March 2009
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So, what films was Jacqui’s husband watching?

I think the films were Raw Meat 3 and By Special Request. I’m afraid I haven’t seen either, but am sure Jacqui’s husband would be delighted to give you his expert critical opinion. Perhaps he’ll even write letters to his local newspapers about how good the films were, just as he tends to do when […]

Burning our money in Bournemouth

Recession? What recession? Down here in Bournemouth, they’re squandering or money as if it was going out of fashion. Recently we had the new artificial surfing reef that was due to bring crowds of eager surfers to the town. The cost has gone up from £1.4m to a massive £3m, the project is at least […]

Bubbly in Brussels

Just got back from launching our new book The Great European Rip-Off at the European Parliament in Brussels. The launch was a modest affair – after all, we had to pay for it ourselves. But all around us in the Parliament building there were scores of parties and receptions and all kind of other events […]

Wasting in Wales

Our profligate politicians are at it again. The Welsh Assembly are proposing to spend £42 million of our money smartening up their own offices. They claim that their HQ needs to be modernised for health and safety reasons. But I think we all know that most of the money will be wasted on luxurious decorations […]

Who is taking our money?

Any euro-twitchers will know about the ‘Galvin Report’ – the audit of how some of our honourable Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) spend the 200,000 euros a year they are given ostensibly to pay for assistants. The report, which we are not allowed to see, found all sorts of ingenious ways used by our […]

Not a Barrot of laughs

When appointing Frenchman Jacques Barrot as EU Justice Commissioner, Commission President Barroso certainly seemed to either have a great sense of humour or else was deliberately putting the right man in the right place. After all, Mr. Barrot has a lot of experience of France’s criminal justice system.

Unfortunately, French law prevents us revealing the […]

Sir Fred Goodwin – You were warned

In 2005, I reported Sir Fred Goodwin to the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) and the Bank of England (BoE). Following the publication of my book about consulting “Rip-Off!”, I was contacted by a Deloittes insider who had worked for the then Fred Goodwin on the liquidation of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI). […]

Welcome to the site

Welcome to Snouts in the Trough, the personal web space of author David Craig.

The Great European Rip-off launched

In this EU election year, the new book from David Craig and Matthew Elliot offers a timely analysis of what actually goes on in Brussels in our name.