December 2016

A happy Christmas song to cheer us all up! Merry Christmas – just don’t go near any crowds or lorries

How Religion of Peace families celebrate Christmas?

(Apologies if you’ve already seen this)

Most of us look forward (with varying degrees of pleasure) to spending Christmas with our families.

But what about our friends from the Greatest Religion the World Has Ever Known? What do they do with their families while we filthy, unbelieving, infidel scum relax with good food and drink?


We need a stronger word than “stupid”. How about a word beginning and ending with ‘M’?

Following my videos yesterday of inbred morons trying to fathom the complexities of how to use an escalator, I thought I’d dedicate today’s blog to more examples of stupidity that is so absurd that we may need a new word to describe some people who unfortunately infest the earth with their presence.

1,400 years of inbreeding and the escalator

To cheer us all up as we approach Christmas, today I’ve attached links to show what happens when people with brains stunted by 1,400 years of first-cousin marriages meet that highly complicated modern invention – the escalator.

But first, some random comments:

1. The ‘innocent’ Berlin attacker

So, now we learn that the suspect arrested […]

Will the thick-headed Krauts (sorry, I meant “our German friends”) still vote for “Mad Cow” Merkel?

Well, well. Who would have thunk it? One of Merkel’s new guests has just sent a few Germans to Paradise.

What a surprise! Not!

The gentleman from the One and Only True Religion wished to show his gratitude to “Mad Cow” Merkel for her open invitation to every inbred, low-IQ, violent, backwards, West-loathing, rape-obsessed piece […]

Which value system will prevail? It’s not certain it will be ours

Here’s a shortish video by someone who presumably is, in today’s politically-correct world, clearly a “racist” and “*sl*mophobe” and “bigot” and “deplorable” and “populist” and whatever other insult the progressive lefties use to discredit anyone who doesn’t agree with their increasingly intolerant and fascist views.

After all, the presenter in the video says that *sl*mic […]

The truth is a rare, but wonderful, thing

We live in extraordinary times when our rulers and their sycophantic mainstream media tell us the opposite of the truth and anyone daring to speak the truth is prosecuted for all sorts of new, made-up crimes.

For example:

We’re told Putin is our enemy. In reality Putin is our friend against our shared enemy We’re […]

Another day, another thousand rapes?

This brief video footage is from France. Some inbred, low-IQ, violent, unemployable migrants or worthless sons of migrants attack and try to rape a Kaffir French girl.

Notice how one stamps on her head, while others try to rip off her trousers and pants.

Probably they were angry with her for resisting. After all, these […]

Charities: if you text £3 or £5, will they ever leave you in peace?

It’s Christmas. For families it’s the time for giving. For charities and their fatcat bosses, it’s the time for taking.

It seems that half the ads on TV at the moment are from charities asking, begging, demanding that we send them our money.

The most popular wheeze this year seems to be asking us to […]

Will Europe’s gun-totting totty terrify our enemies?

Two years ago, I wrote a blog about this picture:

But do you know who they are?

Former models? No.

Successful business-women? No.

Hyper-shopping wives of political leaders? No.

In fact, they’re all defence ministers from key European countries (stop laughing you at the back). From left to right there’s Norway, Sweden, […]