November 2010

Don’t get conned by Dial-A-Flight

I’ve just booked two plane tickets to the Far East with a company called Dial-A-Flight. When I was booking they claimed that because it was Christmas most flights were full, only the more expensive seats were available and that I’d better book quickly if I wanted to get a place on the flights. Stupid idiot […]

Another Mark Thompson video hit

For all devoted fans of BBC Director General Mark Thompson, here’s another great video about the overpaid buffoon running the BBC. Enjoy.

Useless BBC Director General gets skewered

In case you haven’t heard author P.D. James interviewing an almost inarticulate, useless BBC Director General Mark Thompson about his and his managers’ massive pay, here it is.

Listening to this, you might get the impression that Mark Thompson was an overpaid, bumbling, worthless, bureaucratic twat with his greedy snout deep in a trough […]

Were NZ miners killed by lawyers?

Anyone who has ever worked underground will know that immediately following an explosion is the safest time to enter a mine to see if there are any survivors. The longer one waits, especially if the air cleaning system has been destroyed, the more likely it is that dangerous gasses will build up again. By delaying […]

Bye bye BA, BA bye bye

(To the tune of Bye bye baby, baby bye bye) So the cabin-staff clowns at BA are once again threatening to strike. For almost 12 years I had to fly each week with BA because they were paying kick-backs to the consultancy I was working for. My experience of about 1,000 flights were that BA […]

Public-sector fatcats feast on our money

Our lying PM David Liar Cameron has told us that “we’re all in this together”. So we should perhaps thank civil servant Sir David Normington for revealing how we’ve become a ‘them and us’ society with politicians and public-sector bosses living in luxury while the rest of us pay for their mistakes. Sir David is […]

Who believes any promise by Osborne? Not me.

George Osborne has managed to get his party to swallow throwing over £7bn of our money into the Irish Sea never to be seen again. He did this by promising that he was only helping the Irish because of our historical links. Presumably he meant the Irish’s love of killing British citizens. He also promised […]

Osborne helps his ‘friends in need’ – the bankers

Multimillionaire chancellor Boy George Osborne chucks over £7bn of our money into the black hole that is Ireland’s economy. We must ‘help our friends in need’ chirps happy chappy Osborne. But who are those ‘friends’? The Irish? Or the multimillionaire bankers who have rashly loaned about £140bn to the bankrupt Irish? The same bankers who […]

The euroscum will never let the euro collapse

For months, journalists, economists and other self-styled experts have been spouting on about how some countries will have to leave the euro or how the euro may collapse. This is total rubbish. Once you spend time in Brussels (as I have done) and seen the greed, selfishness, hunger for power and arrogance of EU politicians […]

You couldn’t make it up

First our incredulity was stretched to breaking point when Tony Blair, invader of Muslim countries and slaughterer of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, became Middle East peace envoy. Now we are left speechless as the useless lying sociopath Gordon Brown pockets about £60,000 for giving a 50-minute speech at a conference in India on […]