February 2010

Arise Sir Piers the Arselicker

Or will it be Lord Piers of Sycophancy? After last night’s disgustingly cynical PR stunt giving us Blubber Brown’s display of fake emotion, one thing is certain – the obliging Piers Morgan will be in line for some form of reward for his services to getting Britain’s worst ever Prime Minister re-elected.

This was the […]

Who believes blubbing Brown?

Tonight we are to witness the much hyped appearance of our PM blubbing away while questioned by the oleaginous Piers Morgan in an appearance that would do a Simon Cowell show proud. No doubt Morgan will get a knighthood or gong for his services. Of course, the whole thing is organised by Labour spindoctors, desperate […]

Dying for a few votes for Gordon

Here we go again. Another pointless ‘big offensive against the Taliban’ in Afghanistan after 8 years of pointless ‘big offensives against the Taliban’. For a start, it is mostly ordinary Afghans, not the Taliban, who are killing our soldiers because quite understandably they don’t want us occupying their country. Secondly the freedom fighters will just […]

Brown and Campbell’s crying game

So, now we see the two bastions of truth and honesty Gordon Brown and Alastair Campbell showing emotion and shedding tears in TV interviews.

Fake, fake, fake, fake, fake – Campbell and Brown have decided that the only way to win votes is by doing the crying game. Is there any depth to which these […]

Yoo Hoo! We’re coming

Splashed all over the TV and newspapers is the story that British and US forces are about to launch a major offensive against the Taliban. Is it really a good idea to tell them first? All they’ll do is stick a few bombs on the main roads and tracks. Then they’ll either hide their guns […]

Why are the Tories so useless?

We’ve got the worst, most dishonest prime minister in British history, the country is bankrupt, our public services are in meltdown and yet the Tories seem unable to pull ahead of Labour in the polls.

Is it because Cameron is an empty suit who believes in nothing and represents nothing, Osborne is an incompetent charisma-free […]