September 2011
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Is it envy which makes us denigrate America’s achievements?

The USA has many faults. But too often these blind us to its achievements. Tens of millions fled poverty, corruption, oppression and religious intolerance to move to America. For most, this was the best decision they ever made. The USA managed to avoid the corruption, appalling leadership and concentration of wealth in the hands of […]

It’s France we’re bailing out, not Greece

Our lying greedy leaders huff and puff about how we must all pull together and help Greece. But Greece is bankrupt. In fact Greece was bankrupt even before it entered the eurozone. Greece only got in by fiddling its figures with the expensive help of Goldman Sachs. As usual the country we’re really bailing out […]

Visit Niagara Falls before you die

Most tourist attractions are overhyped and immensely underwhelming when you visit them. Not so the Niagara Falls. Of course, the Falls are surrounded by all the usual tourist crap. But the Falls themselves are magnificent, awe-inspiring, breathtaking. Three musts for your visit: 1. View the Falls from both the US and Canadian sides. 2. Take […]

In wasteful Washington the dollars flow like water during a flood

America may be in recession. There may be over 40 million unemployed. But here in Washington DC you wouldn’t think there was anything wrong. The $1,000 to $2,000 a night hotels are packed full. The expensive restaurants are overflowing and turning customers away. The money is flowing like water during a biblical flood. Why? Because […]

Slimey Simon’s “fiX-Factor” hits America

Slimey Simon Cowell’s supposed talent show the “fiX-Factor” has just started in the USA. Appropriately enough it’s on one of Uncle Rupert Murdoch’s TV channels. Rupert Murdoch is one man you can trust to bring honest TV, isn’t he? The fiX-Factor’s US formula is just the same as in Britain. First there are a couple […]

Are you happy about paying Fred Goodwin’s £350,000 a year pension?

Our lying PM David Liar Cameron claims “we’re all in this together”. But what about Britain’s worst banker Fred Goodwin. With his £350,000 a year pension which we all pay for, he doesn’t quite seem to be suffering quite as much from austerity as the rest of us. And why hasn’t Liar Cameron set the […]

Professor Dumbo defends our lazy thieving MPs

I was recently on a radio talkshow discussing the government’s plan to reduce the number of MPs from 646 to 600. I was arguing that we should only have 200 to 300 MPs. But opposing me was a supposed professor of political sciences from a third-rate university. This professor, let’s call him professor Dumbo, claimed […]

Boycott Gap! Stop buying Gap’s Chinese crap!

I used to think many women were quite intelligent. After all, most of those I asked to sleep with me said “no”. But a recent visit to a shop called “Gap” has got me thinking that an awful lot of women are really quite stupid. As far as I could see, most of the stuff […]

Our lying politicians and their millionaire pensions

Here in the US, just as in the UK, politicians are crying crocodile tears as they bemoan the fact that public-sector pensions are unaffordable. In the US they are planning on cutting pensions of their military – the ones getting maimed and killed in the pointless 10-year Afghan campaign that’s getting nowhere. In the UK, […]

Why are there no Asian beggars here?

Travelling around the USA, I’m shocked by the huge number of vagrants, beggars, alchoholics and down-and-outs crowded on almost every street corner hassling passers-by for money. All these people seem to be white or else Afro-American. There are none from China, India, Vietnam or any other Asian country. This could be because Asians make up […]