December 2015

Wishing you all……………

Wishing all readers and their families a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas and New Year

From all of us at the Religion of Peace. God willing, snouts will be back on Monday 4th January.

(In the meantime, it would be helpful if you could ask your friends and contacts to Google “Charities: can […]

In America there’s still freedom of speech

(Monday and Tuesday blog)

Here’s a short (3 minutes) clip of a US radio presenter giving his considered views on the religion of tolerance and peace:

You may agree with him. You may not. But what’s important is that he’s still allowed to say what he thinks.

If a British presenter ever dared say […]

Why I’ll be voting to stay in the EU

(Weekend blog) I want to live in a country with a mosque on every corner. I want to hear the joyous call to prayer across our country five times a day. I want all women to undergo genital mutilation and then to be locked in their homes producing ever more Jihadis. And when they’re occasionally […]

It’s a very merry Christmas for Third-World kleptocrats

Ever wondered why most Third-World countries are poverty-stricken cess-pits in spite of most having massive natural resources and getting flooded with foreign aid? Well, wonder no more.

Here’s a chart showing how much foreign aid gets showered by developed countries onto Third-World countries to supposedly help them develop:

On average they’re getting […]

Beware Cameron’s new “I’ve found a moderate M*sl*m army” lie

David ‘Son of Blair’ Cameron lies so constantly and so blatantly that it’s difficult to predict if he’ll ever tell the truth about anything.

No doubt, he’ll come back from Brussels on Friday claiming a huge success in his pantomine negotiations with his EU bosses. But there’s a bigger and possibly more dangerous Cameron whopper […]

M*sl*m countries unload their garbage on us

Here’s a nice picture. It features the comfortable, air-conditioned Haj tents in Saudi Arabia:

They look a lot better than the Calais ‘Jungle’:

The air-conditioned Saudi Haj tents could take up to 3 million ‘refugees’ from Syria and Libya and Yemen and other *sl*mic hell-holes. And the Saudis have […]

Don’t waste your money on these fake charities

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

While writing my recent book THE GREAT CHARITY SCANDAL, I became convinced that many of Britain’s larger charities have sadly become job creation schemes for their bosses and bureaucrats. And many smaller ones are just frauds where the founders use their charity to fund their multi-millionaire lifestyles while doing little to nothing to […]

Relax! Cheer up! Be merry! Only 16 million M*sl*ms want to slaughter us!

(Weekend blog) Let’s agree, M*sl*ms can be placed on a scale from moderate to *sl*mists. Moderates are generally law-abiding and some even have jobs (though not many). *sl*mists are dedicated to the establishment of a worldwide Caliphate, the destruction of Western Democracy and the imposition of Sharia Law on all people. The *sl*mists believe that […]

Sometimes statistics don’t lie. Obama wants Middle-East Christians dead along with the Jews

Who is most in danger since the *sl*mic uprising and establishment of the Caliphate? Christians or M*sl*ms or Jews? Tough question?

So, here are three sets of statistics which suggest that the politically-correct elites are willing to sacrifice pretty much anyone in order to appease Arab ‘anger’:

Statistic 1 Since the Paris terror attacks on […]

Turkey is our enemy. Russia should be our friend. One American gets it

Syria – one American politician gets it.

Here’s an unusually perceptive assessment of the Syrian quagmire from Congressman Dana Rohrabacher – Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia, and Emerging Threats. He wrote last week:

“Not radical *sl*m, but the Russians have been portrayed to us as the villains in this chapter […]