November 2018

Migration is good for us! Diversity is our strength!

(Friday blog)

Wow, it’s so exciting! I almost can’t wait! Less than two weeks to go before Britain signs up to the wonderful United Nations Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration. Yipppeee!

Of course, some countries have leaders that are patriotic and understand they have been elected to represent the interests of their […]

Written in Brussels, by Brussels, for Brussels

(Thursday blog)

UK surrenders to Germany

Yesterday I tried to explain that treacherous, lying, duplicitous Theresa May’s supposed ‘deal’ was a complete capitulation to the EU. Throughout the whole supposed ‘negotiation’ May has sidelined her two supposed ‘Brexit secretaries’ and instead huddled with Remoaner civil servants to concoct an abject surrender to the German-run EU […]

Why we need to ditch treacherous Theresa’s dreadful betrayal of our country

(Wednesday blog)

There has already been much too much heat and noise generated by May’s Brexit supposed ‘deal’. And a week or so ago, I joined the ranks of the BoBs (Bored of Brexit) and wrote that we might as well accept Theresa May’s ‘deal’ and get on with leaving the EU.

But that was […]

Sunk by political correctness?

(Tuesday blog)

The pride of the Norwegian navy

Today I wanted to take a break from all the serious, ‘we’re doomed’ stories and instead bring you the sad tale of the pride of the Norwegian navy – the advanced frigate KNM Helge Ingstad:

You might have seen this story in the news […]

Population replacement – the fatal flaws

(Monday blog)

Hopefully readers looked at my weekend blog and understand from the UN report I featured that the idea of diluting and then replacing white, indigenous Western populations is a conscious policy of our rulers and not some crazy, right-wing conspiracy.

So, today let’s summarise the thinking of our rulers and then expose its […]

Population replacement – it’s not a crazy right-wing conspiracy, it’s a real policy!

(weekend blog)

This may be one of my most important blogs in all my years of blogging in the (usually vain) hope that more than 3% of readers might show some support by buying my books

The UN report nobody dares mention?

Try claiming to anyone that our rulers are implementing a deliberate policy of […]

The difference between the rulers of America and Europe?

(Friday blog)

I’ve actually read the UN Compact for Migration. It is truly frightening in what we will be signing up to. If I were to pull out the two most important points, I think they would be these:

1. It’s aimed at encouraging ever-increasing migration

We commit to adapt options and pathways for regular […]

Britain’s suicide by immigration – Part 2

(Thursday blog)

I’d like to stay on the subject of the UN Global Compact for Migration for at least one more day. Why? Because it’s probably one of the most important agreements Britain will ever sign. Yet it has mysteriously not been mentioned by any politicians, not been debated in parliament and not been covered […]

Britain signs up to race replacement or how to commit national suicide?

(Wednesday blog)

Hopefully readers know that on 10 and 11 December in Marrakesh Britain will sign a UN agreement called the “UN Compact for Migration”.

You may wonder what it’s all about? Well, to give you a better idea, here’s the full title: “GLOBAL COMPACT FOR SAFE, ORDERLY AND REGULAR MIGRATION”

There are a few […]

Why are IQ levels falling? Because of “Merkel’s morons”?

(Tuesday blog)

McNamara’s Morons

I don’t think I’ve told you about “McNamara’s morons”. During the Vietnam War, the US military was desperately short of manpower. Large numbers of young men didn’t want to get killed and so found ways of avoiding the draft. So, Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara had a cunning plan. It was […]