November 2018
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The lies that progressive liberals tell – have they no shame?

(Thursday blog)

“Jim Acosta clearly never touched that White House Intern! That’s a lie!”

Hopefully most readers know that the Trump-hating, UK-hating, EU-loving, treacherous mainstream media will twist and spin every story to mislead and misinform us. But it’s not often we can definitely prove that the mainstream media is deliberately lying – that it’s […]

Of course it’s a religion of peace!

(Wednesday blog)

While our rulers lecture us on the equality of all cultures and on the benefits of multi-culturalism and diversity, a certain group of people seem to be learning a rather different version of reality:

“And kill them wherever you find them, and drive them out from where they drove you out; persecution is […]

Disability? Am I almost the only person in Britain without one?

(Tuesday blog)

Two related stories today.

1. What’s wrong with Universal Credit?

I watched yet another biased BBC documentary last night. This one was about the failures of the new Universal Credit (UC) and how the introduction of UC was pushing people into poverty, homelessness and helplessness.

As usual, the BBC found lots of supposed […]

Please give generously to greedy “BBC Executives in Need”

(Monday blog)

You’ve probably noticed that the BBC is once again gearing up for its annual CHILDREN IN NEED appeal. The big night is Friday 16 November 2018. But you can already buy your Pudsey (made in China) stuff at your local supermarket.

Oh what fun we’re all going to have! Oh how amusing […]

Did they die in vain?

(weekend blog)

As this is Remembrance Weekend, a cynic might be tempted to ask whether those who so courageously and so patriotically gave their lives in the last two wars would be pleased at what has happened to the country, the traditions and the freedoms they fought to defend:

After all, it […]

Know your enemies

(Friday blog)

Three subjects for today’s blog

1. Those who cannot be criticised

I ended yesterday’s blog with a quote from Voltaire:

Because I believe this quote tells us so much about what is happening in Europe , I’d like to repeat it and then remind readers of a case that […]

Why don’t we want her? Because she’s Christian?

(Thursday blog)

A real refugee!

We should hang our heads in shame. In shame at our own cowardice. As for the progressive, look-at-how-virtuous-we-are lefties, they should hang their heads in shame at both their cowardice and their hypocrisy.

When it comes to helping refugees and migrants posing as refugees, the lefties are always out in […]

Why are we paying for hatred in the Middle East?

(Wednesday blog)

A couple of months ago, President Trump cut all US aid to the Palestinian authorities through UNRWA. The US State Department described the organisation, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), as “irredeemably flawed”.

The US administration has “carefully reviewed” the issue and “will not make additional contributions to UNRWA,” spokeswoman Heather […]

Multi-cultural enrichment – proudly brought to you by MasterCard

(Tuesday blog)

First, many thanks to a reader who found the press release in which MasterCard proudly announce that they are providing pre-paid debit cards (paid for mainly by us through the utterly corrupt UN, the equally corrupt EU and various holier-than-thou, self-serving, greedy, grasping charities) to the Third-World millions pouring over Europe’s non-existent borders.


It’s not an “accident of birth”, you idiots!

(Monday blog)

Can you spot the similarities?

Today I wanted to write about knife crime in London. Especially now that 4 people have been stabbed to death over the weekend while the (IMHO) utterly useless Met boss, Cressida Dickhead, claims “knife crime has plateaued”. But looking at photos of just 20 recent teenage victims of […]