he be sent to jail from allegedly breaking the law (when the Remainers can’t actually name any law he has broken); threatening impeachment, again for supposedly breaking some law that didn’t exist anywhere in any official document when Johnson supposedly broke it; refusing to let him call a general election while the Remainers thought Johnson had no chance of getting a deal with the EU; then, when it looked like Johnson may get some kind of deal possibly this week, the Remainers will try to force Johnson out through a vote of no-confidence but avoid the general election Johnson wants by replacing Johnson with a Remainer-led interim government; confecting fake outrage at Boris Johnson using words like “the surrender act” when Remainers have spent the last three years calling Leavers “fascists” and “racists” and “xenophobes” and “uneducated” and “ignorant” and Labour MP David Lammy has even claimed that the eurosceptic Tory ERG group are “worse than Nazis”.

I have only admiration  for Boris Johnson as he maintains his calm and good humour when confronted by such an onslaught of hatred, hypocrisy, dishonesty, vilification and lies.

In the USA – we have almost exactly the same picture. The Democrats know that sleepy, creepy, senile Joe Biden hasn’t a chance against Trump. In any debate Trump will eat him up and spit him out. And the Democrats worry that Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren is too left-wing for American voters with her policies on open borders and decriminalising illegal migrants, wrecking US industry to grovel to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green Deal idiocies and so on.

So, the only way the Democrats can beat Trump is by destroying him. For over two years, about four or five investigations were launched to prove Trump had colluded with Russia to influence the 2016 presidential election. For over two years, the US mainstream media (CNN, MSNBC etc) lied and lied and lied and lied about Trump and Russia. But to the Democrats’ astonishment, it was all a collusion delusion, a nothing-burger. No problem. Now the Democrats are trying to impeach Trump over supposedly threatening to withhold aid to the Ukraine unless the Ukraine investigated sleepy, creepy Joe Biden’s son for corruption.

Like Remainers in the UK, the Democrats are totally deranged. Like Remainers in the UK, the Democrats are accusing Trump of the crimes they themselves have committed.

In the UK, the Remainers have stoked up hatred and violence against Leavers – Farage has been attacked several times and so has Rees-Mogg in front of his children. In the US, it was (see video below) Biden who threatened to withhold aid from the Ukraine unless the Ukraine sacked a prosecutor who was investigating a company which employed Biden’s son, Hunter.

Without “Losers’ Consent” democracy cannot survive

You might think the world has gone mad. But actually there’s a very simple explanation why we’re seeing exactly the same pattern of events in both the UK and US.

Democracy is based on the principle of “Losers’ Consent”. That means when one side loses an election or referendum, they accept the result in the knowledge that they’ll have their chance to win the next time voters are consulted. But in the UK, the Remainers have never accepted the 2016 Referendum result and have fought tooth and nail to block it without daring to consult voters. Similarly, in the USA the Democrats have never accepted that Trump beat the ghastly Hillary Clinton and so have battled to get Trump removed, again by legal and personal attacks, but avoiding consulting voters.

Something that is very ‘odd’ is that the mainstream media’s supposed political experts always seem to take anti- Brexit and anti-Trump howling haters at their word that they’re only trying to ‘protect democracy’ when, in fact the opposite is true – they are actually destroying democracy by refusing to accept “Losers’ Consent”.

Unless we go back to a situation where “Losers’ Consent” is accepted, democracy cannot function and violence may be the result.

Oh, and here’s a video I already featured a while ago of Biden boasting how he improperly used the threat of withholding US aid to have a Ukrainian prosecutor fired (precisely what the Democrats are accusing Trump of doing):

7 comments to The Establishment can’t win elections, so try to destroy their opponents instead

  • A Thorpe

    An excellent point about consent, but we never hear it from the politicians. This morning another of the elite, Prince Harry, is telling us not to be so greedy whist on a holiday paid for by us and living in a home we also paid for. We know who rules over us.

  • twi5ted

    The hysteria is obvious to the electorate and i think both here and in the states the opposition are shooting themselves in the foot. The corrupted polls even show this as support for Boris grows.

    Whatever they do stinks of hypocrisy and the electorate know it and have nothing but contempt for them. If they are mad enough and organised sufficiently to put Corbyn in as a temporary prime minister or even more laughable old has-beens like Beckett or Clarke the electorate will severely punish remainers as soon as they have the chance.

    The westminster and media bubbles need to take a reality check. Globally this autocratic top down gramscian plan has failed and the left need to rediscover democracy and their working class roots.

  • William Boreham

    I’m baffled as to why Johnson dismissed a pact with the Brexit Party come another election. Did he forget that a mere 4 months after that party’s foundation, it won the majority of seats in the European election? The Brexit Party will take the majority of their votes from disgruntled Tory voters and may let Corbyn in by default. A pact with Brexit would allow them to target the constituencies of remainder Tory MP’s. Our first past the post system is beginning to show that what may have worked in the past, is no longer valid in the circumstances that face us in this day and age. With a large percentage of our voting population now coming from countries where corruption and dishonesty is an acceptable (and admired) way of life, proportional representation and voters identity is now essential to get an honest result.

  • A Thorpe

    @William I think election pacts can work with small parties but with the Tory and Brexit parties it would mean telling some sitting MPs they cannot stand to allow the Brexit party to take seats. This will not go down well in the Tory party as we saw with the MPs who had the whip withdrawn. Also, not all Tory voters will want to vote Brexit. I voted Brexit in the EU election but I am not sure I want them in the Commons. Can you see Boris and Farage getting along? I can’t. The date of the election and the Brexit situation are critical. Portillo said on This Week that the Tory party will be finished if they do not deliver Brexit by 31 October. He might be right.

  • Hardcastle

    I have admired many of A Thorpe’s contributions to this blog but this time I have to doubt his logic.I was a long time Tory voter,activist and committee member but the party abandoned me and like minded voters years ago.It is no good voting to leave the EU in the European elections and then returning meekly to the fold at the General Election.Where has that got you? Where we are now! In a war you need allies even if they “don’t get on “. You have to break some eggs and upset some people to prevail.Face facts,the so called Conservative Party has been infiltrated and subverted.It requires serious and sustained action,or destruction, to rectify the situation.Kind words and wishful thinking cut no ice!

  • Hardcastle

    Further to my post above.People should only be voters for a particular party,if that party articulates values and policies with which one identifies.We have been consistently lied to and deceived by the Tories and I for one will take a lot of convincing before I ever entrust my vote to them.Fine words are easy,it is actions that count and on that they have failed totally over the years.

  • Judd

    Indeed Hardcastle, the next election may not be about party at all, i for one will be voting for the real genuine honest honourable and truthful candidate who also happens to be a genuine Brexiteer, nothing else matters until we’ve won that war.

    Fortunately my own MP, Hollobone (Con Kettering), is a Spartan, no bending with the wind of the day for him, he’s been straight all through, as such he’s earned my thanks support and vote.

    I would be very surprised if TBP put up candidates against the Spartans, they would be seen as foolish and small minded to do so and would lose credibility.

    Its obvious to me that Johnson is keeping his powder dry about any possible gentleman’s agreement with Farage, you don’t let the enemy know your tactics beforehand, down that road lies ruin.

    All hinges on what happens on the 3ist, if we’ve left without a deal the Tories have saved themselves from annihilation, but they would be foolish to allow any traitors within the party to stand again for election, because we have every intention of those who supported the enemy losing, and our votes will go to TBP instead.

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